A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There,They Seek Those Nazis Everywhere!



All day long, for the past two days, we have been saturated with coverage of the Prince, the President and the Fuhrer.

 The Russian Embassy in London was truly shocked by this gross error of judgement on the part of the Prince.

British Politicians have also been outraged at such interference in affairs on which he is not sanctioned to comment. They suggest that if he would like to abdicate his right to the Kingdom, he might stand for election himself.

There have been endless interviews with Jews and other spokes people who offer the usual balderdash and tommyrot, as if they can actually remember the days and events of seventy years ago.

To make matters worse, today we learn, that a Swiss Court had decided that it was legal for a protester, to make use of the Roman Salute, to mock Swiss politicians, during a demonstration, the howls of disbelief, coming from Israel could be heard clearly over the sobbing of the Palestinian parents whose children had just been shot by murdering Communist Jews.

Russia Today assured us that to allow this use of the National Socialist salute was a grim omen for the future, one of their British correspondents assured us that this was the beginning of the end.

The BBC man in Bristol Gosling, got in on the act, with yet another boring tract, assuring us that the Jews whom have control of the European Union are in fact Nazis, when we know for a fact that Borusso the unelected president of the Commission is a Jewish Portuguese Communist.

Personally, I would like to ask the loud-mouthed opinionated prince, why he did not compare the Russian Putin, to the greatest killer of the innocent, most of them Christians,  that the world has ever seen, the Jew, Joseph Stalin, which would have been a far more acceptable comparison,  rather  than to consider him as an equal of Adolf Hitler, who unlike the Bolshevik Jew Stalin, enriched his people while Stalin treated his like filth and kept them in poverty.

But of course we understand that Western Leaders, while still castigating Hitler, paid for the slaughter in Russia, so its best to keep quiet about the 100 million Christian Holocaust victims in Russia, while prattling on and on about an ever dwindling number of Jewish casualties.

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