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The Betrayal Of The Working Man.

The needs of the working man have never been  represented in government. He has always been outwitted by stealth, greed and the power of money.  Which is the reason why whatever he may earn in meagre wages is immediately paid back to the “Company Store”  and why the man who generated the wealth of the elite, has never been much more than a slave who is allowed just enough to feed and cloth himself.

At the moment in the UK, there is a transition taking place. Immediately after the last General Election, it was quite clear that the British were not too pleased with the notion which had been continually presented to them as the most likely election outcome, the probability of a coalition government of the Tories and the Liberals, which they quite obviously rejected, by deserting the Liberals in massive numbers.

Despite this obvious rejection of the idea of a coalition, Clegg, the agent from the EU Commission, agreed to support the Tories and form a government.  He then set about destroying the Liberal Party by agreeing to a hike in Student Tuition Fees and dropped the idea of a voting system based on Proportional Representation, which is at least some protection against the domination of the majority, which in many cases is based on a small number of votes.

It would appear, based on the results of recent by-elections, that the Liberals are likely to be wiped out in the coming General Election and suddenly, out of nowhere, The United Kingdom Independence Party pops up.  These are the boys who are going to take the UK out of Europe, or are they?

Cameron,  the Jewish Tory leader, is claiming that he is going to renegotiate the terms of the Treaty of Lisbon, which was signed by the Labour Party, despite a promise of a referendum to verify that it was what the electorate wanted.  Having gained these “changes” to the treaty, he will then give the voter a referendum, after the coming election, which he is likely to lose.

Miliband, the Jewish Labour leader, is at this moment refusing to hold a referendum,  mainly because to adopt the same promise as did Gordon Brown before him and having been in favour of Brown’s signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, it would be received as pure cynicism by the electorate.

So Ukip, having won two by-elections now have two Members of Parliament, both of whom are defectors from the Tories, so in effect the Tories have just taken control of Ukip.

Nigel Farage, the one-time parasite from the City of London, is calling for more defectors from other parties, thus creating a group of which he will be the unelected leader, until he can prove himself at the ballot box. Should he fail to do so, it would be strange should a large group of elected members allow an unelected to decide how they should vote in Parliament but that is a problem for another day.

This is reminiscent of the way the Liberal Party was quietly swamped by old Socialists, calling themselves Social Democrats, creating the Liberal Democrats, which quickly fell under the control of Roy Jenkins, David Owen and Shirley Williams and Bill Rodgers who became known as “The Gang of Four,” all of them defectors from the Labour Party.

So it should be made clear that those whom believe Ukip to represent a “breath of fresh air” in UK politics, you are deluded, it is already in the hands of professional politicians and their claim of being the Party to take the UK out of Europe will quickly morph into an  In/Out Referendum,  which like the recent Yes/No Referendum in Scotland will be rigged and that will be the end of it.

The only way out of Europe is by voting for “Single Issue” Independent Candidates, who will vote to leave Europe in a more readily checked vote in the House of Commons.

The result of General Elections in the UK are in normal times unimportant, both contesting parties being in the pocket of the “hidden” leadership,  that is those who have control of the money supply and the Bank of England.

It was noticeable that on winning his first Parliamentary seat that Farage immediately changed his cry of being the Party to take the UK out of Europe to a promise of a referendum, which is not at all the same thing.

In reality most of the members of the Union, do not want a Union, just as all of those countries which were given a choice, refused the offer of a Union,  which is why there is no longer the offer of a choice.

What is remarkable is the fact that in a so-called democratic system all of those who voted against the offer of a Union, were trumped by their elected servants, who signed the Treaty in defiance of the voters and yet nobody took to the streets and called for the resignation of their governments.

In the United States, those who shrill so eloquently of their unique form of freedom of which they claim the whole world to be jealous,  would do well to remember that the last attempt of the countries of the South to leave that Union led to the Civil War.

Their description of themselves as “exceptional” could well be an expression of their stupidity, or indeed of their morbidly obese stature, rather than a measure of their ability to maintain an elusive freedom through an astute understanding of the political system.

Having decided that two identical political parties are ample for those whom are apparently in no need of improvement, despite the fact that they are these days perceived as exceptional uniquely in the Black Art of mass slaughter.

It is unlikely that the result of the coming election in the UK will deliver a result very much different from the recent election in the US,, where 95% of sitting members were returned to office for the umpteenth time, despite having been responsible for keeping the US in a total state of war since the days of Clinton, whose is more than likely to be the Democratic candidate in 2016.


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