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What’s In a Word? Well Rather A Lot Apparently.


I recently  posted Enoch Powell’s  “Rivers of Blood” speech, in which it was pointed out that the reference to the rivers of blood was in fact a quotation and was in no way inferring that there would be rivers of blood in the  UK.  It was called the most frequently misquoted phrase in political history.  Well I believe that real holder of this distinction must surely be this misquote:


They have not changed over the years, they were deeply involved in both of the previous World Wars and they are still lying to the British cannon fodder as they stoke up the third one.

Cameron is now claiming that the British economy is booming, that it is the fastest growing economy in the industrialised world. That wages are rising faster than inflation and yet, there is still a deficit and  how are they going to sort out this deficit? With deeper and deeper cuts and a continuation of the austerity measures of course.

Despite this boom, there is an inflation rate of one per cent, how can that be? What are the British doing with all this extra cash in their pockets? Why are prices dropping into the deflation zone if there is so much money sloshing around?

Why is the Jew George Osborne claiming to have reduced the deficit by half, while still borrowing billions of pounds annually?  From where is he borrowing this bailout money and why is it necessary if things are so marvellous and with more people than ever in work?  How many more people will have to be in work in order to provide the necessary cash to cover the deficit and how many more still, if he wants to pay off the debt?

George Osborne’s claims are an astonishing catalogue of lies. He is in the act of paying at least fifty billion pounds a year, straight into the pockets of the Central Banking Families,  while the British are dying from the Winter cold and the debt of interest continues to rise despite this poverty, which is a  direct result of the Blackmail of the banking system about which every elected Member of Parliament remains silent.

Not one MP has broken ranks, they are complicit one and all. Most of them are either too stupid to understand the enormity of the fraud which has been in place throughout our lives or they have been warned that to open their mouths is as good as a sentence of death.  Whatever their excuse, it should by now be clear, they are gutless and unwilling to change the status quo, they should be relieved of their well paid jobs as soon as possible.

This bunch of self-seeking, inept prats who are totally unaware of the actualities of “real” life, were today handed yet another atrocity, by which to be appalled, by a member of Ukip, who referred to a “Gay man” whatever that may be, as a “poof,” which does not sound too bad to me, if we are living in an era when a bunch of chums which includes, Paddies, Taffies, Jocks, Cockneys and Scousers can not go for a Chinky when the Pubs shut without being taken to task by smug little prats on LBC.

To be told that every China-man living in the UK will feel mortally wounded by being told what had passed between a group of friends, about which they would have had no idea, had it not been broadcasted by this sanctimonious piece of crap, to quite deliberately create controversy.  He is the “real” purveyor of Politically incorrect language, not a group of friends having a private conversation which was surreptitiously recorded.

I was myself appalled recently by having to listen to yet another Professional Footballer, complaining about being forced to play the beautiful game in two countries, where it is still frowned upon, to poke your willy up your friends bum.

Considering the number of drugs and what have you, involved in the relaxing of the muscles of the rectum, in order to facilitate the passage of your member into the bum of your chum, I am more than surprised that the practice is not banned throughout the Word Cup, whether it be in Russia or Qatar.

Speaking for myself, I have no problem whatsoever with the little foibles of  folk and how they get their rocks off.  However having on many occasions been the target of what were once called “Queers” mainly because of the danger they posed to young boys, I find it odd that despite all of the evidence that predatory men are still stalking the streets, just as they did when my friends and I were being hunted, they must now be referred to as paedophiles, or indeed Nonce, to cover up for the fact that they are “Gay.” Despite being a handsome young chap, I was never hunted down on the way home from the dance, by an older woman.

In my time, I have witnessed the darker side of the Gay community, which is a long, long way from the Gay Lovers, getting married and hopefully living happily ever after. The dark side involved “straight” University students hanging around in specific places, waiting for elderly rich men, sitting in their limousines, looking for a nice young chap, whom they would choose to go for a fifteen minute drive to a back street for a bit of furtive sex, to help pay for their education.

This routine came to a disastrous end when AIDS popped up out of nowhere and youngsters started to catch diseases.

One evening, I needed to make an urgent telephone call and there was nowhere open where I could buy a telephone card.  I saw all of the cars with people sat in them, and I thought they may be able to change a note for cash to pay for the phone call. I walked, in  all innocence, to a car and tapped on the window. The fellow in the car shook his head  and made a few gestures with his hands. I waved a note at  him and asked loudly for change. He eventually wound down the window and said, “Look, I am not here for that, I am waiting for my wife.” At which point it dawned on me what was going on.

In the UK at this moment there would appear to be a huge number of predatory rich men who have a liking for young boys, just as they did in my day.

Prime Ministers of this same UK have been implicated in the murder of youngsters and the buggering of an unknown number of others, which does not appear to have appalled the establishment to any great degree.

A recent Prime Minister, who was known as Miranda, was on two occasions arrested, while in drag, loitering outside of public toilets. Why does LBC not discuss this sort of thing, why pick on Ukip?

A high flying MPs was arrested and questioned by Police, who saw a naked young boy run screaming from the home of this MP. Why has he never been outed?

The murders of three young boys who disappeared in the same vicinity are now being investigated by the Police, why now, are the perpetrators dead?

Half of the British Cabinet was allegedly involved in the slaughter of a group sixteen children, which included young boys who had been forced to take part in sex acts with these politicians and other high-ranking “Gays.”

All of these activities, though known to the police, were ignored and some were covered up with a D Notice.

So instead of the whole establishment throwing their hands up in horror, at the mention of the word “poof” it might be better if they did not cover up for the “paedophile poofs” who may have been supplying young boys to be abused by the “Super Rich” and maybe used as sacrifices after they had served their purpose.

Never mind, while they are presenting the word “poof” as the lead story in the News, it saves them from having to mention the on-coming financial crash, which may take us into World War Three.

I was absolutely astonished to hear the News presenter on Sky News warning me that the man on LBC Radio, in the sound clip which he was about to play,  would actually use the “word” and that it may upset me.  We truly are in the Twilight Zone.





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