A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Cameron Prepares UK For More Stringent Controls In The Name Of Security.

The volume of fear is being cranked up yet again in the UK, this time the warning is against another group of fully paid up murderers, in the pay of the British, French, Americans and Israel.  They are not the “New Al Qaeda” they are exactly the same Al Qaeda, under exactly the same control as was the “Old Al Qaeda” and as with the worlds introduction to Al Qaeda, the politicians have not yet decided on the exact name of their “New Filth” so it wanders around between ISIS, ISIL or simply IS, however what’s in a name?  They are working for YOU!

The callous hypocrite, freely elected by the British voter, I believe him to be called  Cameron, though his origins lie somewhere in Eastern Europe, is warning that the British are now in danger from, “British” members of this group, when they return to the UK with a Caliphate in mind. He did not make it too clear whether he was referring to the British Muslims, who he claims have freely joined a group dedicated to the destruction of a Muslims State, or to the SAS murderers by who they were trained.

Cameron tells us that this is a generational struggle and the British people will remain in danger from this group for years to come.  So let us take a look at the conduct of the “Free and Democratic West” since the illegal attacks on Bosnia and the annexation, without any form of referendum of Kosovo, which is now a base for NATO, from which to menace Russia and which is controlled by a group of Jews.

After Bosnia we had the famous 911 False Flag,  which was carried out by Mossad, with massive cooperation from the United States “Shadow Government.”  All of the available evidence points in this direction, while there is none whatsoever implicating Muslims.  All of the evidence against the Muslims, who were accused of the attack, shows them to have been quite deliberately brought into the US and lodged in Military establishments or even in the care of members of the FBI, in order to make sure of their presence in the US, because the “Patsies” have to be known in advance otherwise it would be impossible to name them without extensive investigations. They  have never been proven guilty and no evidence was ever presented against them or the US asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden, before he died of kidney failure in 2001. His so-called assassination in Pakistan, was no more than yet another Obama lie.

Seven of the alleged “suicide” hijackers are still alive, yet there has been no attempt to bring them to Justice. One can only wonder, why not?

After the drunkard, George Dubya Bush had delivered “his” speech, announcing the declaration of “The War on Terror”  his terror machine went into action in Afghanistan, against yet another group, which was an ally of the US, the Taliban. They knew full well that there were no Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, however in the style of Hamas in Palestine, they, instead of allowing an investigation  strangely refused to hand over a Bin Laden who they knew to be a CIA asset, having worked with him against the Russians and who was already in hospital dying, instead they  swapped platitudes with the US which were used to generate an excuse for an attack.

This invasion was actually used to install Karzai into power and his Drug Baron brother took control of the Opium crop, which was protected by US Marines. Pat Tillman, a well-known sportsman, was so shocked when he discovered this reality, that he had to be executed before be could pass his information to the Media.

That took care of the top quality Opium, ninety per-cent of which is used by the “real dealers” in the Jewish Pharmaceutical conglomerates, Bayer and Merck, which are controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild respectively. The “coalition” then went off in search of the Iraqi oil Reserves for the same pair of villains. Both of these illegal wars continue to this day.

The next step was Libya, where they attacked the most contented people in Africa. Gadaffi gave the Libyan people an excellent standard of living, with access to free education, whether at home or abroad, free health care and numerous other benefits. Including an extensive irrigation system which was to be used to irrigate the Sahara Desert, in order to provide food for Africa. The first bombing target of the British was this Great Man Made River and of course to make sure it was completely out of action they destroyed the foundry in which the giant pipes were forged.

The controlled media, including that of Russia and Iran, made certain that we heard not one word from any Libyan who supported Gadaffi, calling into question the actual role of them both in the current bout of dirty politics.

Then they went after Syria.  Sky News and Stuart Ramsey played a major role in the fabrication of the so-called evidence against Bashar el Assad. They ignored the result of an election in which Assad gained a huge majority with clear evidence that the vast majority of the Syrian people understood;  having seen what had been done to Libya and Iraq,  exactly what was coming. They had after all had a long and bitter experience of the animals in Israel during the last sixty-five years.

The British asked for a “No Fly Zone” the excuse which they had made use of to destroy Libya.  Russia vetoed their request, thus giving the Jews, Cameron, Hollande, Obama, Erdogan and the King of Jordan, who is most probably a Jew, along with the Polish Jew Netanyahu, the opportunity to unleash the Neo Red Terror, the band of scum who are going to be used to help the Bolshevik Jews to set-up Greater Israel, the now known  as Islamic State or IS.

 We are now expected to believe that they have left the reservation and are now creating carnage across huge swathes of the Middle East,  in order to set up a Caliphate, while those hypocrites who have hardly stopped complaining about the folk in the East of Ukraine who want autonomy with Russia rather than stay under Bolshevik control from Kiev, Kerry and Cameron, are already discussing how to give the Jewish controlled Kurdish region of Iraq Independence plus the necessary arms to defeat IS, a group which they have already armed and who are about to be led to the slaughter, while Big Bad Daddy scoots off to the safe haven of Israel, which has strangely never been attacked by any of these so-called Jihadists.

So perhaps I am going a bit soft in the head but as far as I can see, there is not a trace of any sort of organised resistance from the Muslim Peoples.  They have been brutalised by the henchmen of the Jewish Bankers.  Their Homelands have been reduced to rubble, millions of their people slaughtered, their children brutally wounded, losing arms and legs and their eyesight. Yet all of the so-called Muslim Terrorists are quite simply doing the Jews work for them, by killing their own people.

So what are the “real and genuine” attacks which have been made against the West?  We are going into “lock-down” as if we have been under sustained  terrorist attack in the US and UK, when in fact our Bankers Puppets have been reduced to carrying out endless False Flag attacks because of the paucity of the real thing. Yet our own terrorism is plain for all to see.  We have laid the planet to waste. What does it take for the world to wake up.

These Bolshevik lunatics should be in an Asylum learning to knit, dosed up daily with a handful of their own highly addictive psychotropic drugs to keep them in a daze and allow the rest of us to get on  with life.

The visible target of these murdering scum is at the moment the Muslims. They have however decimated the White European People, to the point from which there will be no recovery. In Russia they butchered at least sixty-five million White Christians. During WW2 a war which they organised and funded, they murdered up to twenty-million Germans.  When the war ended they continued to slaughter Ethnic Germans who found themselves trapped behind the Iron Curtain. They murdered untold millions in Hungary because the Hungarians had fought alongside Hitler. The Cossacks and those Ukrainians who had done the same thing were wiped out.  The Russian Bolsheviks have never been prosecuted for any of their monstrous crimes.

(Sadly a large portion of this post appears to have been lost in transit I can only recall part of what was lost, I hope the what is left still makes sense. I will replace the part of what was lost with what I can recall)

When one or other of the Baron Rothschild’s made his remark; Give me control of a States money supply and I care not about the elected Government, he was not joking.

He has had control of the Bank of England, some believe since the days of Cromwell, by whom he was owed a large debt, after he had funded the English Civil War; which was in fact a coup d’etat  and had demanded the execution of the King.   In return Cromwell invited the Jews back into England, after they had been exiled for hundreds of years.

It is impossible to get a straight answer about the current state of the Bank of England. Some declare it to have been Nationalised in 1948, some say 1958, I say it has never been Nationalised, it is privately owned by two shareholders, whose identity is a closely guarded secret.

However, I can not be the only person to be non-nonplussed as to how the UK could go through ten years of sustained growth, the longest recorded period and yet at the end of it to have amassed a trillion pound debt. Cameron’s Tory Party constantly refer to the Socialists mismanagement of the economy, but they never lets us know the origins of “The Debt.”

The Tory Party were one-hundred per-cent behind the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, perhaps this why they are so silent about “The Debt” and why the Socialists remain mumb in retaliation.

The British people spent over sixty years repaying the cost of the illegal, aggressive war against Germany. That war lasted a mere six years and was of course funded by the Federal Reserve, or was it? The Iraq and Afghanistan capers have already lasted over ten years, with Libya thrown in for good measure and not to forget the “black” expenditure in Syria and now a second dose in Iraq.

Baron Rothschild is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve, as are Goldman Sachs, itself a Rothschild controlled Bank and half a dozen other Jewish banking families.  The US, like the UK has an enormous National Debt and like the British they appear to be in a constant state of war.

This would be the same Baron Rothschild who demanded Palestine in return for using his influence to force the US to fight with the British against Germany in the Great War. So it would appear that from whichever direction you approach all of the recent wars there is always a link to Israel.

As for the British National Debt, I would suggest that like Cromwell, the British once again found themselves beholden to the Banks, having been manœuvred into two World Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, by Jewish influences  in order to protect Jewish interests, they are now so deep in debt that the British people are being virtually  starved in order to pay these Jewish bankers for the cost of wars for which they themselves are responsible.

Today I listened to a man from an organisation which was trying to bring an end to armed warfare. He suggested that military force achieved nothing and that when an armed attempt was made to help those under attack as in Libya, the end result was never the intended result.  This sort of helping hand always went wrong, as in Bosnia, Iraq, etc. At that point I switched off.

These attacks never go wrong. They are as a general rule incited by the very group which is offering the “helping hand” they are a farce.  The Jews forced the world into WW2 and the debt has just been repaid. The bankers made billions in interest, far in excess of the value of the original loan. In Iraq they have the oil, in Afghanistan the Opium.  They now want to take control of Palestine and create Greater Israel, all with our money and nobody has the guts to declare that enough is enough.




11 responses

  1. I had mentioned on Dr Alfs, blog, terrorists could look at different targets, the reply he made was he did not know what I was getting at? the point is so far the terrorists so called is iconic, such as the Woolwich, killings, or the London, tube station and bus attack, the point is all these so called attacks are set up by MI5 and 6, as you are aware the CIA operatives in the Middle East and elsewhere is a set up by subversives, such as the normal terrorists, the CIA, MI5/6, and Mossad and to some extent French operatives.
    These subversives are all involved with channeling arms and weapons, to those who can be channeled or persuaded by brain washing techniques to become militants for the First World, agents, s places of significance in the Middle East, such as sacred places or mosques, and historic cultural iconic places such as the market in Syria, that was a historical place destroyed, the importance of destroying buildings and the infrastructure, is all part of destroying the identity of the people of the Middle East, or the destruction of the morale of these people.
    On Australian TV, we have the old rich trying to hang on to their mansions and palaces, on how they have to open up their places to the public, charging admission fees and so on, the interviews of the rich is obvious they are so comfortable and expect to be treated as a superior class, which in a sense they are superior as having a attitude of haughtier and disdainful, the terrorist has to know many of those whom become educated are from this type of background, who become the personnel of the elite who will eventually decide the fate of if not thousands or millions as whether they live or die, these people who have a superior attitude are the cultural stock required by the intelligentsia to kill people, the superior class, do not have empathy for any other than their own, most people do not have qualms about say treading on a ant? what people mean to this class is the average citizen is basically on the level of a ant or bug.
    If the terrorist instead of focusing on iconic stature, as targets, realigned to more humble targets such as the residential stock, may have a influence that would become useful in what they desire to achieve, targets such as Cambridge, universities are of limits, the LSE, is not what terrorists should think? what these adverse elements should be thinking is who do they think are the people whom are the choir singers? singing Onward Christian Soldiers Going to War? its not people on a London bus, whom are the common people, it is the designers of war material and those who are the matrix of those who are all part of the community that are the pillars of destruction.
    The history of terror will be found in the history of the British, in the main their are two aspects of terror the British has notoriety in, one colonization, and two, the economic exploitation of world resources, through multinationals, via the stock exchange, and military force.


    August 20, 2014 at 11:32

    • It has become impossible to tell the difference between a terrorist and a simple soldier these days. I heard Obama babbling about ISIS beheading the Journalist and other atrocities which they have carried out and every word he spoke could equally well have been applied to Israel who are still mutilating women and children with impunity as are the Jews in Kiev. and the UK in Iraq and Libya and other places. It’s just crap, lies and hypocrisy all of it.


      August 20, 2014 at 18:42

      • The prop and shock to the West, is all crap, what the Western Allies do not let the public in on is the violence and pain of drone attacks and the war injuries that are inflicted by the Allies on often the innocent, what do the general public think of the military arms production? do they think that the death of these people are just a instantaneous, painless death? whilst we hear the dribble of Obama, Cameron, on how awful the terrorists are as if they are if not equal in violence of far worst, if any one disputes what I have written they are either culpable or culturally programmed.
        If their is doubt as to why these atrocities are in profusion, the Western Allies want to steal resources of the third world, this is achieved by violence conducted through military, all Western people are expected to contribute to this end, any one who is not in agreement to this team effort is all part of the terrorist organization.


        August 21, 2014 at 01:23

  2. Don

    I reread your post and it still gells together.

    I see the way the world is headed, and I am saddened that this evil has reached such increased proportions during my lifetime. There is little we can do but bear witness to the greatest crimes in human history, perpetrated by the greatest criminals of humankind.


    August 19, 2014 at 10:44

    • Thanks for that Don. When you try to remember what you wrote, you can never be quite sure that you’re not remembering something you wrote in another post. As for the evil well like the poor that will always be with us. These people are clinically insane, in other circumstances they would be sectioned. They are able to get away with it through the greed of others, even with all the money in the world without greed you get nowhere, greed is the root of all evil not the money.


      August 19, 2014 at 19:23

      • Don

        I see Chris Ryan the so called SAS hero (and govt psy-op) is now advocating troops on the streets of Britain to ‘keep us safe’ from ISIS or whatever other acronym they may push forward as a threat. They seem to want to turn the mainland into a carbon copy of 1970’s Northern Ireland.

        I post below a reply taken from Chris Spivey’s site:

        I have a few things to say about your recent predictions for terror on our streets Chris. Well, to be honest, they are more questions, really. I am a little confused by what you are attempting to point out, and I will enlighten you as to why, very shortly.

        You see Chris, basically it boils down to how I cannot understand how a man like you, who was so shit at your job, and told a big bunch of porky pies about your escape, can be waffling on about how we are going to need troops on our streets to keep us safe from returning I.S. terrorists. Furthermore, you intimate, that ‘our boys’ need to get over there to Iraq, undercover, and kick some ass. I was wondering how you think a couple of hundred men, who are used to taking out high value targets that belong to conventional military systems are going to do it without incurring massive casualties themselves. You know, infiltrate a very loose amalgamation with a largely unknown hierarchy, and impose via interdiction, some heavy and well serving examples of target acquisition.

        I understand that lots of historical battle hardening was attained through covert desert missions, but it was largely against in place infrastructure that was regimented and had fixed accountability. Not some sprawling, loosely affiliated groups that also appear to be very dynamic in their evolution, and who I must say, also have an undoubted ability to fight on the move, via a very mobile and fluid battle space.

        I also have some other issues relating to your predictions, and some of them are politically based. As it happens, I am having great difficulty getting my head around the fact that ‘our boys’ and the American, not so ‘Special’ forces, were involved in supplying and offering assistance and advice to this very same group, whilst they were attacking Syria in the West. Funnily enough, this should be very pertinent to you, as if you had your escape attempt there in recent times, you would have probably been caught by those who are participating in the wandering melee and been beheaded. So, I think you owe Assad a little thanks. Mind you, not that honour is high on yours or the government’s list of priorities. This could best be displayed by your no problem at all, approach to training members of the Khmer Rouge for Maggie’s lot. Honour and Loyalty, hey..Nice.

        Now, I am glad that good old Dave Ca-moron is as patriotic as you are. I can see this is illustrated quite graphically by his second holiday in two weeks. He is so in tune with public opinion, is “Our Dave.”

        So, to round up and compress your recent splutters. Where do we start, or finish?

        You think we should have troops on our streets to protect us from the returning Jihadis, who William Hague and the rest of our government were nearly prepared to go to war against Assad in Syria, over?

        Hmm!!! That is very interesting to say the least, don’t you think?

        You also want to see ‘our boys’ putting themselves on the line and in real peril to secure us domestically from those who supported the same cause that our leaders and military did.

        Is that what you are saying Chris? Am I right?

        And you are saying this to all of us and being expected to be taken as patriotic into the bargain?

        Personally, I think you are fucking, nuts, and you also sound like the other asshole, John Nichol. Experts in failure if ever there was, and now you wish to pass it on to those who are required to protect us all for the future. How about no thanks.


        August 20, 2014 at 13:01

        • I don’t know anything about this character. The first I ever looked him up was when you sent me the link about the Woolwich False Flag. I thought he did quite a good job with that, despite ridiculing himself with his misuse of the Queens English. I’ ll take a look at what he has to say about ISIS.
          I’m quite sure that most of what we are being told about them is guff, their real purpose now is to start the carve up of Iraq and Syria for Israel, and when “Our Boys” with ISIS come home they will be no different from any other Military Men coming home. They’re all in the pay of the UK, that is if they actually exist.


          August 20, 2014 at 18:32

          • The return of our boys, are all part of the excuse the government needs for instilling fear into the public and also having the bonus of we are looking after our public, they have no intention of looking after the public, to create a police state and a repressive regime, they need these home ward bound boys as all part of added tax burden for the public and most important, to bolster their own ego’s, as so called, important people, what most politicians want besides a good salary as prime mover, is pop star or legendary status.


            August 21, 2014 at 00:39

        • Overall, what I am on about in a nutshell is Britain’s bad karma, their is not much we can do about past British atrocities, throughout our Planet, what is tiresome is the officious and vindictive attitude of the Establishment, the way in which the elite is committed to violence and has the arrogance to deny they are and have been without shame hypocritical, the present slaughter of Palestinians, over 2000, killed, and the American and British, defense is they send rockets over, these so called rockets are at base ineffective, they do no damage to property nor kill, the Jews were given the land they now occupy as a coup, instigated by those who are now in American and British governments as Jews, who were as a deal paid off in money and land grab, for WW.2, the worst part of all this is Jewish money has strangled the autonomy of these two countries, the genetic pool of the Jews, can be seen in such characters as Kissinger the Jew, principle adviser to the American government with the outcome of millions being killed or maimed, these sort of people are deranged, for them to control governments is not acceptable.
          Today many see the governments as being the puppets of a group that are not subject to democracy, as a result the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people throughout our planet, we know something is wrong and for many no longer have the ability to understand what and why?


          August 21, 2014 at 01:09

  3. Don

    In any sphere but politics, an act or omission that endangers the life and limb of other is indictable.

    If, as Cameron says, the British public are now at risk of injury and death due to a potential threat, then would it not be a reasonable course of action to determine which individuals by their actions or policies have left us exposed us to this threat? We could then hold them accountable for the resulting mess.

    The doctrine of uncontrolled mass immigration, multi culturalism, and the domestic cultural marxism that is political correctness have laid the path to our door. This combined with a foreign policy based on corporate greed, wars of acquisition, and a political class who have repeatedly betrayed those they purport to represent while gleefully swearing allegiance to an illegitimate foreign power.

    Cameron’s fear mongering is taken straight from the scripted pages of Orwell’s 1984, it’s laughable that in 2014 Oceana will now be in a perpetual war with an invisible enemy. The correct course of action is not to ask our children to fight this indefinite war of tomorrow, but for us to arrest and imprison those who foment it today.


    August 18, 2014 at 09:47

    • Hello Don. Half of what I wrote in this post was wiped by some glitch in the WordPress system. I tried to recall what was lost but by this morning I had lst the thread of what I was working towards, perhaps you might take a second to make sure it still makes sense.
      As for your remark about fighting for a foreign state are you sure about that, the UK is almost under total Jewish control these days. Even the Royal Family are Jews. Did you not hear the the most beautiful baby in the world, Prince George was baptised with water from the Jordan River?
      As for immigration that is being used to cover up the decline in genuine British people. Like the US the UK will soon be part of the Third World, with fat greasy overlords keeping the people in chains.


      August 18, 2014 at 10:20

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