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Israel: Bombing For Peace………Again And Again and Again.

Today I listened to the Jew David Cameron, stamping his foot and warning Vladimir Putin, that this time he really meant it, “If you don’t use your influence forcing the Ukrainian Separatists to allow access to the downed airliner, stop arming them and stop sending Russian troops into Ukraine to help them fight the legal government in Kiev, I am going to get vewy, vewy cwoss and impose vewy hard sanctions on you, OK?”

The Jews, placed in power in Kiev, after the coup d’etat, were not asked to hold off from their brutal attacks against their own people, in order to facilitate the recovery of the dead from the downed airliner, which judging by the available evidence was downed by these very same Jews in Kiev.

The war which was initiated by the US at a cost of five billion dollars in Kiev, which installed a Jewish President and Jewish Prime Minister, selected by Victoria Nuland and which is now attempting to wipe out any opposition, was the direct cause of the tragedy which the hypocrites are attempting hang around Vladimir Putin’s neck.

The very next item on the News was Gaza.  The Jew John Kerry was about to leave for Israel where he would be meeting with the Polish Jew Netanyahu, to discuss the current massacre and destruction which was taking place in the Palestinians Reservation.

The question was asked “Would he be able to do anything?”  The response was that he had very little influence over events in Israel.  There were no calls for him to stop funding War Criminals, no call for international sanctions, severe enough to destroy the Israel’s economy, no questions about the recent bombing of a hospital which killed dozens of children, with grieving parents trying to recover the dismembered bodies of their children, with their bare hands to bury them.

In fact, this time around, the whole world, the entire International Community, all and everybody with a soul, are so shocked at the savagery of these inhuman attacks against the remnants of a once peaceful population, that even the Spooks working for Sky News are finding it hard to disguise their emotions.

But no matter, these Jews feel more pain than do the Goy, so let us all feel sorry for them, this has all hurt them much more than it hurt the Palestinians.

Cameron, a self-proclaimed humanitarian, was of course sad about those killed on MH 17 and for those Jewish folk, those Stalinist type Military Murderers, and the fish in the Gaza barrel, were given  a mention, however not a word about the innocent victims in  Eastern Ukraine, the other sort of opposition, not at all like  The Free Libyan Army or the Free Syrian Army, no, no, no, these are separatists or rebels, not to be armed like the Al Qaeda or ISIS/ISIL/IS groups working for the Jews.

3 responses

  1. Don

    Yes the French have every reason to dislike the British and Americans for their ‘liberation’ of France. There is an article about that here, which happens to be on the blog of an anti-Israel Jew. Such people are thus labelled and considered ‘self loathing Jews’ for having at least the common decency to disagree with the culture of hate.



    July 22, 2014 at 18:51

  2. Don

    I am not ashamed to admit that I had tears in my eyes when watching those abuses in the above video. In fact I am proud to say so, as it is surely the result of a dose of healthy human compassion.

    Let Israel tell us again how the Jews allegedly ‘suffered’ under the Nazis, and when they have endlessly retold the tale, let them tell us how it differs from their treatment of the Palastinians.


    July 22, 2014 at 16:21

    • How they suffered under Hitler was with swimming pools, theatres, crèches for the children,orchestras, tokens to spend in the camp shops. They were well fumigated and well fed and in good health, that is until the humanitarians turned up with their carpet bombing of refugees and supply trains; In truth there were probably far more Jews killed by the Allies than by Hitler. The French, to this day, hate the Americans because they laid France to waste, killing hundreds of people and destroying everything in their path, as they stormed across the land after D-Day.
      The evidence is all there, we are just not allowed to see it.
      Hitler was not stupid. He knew what was coming if Germany lost the war, he was not going to risk the vengeance of the Bolsheviks being meted out against the German people if he was caught mistreating the poor Jews. He just could not get his head around the depth of hatred locked inside these folk, they hate everybody in equal measure even the Hebrews, because they are the true Jews, the Khazars can’t bear that reality, so they set about sterilising them. I believe it was a Japanese General who told Hitler that his big mistake was to trust the British.


      July 22, 2014 at 17:14

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