A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Let The People Think ‘They’ Govern And They ‘Will’ Be Governed….William Penn.

This mythical beast called democracy, upon which many people have made clever remarks, including the writer of the title of this post, which I have chosen, because of all of those quips which are available, this quote by Penn, does not even mention the word.

Throughout the centuries, from the likes of Plato and Aristotle to Bob Dylan and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, men have added their opinion of this Will-o’-the-Wisp, to the pantheon of wisdom, which surrounds Democracy,  most of which is in fact, a total waste of time.

In reality there has never been a real Democracy, in the generally accepted meaning of the word. Like freedom, with which it is often associated, it can mean whatever purpose it is chosen to serve. Freedom to choose your prison perhaps.

There are many researchers, whom believe that the world is controlled by a small group of rich families, with a line of descent which can be traced all the way back through time, to Babylon.

These families, through the medium of incest and marriage between close relatives, have managed to keep control of their fortunes, down through the centuries and by the use of devious dealings,  with monarchs and other types of Dictator,  they have constructed mutually beneficial systems, with which to rob the people.

That in fact is the measure of our history, a history which has not changed since the invention of money, several thousand years ago.

We the People are every bit as much in slavery as were the first Irishmen,  whom worked on the sugar plantations in the West Indies. We, are far better off of course, because we have Smart Phones, which demand that we hand over any surplus wages, which we may have managed to retain, into the pockets of the Bankers whom own the Phone Companies.

Slavery, as a system of control, has never left us, it is still very much in evidence, skulking behind the Democracy, which set us free. The Democracy which is banishing our children to a life behind the checkout in a supermarket, listening to the annoying ping, as the code is scanned, or flipping hamburgers in fast food joints. Did we as parents, “choose” this freedom, democratically, for our children? I think not.

So what went wrong? Why do the folk who do the work that nobody wants to do, earn the least in return for their labour?

Why has the Power of the People failed to resolve this state of affairs?

How can it be that when the people have made their Democratic choice, that nothing changes? 

What sort of Democracy delivers a situation where it has become impossible to explain the difference between the ideas of those ‘politicians,’ whom search our support?

How can those of us, who live under this form of governmental control,  believe that we are bestowing freedom and democracy on to those countries such as Libya and Syria, when what we are doing looks very much like cold-blooded murder? Is that Democracy?

So on what basis does this thing called Democracy function? Is there a set of rules, which guarantee a fair and just outcome, when the people have made their choice? 

Well the short answer is no, there is not, in fact Democracy was set up as a form of control, not a form of choice.

Any system which involves an intelligent response from the “people” is doomed to failure, should the list of voters be based simply on age and does not require, at least a minimal degree of intelligence and some knowledge of the meaning and intention, of Democracy.

When a system which has never delivered any of the benefits which it claims to have bestowed on to the people whom it serves, continues to be described, by the brightest and best, as the finest political system in history, even as the bombs are dropping on innocent people, all in the name of delivering this system, while destroying another form of governance, which appears to be serving the needs of the people perfectly adequately, on to the folk being bombed, in a ‘take it or else,’ manner, questions should be asked about the fairness of this system.

In the above clip, George Bernard Shaw, a founding member of the Fabian Society, which trained  some of the best known members of the Labour Party in the UK, which has as its symbol a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, and a strategy of Communism, which unlike the form which was employed in China and Russia, by the gun, but a form of Communism in slow-motion, which will finally deliver the same result, while giving the voter no more than ‘impression’ of Democracy, is laying out his beliefs, which are so far removed from any possible variety of Democracy, as to be unrecognisable, have now become policy and part of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.

The connection made between Shaw and Hitler, against whom many unproven claims have been made, melts into insignificance, when compared to the number of abortion type slaughters, carried out by so-called Christian people and which they continue to perform, would have been a far superior illustration of Shaw’s remarks and more akin to what he was proposing, as it is quite openly, taking place, in front of our eyes. No matter, propaganda will always be with us.

The same Fabian Communist/Socialists also educated Her Majesty the Queen, who is in fact a traitor, having illegally put her name to Treaties which have signed away the rights of her British Subjects.

The Queen is in no way Democratic, she is a Monarch, which is a Dictator. She is the head of a family of Dictators and yet in the United “Kingdom” her signature is necessary to sign Acts of Parliament into Law.

She owns the Inland Revenue, which is the Income Tax, which the workers are forced to pay. Income Tax is used to pay the interest on the cash in circulation in the UK, which is the property of the Bank of England, which is owned in part by the Queen.

The “democratic” government in the UK lies to the people by claiming that the Bank of England is publicly owned, as it should be in a Democracy.

So exactly what kind of democracy exists in the UK and in other democratic countries?  Well what passes for democracy is a system of political parties, all of which are controlled. 

There may be one or two honest men in the ranks of these parties, however in general they are controlled by powerful figures hidden in the Civil Service, which is always there, whichever party wins an election.

The electorate is educated to believe that political parties are an essential part of democracy, which is arrant nonsense. They are necessary simply because they can be easily controlled.

The thinking democratic voter should never vote for a member of any political party. They should vote uniquely for Independent candidates, whom have signed a contract with the local voter, to which they are obliged to adhere or they will be recalled.

Professional politicians claim that a majority of Members in favour of a policy is essential, otherwise nothing can be achieved in Parliament. This is not so, there is no guarantee that members  who vote in favour of a policy, do in fact support that policy, it is far more probable that they are obliged to vote in favour, by what is referred to as a “Three Line Whip”  which forces them to vote with the party line or risk their selection as a candidate in the next election.

For the British, democracy involves, voting Labour, when they become fed up with the Conservatives and at the next election they will vote once more for Conservatives, expecting them to “do better” this time. Nothing of course ever changes in the UK.

It is noticeable that every single country in the West, voted in favour of bailing out the bankers, after the 2008 crash.  If democracy actually existed in the West, there would surely have been at least one country which took the line of Iceland and refused to pay a fraudulent debt.

There has not even been a serious investigation into the reason for the debt, let alone any criminal charges for what was the biggest “Heist” in  history. On top of that, should you ask the intelligent person in public, to explain to you exactly what the “debt” is, they would not have a clue.

So it would appear that those whom are democratically elected are not obliged to be truthful with the electorate. All across Europe as I write, we are being told that the economy is on the up and up, even as the people of Greece are floundering around so deep in debt, with nothing left to “privatise” into the hands of the bankers, that they are reduced to scavenging in garbage cans to eat.

In Portugal, the infrastructure is crumbling, so great is the need of repair and yet all of the money is even now being paid to the bankers, while the people starve.

In Spain, 50 per cent of those between the age of eighteen and twenty-five are unemployed. The people have been demonstrating in the street for years and the democrats insist on paying the people’s money into the coffers of the richest people on earth.

In Ireland, the young are emigrating by the thousand, leaving fewer and fewer people to repay an enormous illegal debt, to the same family of bankers, whom have themselves reserves of trillions of dollars.

The United States of America, has actually been brought to its knees, despite its famous Constitution and Bill of RightsObama does not allow the people to know the true State of the Union, should he do so he would probably be lynched.

For a country to be in trillions of dollars of debt, which can never be repaid, to be attacking all and everybody as if there was no tomorrow, is an indication of something nasty coming our way.

The European Union, which has destroyed Europe, just as it destroyed its previous effort at running a Union in Russia, has been a total disaster, creating a string of failed states all across the Continent, yet it is still seeking more countries to destroy. Why do our Democratically elected politicians refuse to advise us that we should leave this Union at the first opportunity.

They are instead calling for us to stay inside this undemocratic stupidity, while claiming themselves to be democratic.

No member of the European Commission has been democratically elected, they are chosen, by unknown people behind the scenes. So is this the democracy which we are seeking?

Or perhaps the new form of democracy which has been practised in Ukraine, where I understand, funds can be found to assist in the overthrow of a democratically elected government, which is then replaced by an unelected group of disparate origins, with the task of signing agreements with the loan sharks, which will plunge the Ukraine into a debt, which it will prove impossible to repay, which the next “democratically” elected government will start to repay through the use of stringent austerity measures, which they can blame on the unelected previous group. Yes that sounds like the real thing to me. I’ll leave what they did to Yugoslavia for another day.


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  1. Don

    I know nothing of football Eno but I could write volumes on human nature, and in particular the British psyche. For example, over the last fifteen years or so it has been inadvisable to attend the local crematorium in a private car, as they are invariably broken into and ransacked when parked in the lanes beyond the limits of the small car park.

    What type of human being capitalises on the grief of others by robbing them? Today in the UK it is commonplace.

    My wife and I visited Bretagne a couple of years ago and were immediately struck by the relaxed atmosphere in comparison to England. Less hustle and bustle, fewer people, and those that we did encounter had the more civil countenance now found only in the quieter villages of the UK. It was like visiting England of the 1950’s. Nowhere did we see overt crime, very little graffiti, and our shoulders gradually relaxed and came down from up around our ears where they have resided for some years.

    It wasn’t all roses however, as my wife succumbed to a pickpocket on the train back to Rennes.

    The most dangerous thing about the British, or any other nation for that matter, is their capacity to follow. Give them a few hacked up radio and TV reports, adverse press, throw in the odd bogus reference to the cruelty of the intended target, and the people in their pious outrage are prepared to disembowel anyone. Rather like the religious, they don’t see the irony in burning witches at the stake for the crime of curing an illness by alternative means.

    It is this capacity to ‘turn’ on anyone, including each other, that enabled British officer class chinless weaklings to order hardened fighting men to kill their clearly shell shocked comrades by firing squad in WW1. Give me a rifle and I would have shot the officer not the man at the stake. Then again, I too am just another awkward peasant. 🙂


    April 19, 2014 at 20:46

    • I have no idea what things are like in the UK, apart from News clips. I was actually quite shocked a couple of years ago, when Sky was filming the Boxing Day sales in London. The reporter was talking into the camera while the public was walking towards her back and continued on past the camera. Out of hundreds of people who walked past I honestly believe that only one of them “might” have been indigenous to the UK.

      In France there are a lot of Arabs and Blacks, most of the Blacks come to work and then go back to Senegal to look after their families. You do not see anything like the mix of races which are evident in the UK.

      I hear today that the most popular name in London is Mohammed and that certain elements of Sharia Law are to be introduced. It is little wonder the the folk in the UK are feeling just a little raw around the edges. Mohammed is only the first boy in the family, there will most probably be many more children to follow; In fifteen years or so when they all need jobs, will be the moment the shit hits the fan.

      I had a chat with a Portuguese, living in France on Friday, he complained about the way he was being treated in the village but it was difficult to ascertain the exact reason. He taught children theatre and dance, with funding from the local council but he may have been “gay” so if he was the people might not like the idea of him keeping company with their kids. It’s getting tough for men these days never mind gay ones.


      April 19, 2014 at 21:23

      • Don

        The problems here are manifold and I conclude that they have been deliberately manufactured. The aim has been to break down the social cohesion which was always maintained within our communities. This has now been achieved. It has been replaced by fear, suspicion, greed and envy.

        You will not hear reports of it in the MSM Eno, just as we in turn hear not a jot about the ongoing rioting in Spain, nor the increased suicide rate of the Greek dispossessed. I grow weary of middle class individuals living in those remote leafy suburbs snorting ‘nonsense’ when hearing of that which I witness daily.

        I believe they are currently broadcasting something called ‘Benefit’s street’ on UKTV, where uneducated, fat, lazy good for nothings like the one I encountered this morning sit on the doorstep smoking cigarettes and bemoaning their boyfriends latest prison sentence. Predictably, this is to prime the public for the next round of benefit cuts.

        I expect there won’t be a follow up programme entitled ‘Expenses street’ which will show multi millionaire MP’s claiming vastly more than what amounts to a years unemployment benefit in a single afternoon. In summary we have criminals in office who are busy selling our nation to the highest bidder, or for the best bribe. We have a fractured, disinterested, self centred public, who have no more morality than that of their leaders.

        And finally I have noticed the tendency to employ and promote the baser elements of humanity into public service. This is happening in all areas. Anyone of conscience quickly finds the road to promotion is blocked. ‘Yes men’ are what are required, especially when they say yes to performing the many unjust or immoral tasks. Policemen in particular fall into this category as they accompany private business individuals such as the Capita TV license goons as unpaid (by them) enforcers. Any thinking copper would smell a rat – but with mortgage payments and a cosy pension at stake they happily shaft the public they were sworn to serve.


        April 19, 2014 at 22:31

        • Don, Police recruits are on a two year probation. This is to verify that they are true psychopaths before they are given a full contract. The same rule operates throughout the business world. Brains count for less than cynicism these days. Politicians are one and all in it for their own gain. Why do you think there are no questions asked about the Banking system in Parliament. Have you noticed that the Arabs “best friend” Galloway has now suddenly popped up on RT? He wont talk about the Bankers, he refuses to go down that “rabbit hole” because we all know to where that will lead, don’t we? Yes of course we do George to the folk who pay you.
          These parasites are given a lucrative pension,for which you pay, after just one term in Parliament. Talk about taking care of their own.
          During the Arab Spring nonsense, Galloway was urging the people to set up Political Parties, assuring them that they could do nothing without a Party. Well in the UK, all the Parties have taken over the selection of candidates, so it is a waste of time expecting them to carry what they pretend to believe, in order to ensure their election. You know as well as I do, that if Ukip win the next election, on a promise of leaving Europe, all that the British will get is a rigged referendum and that will be the end of it.
          Look at the record of these people. They had Russia for seventy years and it was a basket case. Europe has gone the same way. China will prove to be the biggest bubble in history.People cannot get out of Mexico fast enough, Mexico is controlled by Zion. Israel, their head office, is living on charity. The only thing these criminals are good at is theft. They have done nothing for humanity. They are starving Africa for their own ends.Monsanto has destroyed agriculture in India and they are already buying up Ukraine. Democracy has presented us with all of this while the average voter believes himself to be making some sort of intellectual choice, when he votes Labour or Conservative.


          April 20, 2014 at 07:46

        • The underground cops, ASIO, who follow the Royals around like a bad smell, with crew cuts and suits with weapons, and intervene if one of the public puts out their hand to offer something or to get a signature are chastised by the officious creeps, they seem as if they are ex-service personnel or bouncers, these cops are the frustrated who never made it to become rock star legends, their serious gait of self importance is overwhelming, the worst thing about these people is the have become conditioned to act the part and are fully trained to be, state killers.
          I do not know if you think the influx of once strangers to Britain, when I hear a full on black, now talking with a type of cockney accent, it seems incongruous, is a karmic repercussion from the past of colonist exploitation, the fact that their skin became the color it is precisely because it is skin that is meant for a different climate, and here in Australia, the white populations skin is not equipped for this sunlight, melanoma, is a big problem here, many die from this.


          April 20, 2014 at 23:56

          • Immigration is a means of destroying the indigenous people. In Australia the Whites have already destroyed the lifestyle of the Aborigines, they did the same thing to the American Red Indians, now its the turn of the White European. Kate Middleton is a Jew, just like Diana. They are referred to as Breeders and nothing more. Their job is to do to the British Aristocracy, what has been done to the Aborigines. The British have no idea how long this has been going on. Most of the titled folk in the UK, like Cameron and Osborne have already been infiltrated. The British people are asleep at the wheel, in Australia and the UK. White Genocide is rolling along nicely, we are the ultimate target.


            April 21, 2014 at 06:30

            • Besides the aspect you talk of, Middleton’s dresses are being sold by the millions of dollars in turnover, I believe the Royals have financial returns on the the fashion industry, as they are always on the make, for a buck, as you know she is on the catwalk and has free advertising through the compliments and thirst of the media as a propaganda vehicle knowing the public being lost and being spiritually crippled and incapacitated having no integrity other than follow the directives of those that cater for the lost and profit from these victims.


              April 21, 2014 at 13:29

            • They were talking about The Bonnie Prince Charlie on the News today. Ho owns the beaches all around Cornwall and anything found on them is automatically his property. Devon is joined to Cornwall by a bridge and he is given part of the fee charged to cross it, because he owns the riverbeds in which the foundations of the bridge stand. I understand that in the colonies like Canada and Australia, that the landowner only owns the first six inches in depth, the rest is the property of the Queen. Talk about freedom!


              April 21, 2014 at 14:03

            • I did not know that , either the soil of Australia, or Devon or Cornwall and the bridge, what happens if in Australia, you increase or decrease the top soil? is their a police force that measures the depth of the soil?


              April 22, 2014 at 00:37

            • It’s symbolic, in reality they own everything. You rent your house, but they call it Roof Tax or Council Rates, whatever gives them an excuse to fleece you.


              April 22, 2014 at 13:12

      • I live in the gay capital of rural Victoria, the gays seem to have money, I think they are called DINKS, if you belong to groups that are a identifiable image, their is power belonging to the fraternity, its when you are a outsider you have to worry.


        April 20, 2014 at 23:36

        • I live in the Gay Capital of France, the antics of the Gays and Transvestites and the mass soliciting on the street in the evenings and week-end is incredible. AIDS slowed it down for a while but it had to be seen to be believed. I knew male students at the University who were straight but prostituted themselves to earn a bit of money. The world as we knew is long gone.


          April 21, 2014 at 06:40

          • All part of the plan of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and the .001, finance family’s of the club, integral position is to create by disassociation and the destruction of the cultural identity and history of the individual, the sense of no longer belonging and alienation make the individual become subject to becoming a manipulated tool for use of the .001.
            Interesting to say the .001, are a connected family or club, as such this small group can now exert tremendous power in the control of most of the human race.
            Same thing with the British control group, which is the base of operation which this group have their headquarters in, for many reasons they have set up in this country, the British government such as Whitehall, Chatham house, the Thames house of MI5/6, so the infrastructure all paid for by the public taxpayer, as servants of the few.
            The violence within the psyche, of the British finance, military, is the same as my beagle, within the genetic code of the dog having been programmed to check every drain, water pipes, anything with a hole is something for this dog to check out, same as the organizations mentioned, its inbred, and can only change over a considerable time span, time is running out to make the adjustment for a saner society, the tide is going out in terms of how much impact can the environment take before the limbs all have to be replaced with a prosthesis, in acute readjustment.


            April 21, 2014 at 14:16

            • You still up down there? In my lifetime I can not think of one decent invention that was not reserved for Military use before the people got a look at it. Everything is a weapon first and a tool only when something else can replace it as a weapon. There are no really serious enemies at the moment so they are inventing them. They want to steal and control anything of any use for their own benefit.


              April 21, 2014 at 14:39

    • Yes enochered, crime here is rife, since being here in Australia, crime is a constant, where I live the builder I have is so corrupt that he puts on my trade account a $700,00 cost of a air nail gun tool, I paid up, the problem with these people is theft is not described as such unless they are robbed, its their culture the thieves are on a every day operation, what it teaches me is all material stuff is ephemeral, do not get me wrong I sometimes lament at the daily fare of criminal stuff, the only way you can survive this is by becoming detached, if you get into a fight with someone on theft or whatever, you have to reconcile whether you body chemistry is worth getting into a fight, also the greater your purity of spirit the greater will be those that will commit crimes against you, I could go into this more fully how this works but I think you would understand why so?
      One last word on morals and crime, Captain Cook, who decided to get his boat back as a result of theft, got killed by this morality, what you understand is the natives had not understood what theft was? its all their if want to read a detailed account of Cooks last days? I put it to you, which is better to loose the boat or your life?


      April 20, 2014 at 11:48

      • I’ve been burgled three times and the cops could not care less. My home burnt down and the Fire Brigade Doctor did not even bother to treat my burns. When I eventually arrived at the Hospital the doctor did report him but nothing happened. Your remarks about Capt.Cook just about sums up the state of the world. He was battered to death on the beach by natives whom I understand to have been cannibals. When I saw the gallant Prince William staring down the asshole of a Maori, I was reminded of the tale of the time the British gave the Maori a few guns and ammo and they used them to kill off a neighbouring tribe. There’s no hope for humanity. As for attracting problems to yourself if you are too soft, I take the attitude that if you allow people to take advantage of your generosity or weakness whichever you call it, you gain extra points in this game of Pinball. I’m saving your other two comments, I’m a bit pushed for time and I must think a bit about what you said. I bet you loved little Georgie! What a joke these folk are.


        April 20, 2014 at 12:05

  2. Don

    The answer to your perhaps rhetorical question regarding the existence of a British or any other western democracy is of course that there aren’t any, and there aren’t any because of the human component.

    It might be possible to construct on paper the absolute finest, and best principled system imaginable, but when put into practice the human element comes into play, introducing as it does corruption, nepotism, spite, greed, and arrogance. I therefore believe any system administered by humans must ultimately fail until the morality of those humans is equal to the task.

    As for the question of how we reconcile or allow war and injustice to be dressed up as the spreading of democracy, the answer is that the majority simply don’t give a toss – so long as they are not directly affected. That unprincipled stance is again yet another common human trait.

    I nipped out in the car today, and was yelled at (with profanities) by a fat, useless looking, 20 something year old slob of a woman in a beat up Peugeot. So fearful was she that I may enter the traffic stream before her. What chance empathy with other nations from morons like this? And numerically, this type are in the ascendency.

    So the simple answer appears to be that the nearest we came to human progress was during the period of National Socialism, and humanity has been in decline ever since. Now, no matter what system we envisage it will be no more than a front for the greed and corruption that is endemic in those who administrate it. There will also be no uprising of the people, because today the people are too lazy, and too stupid to do so.

    All this talk of politics is redundant, we have returned to feudalism and the law of the jungle. We live in regressive times, and must never forgot who put us here.


    April 19, 2014 at 12:20

    • The British have been pushing this Democracy bullshit for ever, yet the people, don’t even understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. They believe that there is no British Constitution, they are told it is unwritten so therefore it doesn’t count, which is an indication of the sort of education they are giving the British children. There is a written British Constitution, which I understand goes all the way back to King Alfred. But can you tell Don, does anyone in Britain care about such things?
      In France Don, you shake hands with all and everybody, you kiss friends and in general people on , the roads will give way to you. In Ireland it is very similar without the kissing, Spain and Italy much the same, so in the middle of all of that, why are the British so reluctant to be nice?


      April 19, 2014 at 12:51

      • Don

        Because we have been raised that way. Those totally human instincts and actions you describe from abroad are bred out of us. There exists in the UK an unwritten rule of every man for himself and begger the other fellow. Perhaps that is in truth our real ‘unwritten constitution’.

        It’s a complete them and us mindset that is imbued in the British from infancy, and it’s logical conclusion means that should there be just two Britons left alive, pretty soon those two would find something to squabble and fight over. I believe this is what has enabled the British to be manipulated into war so easily throughout the ages, and to have been used so often as callous invaders.

        We are indoctrinated with tribalism at an early age, and this is done in such a way that it can be infinitely reduced to make us insular. Therefore all those across the channel are considered not as fellow human beings, but as aliens, mere ‘foreigners’.

        This hostile mind set is then reduced within the UK borders in order to make the Welsh, Irish or Scots become the foreigners, then again betwixt ‘Southerners’ Vs ‘Northeners’, then again to include the different counties, towns, rival districts within those towns, the individual streets, and finally even feuds between different families. The sudden mass immigration of the Blair years has added further toxic layers to this confection, thus expanding, re-enforcing, and perpetualizing the notion of us being a nation of harassed and isolated individuals set among an influx of hostile cultures and neighbours.

        The British pioneered football hooliganism – the pointless antipathy between groups of individuals who, in any other circumstances might actually help each other out. The British mindset echo’s the football hooligans exactly, therefore one might share a drink with a man one day, only to find him stealing your money the next.

        In Britain a handshake is insincere, a promise hollow, and a cast iron guarantee something to be wriggled out of. The populace know and expect this, not only from their politicians but each other. They act accordingly.


        April 19, 2014 at 14:16

        • My God Don what a grim picture you paint. I suppose things can only get worse now that Man City are out performing United. Lets hope Liverpool can keep them at bay.


          April 19, 2014 at 17:52

          • I see what you mean enochered, what I am saying is when whatever values you hold on to as your self identity, all crumble before you, 1/ if the Universe did not exist before time you could not exist? 2/ if you came from the nothingness, the nothingness must have created you, in other words, as you are aware when a particle comes in to existence, a negative particle destroys this particle, with the exception of a particle coming in to being for a reason unknown, this was not destroyed, thus the Universe became. as you are aware according to William Blake, he could envisage a universe in a grain of sand. I believe, Blake was involved with drugs, likely mushrooms, furthermore because I am unable to decipher with logic or logic takes one only so far, I am resorting to mysticism, which is not so depressing, as there is no longer any option, as this would assume you have enough knowledge to reach a conclusion as to what is.
            I intended to leave this in the last commentary, I add a thought, that occurred to me, if at the end of Einstein’s life he spoke of his biggest blunder, he was commenting on quantum mechanics, and I am not sure where I got this from, but if you think you understand it the chances are you do not?


            April 20, 2014 at 11:32

            • I think you are right about Blake, it was either mushrooms or Laudanum. I don’t believe that Einstein was half as smart as we have been led to believe. There is compelling evidence that he stole most of his stuff from documents which were lodged at the Patent Office in which he worked. There is not much on record of Einstein explaining himself and as time goes on even his theory of the speed of light has been shown to be wrong. We always knew that anyway, even my dog could have explained that one to him. You are right about logic, it will only take you so far, most scientific beliefs are based on “logic” but as time goes on, just like atoms which according to quantum theory did not exist until they were observed, logic seems to disappear under scrutiny. Mystics on the other hand, as far as I can see, learn a certain kind of rhetoric which they present as wisdom. I have observed a life-long resistance to “giving” myself to a master, I refer to do it “My Way.”


              April 20, 2014 at 19:04

      • Presumably, the Magna Carta, maybe the most significant document ever written, taking account of the time written, as I understand it this document has been eroded in spirit and most like as a legal document, the erosion of this document may be any assault on this document can not be over ridden as to its philosophy other than tyrannical government, for some time the government of Britain displays all traits of this type of government, in particular I suggest, the power and mechanics of the industrial revolution made inroads to erosion of individual rights, as a result of this circumstance the early industrialists, the rising of this new class, became a tyranny of the common man, the power of this new class, had no interest in rights, they were the new bully on the block, the erosion of dignity and the loss of the self or loss of autonomy, became all part of the destruction of the dignity of man, as those who once worked in the seasons and were connected to the land became slaves to chronological time and disconnected from biological time, the managers and governing powers defined who and what the worker is, that is he did not exist for himself but existed for the firm, since this advent man became lost, this is why it is frustrating attempting to talk to the modern person as to their identity is made up of mirages such as self being body pieced, Tattoo’s, consumption, drugs, selfie’s, and ambitions such “as making it” or getting away from it, “becoming a man” “finding oneself”? being politically correct, and so on.
        The being nice thing, is another story, the class ideology, designed by the the elite, and monarchy, is all part of control, the rest is history, sort of know your place syndrome, unfortunately one part of society is going into complexity and diversity and the other part of society is holding on to wealth and is largely hidden and is constant and repressive, both elements are dangerous to the holistic individual, I am looking for another word for this but unable to find it, as the nuance is not.


        April 20, 2014 at 11:12

  3. Just a point out of the many points of your informative commentary, I found the Queen as traitor, intriguing, of course she is adverse to the British public’s interest, is right enough, she is as the Royal Family is, a sort of alien body to what if the British had autonomy as individuals, would recognize she is a foreign body.
    As you know Kate Middleton and William, are swanning about in Australia, they are and the Australians sucking up to all this weird act, the point I am making is, although they are all acting out the part what else can they do? although Kate, what was she thinking? fancy joining this circus? but once you are in you cannot get out, to have to act out all this crap of formal activities, what a boring life? if you are intelligent, what hell is this? all in the line of duty, but if you wanted to get out of this imprisonment, you will not make the escape, the security, MI5, would see to that, as what happened to Di, of course the King that got into Ms Wallace, stuffed up, being a outcast of the family, and in general a outcast, say you or I was to become part of this Family, how ever depressed you are now you would become more depressed, anyhow this is a living death as a existential existence, and you would not ever get out of this web, this is not solely the fault of the Royals, a significant amount of people need them as it forms their identity, besides supporting fashion and the shop, they are after all shopkeepers, that keep shops going such as Selfriges, its a religion that for some reason the human race cannot leave it behind, similarly to the beehive model.


    April 19, 2014 at 01:44

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