A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Rapidly Growing Crop Of New Religions.

I had thought that the alleged genocide against the Jews was the most numerically supported and the most aggressively defended of all of the new generation of Religious beliefs.  However during the past few days I have been exploring other equally well supported examples,  all of which have more or less the same canon of beliefs and a similar level of hatred and venom in their support. It is in fact a modern form of blasphemy to utter one word of criticism against any one of them.

 My first encounter was in response to a question of evolution.  The question which enticed me into the fray was the suggestion that there was evidence that a religious belief was accompanied by a lower IQ and, the questioner asked, was this stupidity as a result of the religious education or was it genetic?

In all innocence, I asked the question as to whether a belief in the theory of evolution qualified as a religious belief, as a belief in the unprovable, whether it be of a god or a theory was much the same thing was it not?

Well apparently it was not. What’s more I was told so in no uncertain terms, with a response which even censored would be unwise present.  In my naivety I was hoping for at least a form of intellectual discussion on such a subject.  However during two days I was battered with cries of  “for the scientific community a theory is fact.” I will give you just a tiny example of the response.

Obviously, you are not familiar with the theories, as you keep treating the word theory as if it were nothing more than a hypothesis. Fu***ng asswipe piece of shit. 


 This fellow was soon joined by a friend whom held pretty much the same beliefs. Both insisted on referring to me as a God-fearing idiot who was too stupid to under stand the tenets of evolution.

When I pointed out that their fixation with my alleged religious beliefs was in fact a sign of their own obsession rather than of mine they went ballistic.

At which point I produced a page from Collins Thesaurus which verified quite clearly that a theory was no more than an agreement to accept a possibility. I have since heard nothing more from them.



Hot on the heels of this rubbish came the latest “Epistle” from the IPCC foretelling of Global Warming/Climate Change, which it may be noticed stems from the same roots as does evolution, that is the inbreeding group of rich idiots which included the families of Darwin, Huxley, Wedgwood-Benn and other elitists from which source came the idea of  “useless eaters” and the need to cull the population.

To my way of thinking this idea of “man-made climate change” is not simply bad science, it is outright lies.  It is no more proven than is evolution. Both are teaching us to accept unverifiable nonsense as fact.  The difference being that a belief in evolution or not is neither here nor there, however to be told that the world is warming and that we must reduce our use of coal and petrol etc when in fact all of the available evidence would suggest that we are in for a cold spell is dangerous and could well cost the lives of thousands of people.

Despite the evidence of ice-core, which give a read out of both warmer and colder periods, plus  a measure of the CO2 content and evidence that increased CO2 is present after the warmer periods,  on top of that to teach chiudren at school that CO2  is a dangerous gas is a scandal.

The IPCC chooses to ignore all of this evidence telling us that 90% of scientists support their claims, when in fact these are the same folk who were caught out fiddling the figures, to give an impression of warming, it would be apparent to anybody, apart from committed disciples, that these men are being paid to say what they are saying, there is no real attempt being made to find the truth. This is surely yet another form of Religious belief.   And how can we ever forget:



Just when I thought things could get no worse, along came the “holocaust.” In truth it was not the really for the holocaust which I was looking, that was clip to illustrate a piece I had been preparing about the treatment of the German people after the war had ended.  That subject was itself a bitter one, with little sympathy for the fate of the Germans because they had of course, carried out the “holocaust.”

That one proved to be a true war of attrition.  Most of which revolved around claims of German aggression, which had led to the outbreak of war and which denied any other version no matter how cogent and verifiable.

It soon became clear that whether they realised it or not, the aim was to do to the Germans, what was allegedly done to the Jews after the crucifixion of Christ. Most of the venom was based on the lies which were told in order to justify the sacrifice of the Third Reich at Nuremberg.

As the voracity of the evidence crumbles to dust in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that most of the claims made by “eyewitnesses” and the Jewish hierarchy were impossible the defence of the indefensible becomes more and more strident.  At one point I was led to a video clip, which carried a warning that it would be very silly for anyone to make the type of remarks which were being made.

The most incredible thing was the similarity between the hard-core of aggressive commentators on the holocaust and the Evolution debate.  They both made use of foul language and both had a you had better take my word for it attitude.

After at least two-day struggling along with this rubbish, which has still not run its course, with dozens of people taking part, It remains to be seen whether one of the JDL boys can come up with the evidence that the Red Cross had been well aware of the genocide against the Jews but had chosen to remain silent. He has claimed to have found it in a Red Cross report which was written in 1947.  It remains to be seen whether he can deliver.  If such a document existed it would be amazing that the Jews had not got a hold of it long before now.

4 responses

  1. Don

    I am more selective of which on-line discussions I partake these days Eno. Otherwise it’s entirely possible to become both mentally exasperated, and physically exhausted. Which is perhaps the aim.

    Judging from the quality and construction of many of the adverse comments I inspire, I suspect it likely I am engaged in discussion with some overweight 15 year old mummies boy, who is posting from a back bedroom at his parents house. I have better things to do than trade insults with such people.

    The stiffer, more organised resistance, which stems from the paid hirelings of the usual suspects is a different matter. People like the aforementioned John Ward, a purveyor of falsehoods and narcissistic opinion via his blog – which is aptly named ‘The slog’, are fair game however. Unfortunately as mentioned, those types have the habit of reserving for themselves the last word by preventing further comment.

    As with party politics such disinfo’ is all a game, and a concerted effort to keep alive the illusion. To gull the gullible. Today, for the first time in several months the skies here are crystal clear and free of chemtrails. Therefore those who believe that chemtrails are merely contrails must now either accept that they are wrong, or that not a single jet aircraft has flown today.

    It won’t happen though will it? Such inconvenient facts which disrupt the narrative, whether raised in online conversation, or manifest in the heavens above are ignored, just like an anomalous artifact found by an archaeologist


    November 5, 2014 at 13:00

    • On two of the arguments in which I was involved I think it is fair to say it was JDL controlled. They knew all the ways of changing the subject trying to catch you out in untruths and all the rest of it without supplying one word of evidence in support of their own claims. These are the best sort if you like, because the longer they go on the less convincing these characters become. But you have to be dogged enough to see it through. Like you say it can boring and annoying.
      In your neck of the woods I understand that Farage is a Friend of Israel, so he can be counted out. I have been of the opinion for some time that Kennedy and Campbell were kicked aside to make room for Clegg, who set about destroying the Lib-Dems, with a vengeance, to make way for Ukip who were skulking in the wings. This is called change I believe.
      Today I listened to the two Jews going “Head to Head” in the “House” both with the same agenda, playing games with the people, who will do exactly what has just been done in the US, like the nut-cases that they are, vote back into power those who have taken the UK into at least three illegal, murderous wars since 2003, whichever way the vote goes. None of them are innocent and most of them Jews or indeed Friends of the Jews.


      November 5, 2014 at 13:49

  2. Don

    Becoming involved in such discussions is exhausting. How is it possible to present a case to those for whom any logic, reason, or empirical evidence which conflicts with their view is vehemently silenced? I once told my brother, who is an ‘establishment man’ through and through, that the new smart TV’s had the capability to transmit private conversations to a third party. His response was that were I to repeat such beliefs in public I ought to be sectioned and put in a mental institution.

    Recently Samsung publicly admitted that this microphone did indeed exist, and that conversations other than direct commands to the TV could also be captured and sent to a third party. I received no apology from my brother, and I am still considered to be wrong despite Samsung themselves corroborating my claim.

    What studies have been done in order to evaluate the climatic effect of chemtrails and Haarp I wonder? Is it possible to continually mess with the weather without affecting the climate? Enquiring minds want to know. One cannot present climate science as absolute fact without admitting to, let alone studying the effects of geo-engineering. Perhaps this is the true meaning of ‘man made climate change’?

    As for racism. In Britain it is considered racist to stereotype, tell jokes, or otherwise mimic any given minority. A Scot can now sue his employer for being referred to as ‘Jock’ for example.

    One of today’s liberal progressives, a man called John Ward, would of course be the first to noisily condemn such racism. In his blog last week however, as he has done many times in the past, Mr. Ward writes paragraphs about current German politics whilst invoking every stereotypical German trait in the book, including (of course) the disgusting and insulting ‘Ve haf vays of… type vocal characterisation in his writing.

    For Ward, just as it is for many others of his ilk, inexplicably, the German people of the 21st century deserve none of the respect and consideration reserved for others. Ward sees no contradiction in his views, feels no embarrassment or shame for his actions.

    Such duplicity of thought is incredible to witness. It defies logic. I am given to thinking that I am witnessing an asylum, yet those within it who are wholly affected by this cognitive dissonance are conceited enough to think that it is we who must seek mental help. I once asked Ward why he considered the Holocaust more important than the 60 million none Jewish Russians who perished under bolshevism? He replied publicly: “60 million Russians? You need help mate…and quick”

    He then bravely closed the comments, thus not allowing me to reply that it was actually Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who must therefore need the help, as the quote came directly from the Gulag Archipeligo. Then again, who is Solzhenitsyn when compared to the towering intellect and literary genius of people like John ward.


    November 5, 2014 at 09:52

    • Don I have been doing so much scribbling in the past few days that I appear to ave put a shoulder out of joint, but like yourself, I feel that it is of great importance to keep up the momentum. There was a German character alongside me and he knew his onions as they say and I believe that between the two of us we managed to make it perfectly obvious that the JDL did not have a leg to stand on, that their case was garbage and that anyone who continued to accept it was simply in dire need of a religion at all costs, however barbaric that religion might be.
      I’m still waiting for a response from the other prats who came across exactly like the ones defending the Jews, which made me feel that destroying the notion of God is being handled by the same group. You could not tell one of the foul mouthed answers from the other. They told nothing of interest their sole aim was to obfuscate.
      I’ve managed to get RT/UK now, its back on the satellite I can capture. I watched Galloway on his Sputnik programme for the first time. He is still screeching his rubbish at you as if we are all deaf and I was absolutely shocked to hear him say that if the UK had been smart enough to go to the aid of Stalin, as he was urging them to, during the Spanish Civil War, they could have defeated Franco and that would have been enough to stop the Second World War in its tracks. Just for starters is he accepting that Stalin, a man responsible for millions of deaths was worth supporting under any circumstances let alone to reinforce Stalin’s backed campaign to install Stalinism in Spain? Sadly it was the International Brigade which was disillusioned and it was the right side which won. Franco was of course demonised for the rest of his life and always kept under the shadow of the lies they had told about Hitler.


      November 5, 2014 at 10:24

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