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Perhaps The Biggest Banking Scam Of Them All.

The British Houses of Parliament, which were rendered obsolete by the signing of The Treaty of Lisbon, was today displaying a horrifying exhibition of its own lack of power over any aspect of British life, apart from a scandalous desire to continue the extortion of ever more of the miserable salaries of the British working class.

Having pumped up a housing bubble to the point where the average British wage is no longer sufficient to buy the average British house, The Jewish Chancellor George Osborne, was obliged to get rid of Stamp Duty, which is a tax payable to the government for the right to buy a house.

Now that the majority of those with the necessary means  have already bought a home, he is preparing the slightly less wealthy to take their first step up the housing ladder, which will leave them in debt for the next thirty or forty years of their life, which is exactly what the banker ordered.

Every home which is purchased with a bank loan, is being bought with phony money. Money which did not exist until the house buyer signed a document of agreement with his bank.

This act serves two purposes.  It will quantitatively ease the economy,  just as did the QE,  issued by the Bank of England, which is just another way of “Printing Money” which they would have us believe leads to inflation, plus it will keep the holder of the debt chained to his bank for at least half of the term of the loan,  paying no more than the interest carried by the loan, before he pays one penny off the loan itself.  This is called Usury, which I believe to be illegal.

This Usury will turn the cost of home from the sale value of One Hundred Thousand Pounds for example into an eye-watering Two Hundred Thousand Pounds or possibly more depending on the current rate of interest.

This leads to a situation where should a family buy such a home with a thirty year mortgage and they wish to sell their home fifteen years later, in a stagnant housing market, they would get no more than One Hundred Thousand Pounds for their home, having already paid One Hundred Thousand Pounds in interest payments alone.  It is plain to see from this, that the real winners in the housing market are the bankers.

It also explains why there is a constant shortage of homes, which bumps up the value allowing the vendor to gain enough from the sale of his first home, to buy his second home,  in all probability with further aid from his banker. It is clear that the best option is to pay cash for your home if possible.

I mention this because during his speech Osborne told us that he intends to pay off the debt accrued by the UK,  for their exploits during the Great War, on which they had been paying an interest of three per-cent.

I found this to be absolutely astonishing, that during the past one hundred years, every elected British Government had been prepared to maintain this huge banking fraud, with the British Taxpayers money.

My regular readers will be well aware that I am always seeking the connection between Global events. I have recently posited that the Great War was planned to give cover to the Coup d’etat in Russia.  To destroy the Ottoman Empire and the Austro/ Hungarian Empire and to prepare the Balfour Agreement, which would cede Palestine to the Ashkenazi Jews and of course make Germany pay for the mess created, even though they had signed an Armistice, which in fact means a “Draw.”

However, now for the “debt” of World War One loans and the interest accrued. which has quite suddenly loomed up on my radar.  It is well-known that the Federal Reserve Bank was seized in an un-noticed coup d’etat in 1913, when the British Banking Cartels, along with their American Agents, held a conference on Jekyll Island and prepared the way for the takeover of the United States.

These would be the very same Bankers who funded the Russian coup d’etat, through the use of their new toy in the Federal Reserve, the money press. It is now clear to me  that the take-over of the “Fed” was timed to coincide with the Great War in order to generate debt, which means “money for nothing” in banking terms.

The sum of the British loan was something in the order of three billion Pounds, which was financed with Government Bonds. In order to generate enough cash all of the previous two centuries of debt were grouped together and the Government of the day agreed with the bankers who held ninety-nine per cent of the Bonds that they were not obliged to pay off the debt,  just so long as they paid the interest.

It would appear that the British Government has been paying something in the order of one-hundred and fifty-million Pounds a year in interest payments to a secret cabal of bankers for the last eighty years and they still owe the debt.

This is a national scandal and a fraud of enormous proportions. My maths are a bit shaky but that would appear to be One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Million Pounds, should the interest be added once a year and not every six months,  paid directly into the pockets of a group of bankers for no better reason than as a form of robbery of the British people, who have been supporting austerity measures for the last five years, while scavenging in skips for out of date scraps of food, in order to pay every penny of British taxes into the pockets of these same bankers.

It must be perfectly obvious that should Osborne find it possible to pay off this debt in days of austerity, it must have been possible to pay it off when the sun was shining.  So why was this not done and why the secrecy of the identity of the Bond holders?

It is about time the British people stopped watching their telephones and asked to know to whom they are paying the current deficit, and how much interest is being paid on the trillion and a half Pounds of The National Debt, which is sky rocketing towards two trillion and to whom it being paid.

No Democratic Government has the right to engage in secret deals with bankers, never mind an all party conspiracy to deceive the people,  This is similar to Gordon Brown’s secret deal to sell tons of British gold to a secret client, which has also never been questioned by the other political parties, indicating that they were in on the scam.

My maths are simply not good enough to work out the interest payable on Two Trillion Pounds of debt at the  rate of  three per-cent but I doubt very much whether it will ever be possible to pay it off, so why is there no indication from any of the main political parties as to what the solution to this problem might be, will they simply hand The United Kingdom over to the bankers?


We are all now perfectly aware that the Jewish controlled private Bank of England is quite deliberately holding interest rates at near zero per cent because to announce to the British tax payer the cost of servicing a debt of two trillion pounds would be a staggering experience for them.  Just one per cent  would be in the order of two-hundred-billion pounds every six months.  (Please correct my maths if necessary) so to raise interest rates in such circumstances would be disastrous.

It should be noted that the first step taken by Adolf Hitler on being elected in Germany was to cancel Germany’s debt with these same banking families, perhaps it is time that the rest of us did the same thing.





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