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A Vote For Ukip Is A Vote For Miliband, So What? Is Democracy Forbidden Now?


The above clip is a good example of the lies and deceit of the British Establishment and their eagerness for illegal slaughter in the name of this “Democracy”.

Sky News has quite cynically used an Image of Anjem Choudrey, a puppet extremist, with a poster behind him calling for the arrest of Assad for Crimes Against Humanity. This is to give the impression that British Muslims are in agreement with the UK aim of destroying Syria.

The liars on Sky News and the BBC, who helped build-up the excuse to kill two hundred thousand Syrians, are now fresh from the deception created around the Referendum in Scotland, which was most certainly rigged,  in the process of generating the latest pretext to bomb Syria, along with any innocent civilian who remains standing, to smithereens. This is for what “The Once Great British” are renowned.

The current crop of politicians are hardly worthy of the name, they wander around like characters from a farce, with their “Plan.” Whatever the plan amounts to is not clear. Today the man with his plan, explained to the cretins at the Tory Party Conference, that he was about to swipe three billion pounds out of the pockets of the unemployed, by freezing their Benefits for three years, in order to force them into work. This three billion pounds could then be used to reduce the “Deficit.” therefore keeping his plan on track.

He was not questioned as to the cost of the “New Illegal War” into which the UK is being plunged, which David Cameron has claimed would be an ongoing slaughter for at least the next three years, that is the war against a rag-tag bunch of paid mercenaries, who can not even be traced on the ground but are most certainly heading for Syria, where strangely the US have upset the “Good Terrorists” who are now going to side with the “Bad Terrorists” to do what?   Well to fight Assad of course.

The US “Smart Bombs” are so clever they have managed to find and murder an unheard of group of terrorists called Khorassan, or something like that, a name which will no doubt keep changing as time goes on. These fellows are to the right of Islamic State and they were on the point of carrying out an atrocity in the US, luckily they were tracked down and killed in Syria, preventing the attack in the US? They, of course, are in Syria, we have yet to hear whether the actual attack team, which was  surely in the US, has been apprehended.

The coalition has marked out those parts of Syria and Iraq which they would like to control, claiming them to be occupied by Islamic State, giving them access to Syria’s oil-fields.  Having already destroyed the Syrian refineries, this will allow the likes of Exxon and BP to steal the Syrian crude, along with the Iraqi reserves in the area which can be allocated to the Kurdish,  Jewish controlled region, in the north of Iraq.  Malaki and his government, have been booted out of office in Iraq, having insisted on a fifty-fifty share of  oil revenues, which did not suit the Oil Barons.

These would be the very same Oil Barons who would not countenance a “Yes” vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum, preferring to rob the Scottish people of their rightful share of the North Sea Oil profits, which apparently amount to a trillion pounds.

So these are the type of creatures, who once ran the ” Greatest Empire The World Has Ever Seen” are they? Mincing around the Tory Party Conference, discussing the Democratic election which is to be held next year 2015, the result of which is a foregone conclusion, it will be either a Tory or a Labour win, as it has been for the last hundred years or more. The British call this “Change.”

This time around we will most probably see the demise of the Liberal Democrats, a Party which has morphed or cloned, take your pick, into something or other lost in some sort of netherland, not quite Tory and not quite Labour and not quite anything else.

Menzies Campbell, a one time leader of the Lib-Dems,  appears to have completely lost the use of his brain and in his confused state he cannot spot the reality behind the “New Weapons of Mass Destruction” which have suddenly popped up, fully armed, with an income of over a billion dollars a year to justify yet another attack on Iraq. So despite having been opposed to the Blairite illegal attack on Iraq, he is now in lock-step with the Jewish cabal of Miliband, Cameron and ‘ illegal attack against Iraq/Syria.

He is not alone, George Galloway, the Muslims friend, is making no attempt to denounce the use of Islamic State as yet another Al Qaeda type excuse to plant hired killers all over the Muslim World. He has yet to notice that despite being surrounded by these Islamic State characters, who are being trained in all of the Royal Jewish Middle Eastern States, not one attack has been carried out against the initiator of all of the mayhem in the Region, Israel.  Why have you not commented on that one George? What price a little support for Gaza?

Meanwhile back at the auditions for the “Prat of the Year Award,” George Osborne, explained how he could use the money stolen from the poorest of society, to reduce the deficit, well I heard a man on television explain how he had quizzed many politicians about the banking system in the UK and a huge percentage of them had no idea whatsoever about the unscrupulous thievery which is involved in stoking up the debt, which Osborne is attempting to reduce, however when he refers to reducing the deficit, well that is a completely different thing altogether.

A deficit is not a debt. A deficit is a shortfall. So George is talking about reducing the amount of money which is necessary to finance what shortfall?  What does he mean by reducing the sum which is needed to reduce the sum needed?  Why does he not talk straight? Why is everything so confusing, to the point where even politicians do not understand.

Most people, when asked, believe the deficit to be the debt.  The debt is money which was borrowed from investors, is it not?   Well it could be, that is if there were enough rich fools running around willing to loan two trillion pounds to a bankrupt government.  In reality, the private Bank of England is buying government Bonds which are bought with funny money, ie. money which is simply printed without any inherent value.

However there is nothing funny about it when the Bonds come to term, because in order to honour the  loan the government is obliged to borrow more money to repay the debt. This is unsustainable, this is part of the reason as to why, after the longest sustained period of growth in UK history, there is a debt of a sum of money so enormous, it can never be repaid.  To repay a debt running into trillions of pounds, would involve every household in the UK coughing up millions of pounds, all of which would be fed to the Private Banks.

Gordon Brown sold off four hundred tons of the UK Gold Reserves and he refused to say to whom it was sold.  Unless we are informed as to whom is holding the UK debt, we can only make a guess. My guess would be that the recipients would not be too far from “The Bank.”

Anyway back to the deficit, George was glossing over the reality of the deficit, which occurs when the economy slows down and there are vast numbers of unemployed people claiming unemployment money and the housing market falters and is not available to help boost the economy, reducing the amount of Income Tax collected by Her Majesty’s Tax Collectors.

Every penny of income tax is used to pay the interest on the money, which is used to make the economy work, that is the cash in  your pocket. This money is issued by the Bank of England with interest attached. It is the property of “The Bank.”  When there is a “deficit” of Income Tax  available to pay The Bank, the deficit is made up by taking money earned from other sources to pay the bankers.  The bankers are ALWAYS first in line for payment.  George will allow the people to starve or die from hypothermia in order to make sure the bankers get their million pound bonus.

What is going on at the moment is the final act in the “Fractional Reserve Banking Scam.” “Armageddon.” which normally involves the gruesome death of many millions of US, in order to reset  the banking accounts to zero,  to restart the same old garbage for a repeat performance, of the  of the saga after the bodies are buried.







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  1. Don

    For me a simple lifestyle would suffice Eno.

    I would be happy to own and live in a static caravan, and an old one can be purchased for relatively a small sum, but in the UK the price of land to put it on is far too expensive. Therefore to work in the UK means that the first three days of any income is spent to put a rented roof over ones head for the week, leaving little else for living and introducing insecurity of tenure as a constant companion.

    I see very little hope for the future, especially now the UK Govt has announced that it considers those who question their lies to be non violent terrorists, but a greater land mass such as France may afford you a better chance of survival in the coming times.


    October 2, 2014 at 11:04

    • The same Agenda 21 is coming into play down here, just as it is everywhere else but despite that there are a lot of people who pass their lives quietly in Yorts, well hidden from prying eyes on remote hilltops or in a corner of a field of an understanding farmer. If all else fails a good alternative is a camping car or a converted Library Bus or something like that. You have to keep on the move, but if you can find a way to sell your stuff it is a nice way to live. There is easy access to a lot of countries in Europe. You’re never too old to give it a try.


      October 2, 2014 at 14:02

      • As you know 3 jets were stolen and given to Isis, it is unfortunate two of the jets are now demolished, my hope was the jets may find a couple of atom bombs on the black market, I would say if 3 of these bombs were delivered on New York, London, and Israel, the present colonial fraternity of criminals, would possible end the present regime of violence, singular killings such as Woolwich, are just pin pricks to establishment, not only that it enforces the Western Allies in corruption and violence, and the loss of personal liberty, and the most dangerous criminal or terrorists, are the rich,


        October 23, 2014 at 03:31

        • Hello there, hope you are well. The only way to get this crap sorted out is when the people stop doing it for them. What was that prick Abbott doing sending Australian Planes to bomb out Syria, that’s the aim you know, all the rest of it is no more than cinema, they control ISIS.
          The other Don sent me an interesting link a while back, I don’t know if you spotted it. It was about the Woolwich beheading, Chris Spivey was the name of the guy. Makes interesting reading. http://chrisspivey.org/


          October 23, 2014 at 08:40

    • The long term plan of the UK, government is to destroy the lower class, and those who are not showing the required competitive spirit, and become a fully paid up member who by hook or by crook will do anything to destroy a fellow citizen, for their own monetary gain, the government, the Royals, MI5 and 6, and the police out their are all part of the same destructive process, of humanity, I would say Darwin, contributed to this ideology, the fact that I am still unsure as to how his theory of evolution accounts for the individual being born in the carnal form they find them self contained within, I am unsatisfied with any if their is any explanation of corruption that now is a global force that now is not even understood by those who are all part of this depravity.
      I have thought about returning to London, to become a student of moral philosophy, of recent I saw I think his name is Peter Singer, although, I concur much of what he said, here in particular his relationship with animals, I was not convinced he knew much that I could learn from, indeed he made a analogy, of a man who saw a child in dire straights, in water in trouble, he said the problem in brief, if he did not want his shoes damaged by water, is the same as you not contributing to charity? this analogy is peculiar, as it is not concerned with the amount of charities that exist and your choice, and who are the CEOs?it would become a problem if one paid the expense of a education, only to find the professors , were all part of the system which is part of the corruption.
      If you are in touch with your intuition and have had a enormous amount of reflection and contemplation of all what may come your way in your experience, it is doubtful whether you would learn that much in a University?, I wish to diver here in a story of my family, one of my sisters married a guy that was part of the BBC, and media organization, the daughter went to Cambridge, University, the other sister married some one in the print? they had two sons, the daughter who went to Cambridge never visits the other family? why? because she having the education she had, is now up herself?
      One of the problems with education is not that they learn a discipline but also insidiously, the education psychologically teaches a type of brain washing, or brain damage.
      Another point as to my return to Britain, is I have by default become the owner of a beagle, and she lives for me, although from my point of view, I am unworthy of such affection, I could not leave her to die of a broken heart, it is as, far as I know the only love of such distinction that is available in this Universe that I have.


      October 3, 2014 at 11:59

      • I have a Rasta poodle. As for Darwinianism, I think it’s a load of crap. None of these bits and pieces that make up Nature could have appeared by chance. There’s the famous question about a simple organism that has three functioning parts and without all three nothing works, the question is how did it survive for millions of years waiting for evolution to come up with the second and third necessary elements? As for kids mine are all ashamed of me.


        October 3, 2014 at 16:43

        • Eno, I look forward to reading your book to be written? as it is a mystery as how you became who you have became? what was the cruses? or how did a awakening or many ? happen, do not leave the planet before you write something, it can be in part fiction, in terms that due to the problem of those who will be looking for the knifes, you have to sometimes mix it, one key I believe made you look at reality again in a way that was unorthodox? is some one or more, than on, a betrayal of loyalty? or becoming a victim of bad faith?


          October 6, 2014 at 09:32

          • Nobody would believe me if I wrote it. These days I’m a bit misanthropic and most of my married chums envy my peace and quiet. Make of that what you will.


            October 7, 2014 at 17:54

  2. Being brought up in a lower class and eventual working class managerial family in London, it is hard to believe the enormous stress placed on the the establishment , as a superior grandiose and honorable status of the Royals, the upper class that enforce the rules of the financiers, in education, culture, morality, and all the mythology that makes up the superiority of what one is excluded from, as one over time through experience and the constant examination of what the establishment is, understands, and what they really are.
    It is a shock when has the realization that all the superior class system is all but a mythology, of corruption, all the members of this syndicate have no choice other than to sustain this mythological lie, as eno, states, the election of independence is all a rigged election, MI5/6 are all part of the slaves to the organizations of the Rothschilds, and have no choice other than obey the Jewish lobby in London, as it is the same gig here in Australia, of recent the Melbourne, Jewish lobby had been offended by commentaries such as the destruction of Palestine, and upset on comments of the Palestinians deaths, that the Israeli, forces, had committed.
    The reporting here in Victoria, had been informed by the Jewish lobbyists to tone down the reports of these atrocities, which Melbourne, had to toe the line as in the main the producers, journalists have to obey, as jobs will be on the line.
    In some way, one has to be grateful to the British, police, for their persecution of oneself as a individual, as otherwise you would not have the realization on how their minds work and that of establishment, as a highly organized criminal sect, it is not something one should feel smug about on, how the inner workings of establishment operates, where noted, in particular those who have no comprehension to the inner workings this group operates as a culture, this front of respectability, that cloaks what the real intentions of this deviant criminal club is, and the lengths these people will be driven to, to remain in power.


    September 30, 2014 at 07:57

    • The biggest disappointment of all was when it turned out that they had even taken control of the Labour Party.


      September 30, 2014 at 19:35

      • Don

        I am middle aged now, and in what is euphemistically known as ‘reduced circumstances’. In other words I have been disposessed of any personal wealth, and of all the tangible fruits of my labours which I accumulated over many years.

        Today I own no house, can barely afford to run a car, I have no pension to look forward to, and no hope of future gainful employment. Zero hour contracts and minimum wage drudgery are my lot. It wasn’t always so. 20 years ago I had a well paid managerial job, my own home, a new ‘executive’ car, and life appeared very good. So what happened?

        Well, I woke up. I saw and understood that I was serving an unjust and corrupt system, and I began to speak up. Predictably I met with coercion and threats. The bottom line was that I was expected keep quiet, do the dirty and take the money for it – or make a stand ultimately resulting in poverty. I chose to do the right thing regardless of the catastrophic effect it would have on my personal circumstances, while so many others choose to take the money and go along with the misdeeds.

        I have absolutely no respect for journalists who write falsehoods because not doing so might result in personal inconvenience. Ditto politicians, policemen, civil servants, and even the ordinary man in the street who obey unjust orders before their conscience. These are the actions of people who are enabling, and perpetuating the ability for these filth to rule over us.

        Those in society who look down on me today because they have greater wealth, more material things, or a higher perceived social status are fooling themselves. Their trinkets are little more than fools gold, with which they have been rewarded for selling their souls. I might have ‘nothing’ and be a ‘nobody’ according to them, but I have more within me than they could ever muster in that, faced with the dreadful consequences of doing the right thing I just looked them in the eye and said “I’m going to do it anyway”.

        I am here (at the bottom) because I am decent, they are there (servile and trinket laden) because they are scum.


        October 1, 2014 at 11:44

        • I could not have put it better Don. I too have a very simple life-style. Like you I rejected what I saw around me and I eventually did what I had been planning on doing since I was a youngster who happened upon Wheatley’s novel “The Launching of Roger Brook” I was so impressed by the tale that I swore that one day I too would go to France.
          When I finally arrived I found it possible to live outside the system, living off my wits as they say. I have managed to do this ever since. I have enough money to consider myself rich and comfortable, however on the other hand, in term of what makes a comfortable life these days, I live in squalor but I like it.
          You paint a bit so I believe, down ere they like artists and those who lead a Rustique lifestyle.


          October 1, 2014 at 19:25

      • Don


        October 1, 2014 at 16:35

        • Thanks for that Don. I’ve just done a piece about Cameron’s speech of today, I’ll add that link to it.


          October 1, 2014 at 19:32

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