A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.


The Dragon Family Are Sprinkling Magic Dust. I Hope.

I happened to see a clip of “Riverdance in China” over Christmas.  Most of you will be aware that Riverdance is a celebration of Irish music and dance, which was founded by Michael Flatley. So imagine my surprise when I saw a group of Black people taking part in the show.

Speaking for myself, should I have bought a ticket to watch a group of Africans performing a war dance or fertility rite dance, only to find the ranks of Zulus’ packed with White Irish men, I would be just a little bit brassed-off, so why should the Irish Traditions fall foul of some sort of Political Correctness, in denial of its own special form of culture?

We have all become so accustomed to reports of the evils of White European Man and we and only we are obliged to give up not only our colour but our culture and we fail to grasp that “we” are not the only band of scum on this planet. We have simply been led to believe that we are.

Who could believe,  that in the USA,  where the News is dominated by cries for the “Rights of Blacks” that White miscreants are several times more likely to be shot and killed by police than are Blacks?

There are far more Blacks involved in violent crimes than Whites, yet despite this a White criminal is several times more likely to be shot dead by police than a Black criminal.

White women are more than a thousand times more likely to be raped by a Black man than a Black woman by a White man.

During the so-called liberation of France American GI’s raped 1,000’s of women.  To quieten the uproar of the people the US Military executed 130 men for rape and murder, most of them Black.

So this Black attitude to rape in not a totally new phenomenon, so why do we hear so little about it?

Why are the barbaric acts of Black youth’s, including Gang Rape, Torture,  Murder and Dismemberment of Whites never reported on the British News?

Wherever you look these days, White European Man and his Muslim counterpart, are nothing more than sitting ducks.  We are both expected to carry the can for the crimes of people who will, when necessary, simply wipe us out, while we stand by watching them do it.

As a White Man, I could not imagine myself, had I been born in an Asian or African country, either demanding a part in their celebration of their special culture, or accepting such a role should it be offered.  We all know our origins.

Yesterday, I listened to a debate on Russia Today, between a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority and a Jewess of Eastern European origin, who was an absolute and total liar.

There is no other way of describing her diatribe about the Eastern European Jews’ “Right” to steal Palestine from those who had been living there since long before the time of Christ, the founder of a religion which had been followed by her ancestors, for centuries, before being told to become Jews by their King,  idiotically claiming Palestine to be Khazar Jews ancestral homeland.

Neither the Palestinian or indeed the animator from RT, questioned this false claim.  A claim which is used as the justification for a “Genocide” which has been ongoing for the last 65 years or more, by a group of filth, which cut its teeth in Russia and Germany, where they wiped out at least 90 million Christian souls, without compunction.

These deaths were not even “civilised” executions, they involved torture of the most heinous nature, under orders from whomsoever controlled those “puppets” like Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

It is sad to relate, that despite all of the weird tales of Hitler and the Nazis, these murders were actually carried out by “Our Boys.” The biggest victims of WW2 were the German people. The treatment of German Prisoners of War in the hands of the allies, was a long way from what was going on in Colditz Castle, believe me.

This is called “softening up” I believe. One can only wonder, how this animal treats his wife, or is she perhaps proud of her man?

Perhaps if women showed no interest in marrying this type of Military scum, the scum, might perhaps choose another occupation.  I have heard it said that the only thing that interests a man is how to get a woman, a woman, who apparently regards this type of “real man” as a trophy, will suffice, I suppose.

The Government of the UK is one of the most corrupt governments in the world and it has held this distinction for Centuries.  Just to emphasise the point, during World War Two, “Our British Boys” during a short period of time,  bombed, killed and maimed, more French people than there had been British people killed by German Bombs throughout the entire war and the “Blitz.”

As they advanced across France, after D Day, they levelled town after town, leaving hundreds of thousands of French people homeless.

It could be argued that the French had it coming as they had allowed themselves to be used as the excuse to kick off the war in the first place, so why should they get off scot-free?

 It is difficult to imagine the anguish of poor Churchill, when in order to hide the fact that the Enigma Code had been cracked, he was obliged to leave the people of Coventry at the mercy of German bombers, without warning them of the event which was on its way, when to warn them would have alerted the Germans to the fact that the code was broken.

However he could console himself at a later date in the war, when he had the satisfaction of starving millions of Bengali to death,  when in a fit of altruism he unnecessarily stole their crops to feed “Our Boys,” who were on their way to kill those other victims of Zion, the Japanese.

Churchill, who really was a Jew, his mother was a Jew, which is how this strange religion is passed through the family.  It has never been too clear as to in which  particular Gene this Religion is embedded but no matter, anyway Churchill can be allowed a certain amount of  self-satisfaction knowing that he managed to out-do the score of the Swedish Jew, Eisenhower, who managed to starve a mere million and a half German POW’s to death in his Rhine Meadows Death Camps. They must both, of course, cede the trophy of the most bestial mass killer in history to their chum Joe Stalin.

There are those who make excuses for the behaviour of these people, claiming that war can do this to you etc. all of which is total crap, because all of these wars were illegal and unnecessary and were carried out in the name greed, avarice, jealousy and spite.

A professional army is nothing more than a gang of thugs. In a genuine war, fought against an attack on your own homeland, every man and woman must do the maximum to defend their homes and family, however it has been a long, long time since the British were involved in such a defensive war. British wars have never been anything other than a form of pillaging and rape since 1066.

When they were actually invaded by the Dutch Jews, in the 17th Century,  they did not even notice the event.

Even today, wherever there is the slightest possibility of a bit of slaughter, the British are always first in line, to dish it out, legal or otherwise, right now they are gagging to destroy Syria.

For the past two hundred years or more the Jewish/British Empire has strutted across the world, murdering the weak and innocent with a cynicism beyond belief, while presenting themselves as benefactors.

The British people, for their part,  have prostrated themselves before these swine, for whom they are nothing more than cannon fodder, proud of all their carnage, despite the growing number of legless men who return from the Battle-Fields.

The British,  along with the other member states of the European Union, stood by watching as their industrial base was ripped out and transplanted to those States which call themselves the BRICS.

We are now being conditioned into believing that these BRICS are setting up a brand new financial system, which will release us from the stranglehold of usury and a debt laden banking system.

So why should this be happening at a time when NATO, which is the “Killing Machine” of the Jewish controlled United Nations, is attempting to trap Russia into a war over Ukraine and Syria?  Why should this all this be going on even as we are being fed an Eastern fable?

A carefully prepared tale of an altruistic group of Asian families, “The Dragon Family” who have laid a fiendish trap for Rothschild’s Bank of International Settlements, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, is slowly being released, part of it through Benjamin Fulford, often described as a crank, an interesting one nevertheless.

The tale involves Government debt, which is held by China, Russia, Germany and Japan, which is now in the hands of the Dragon Family; how that came about is not too clear, however it is being suggested that they have used a mixture of Bonds and derivatives to manipulate a coup d’etat against the Federal Reserve, taking control of the issuance of US debt bonds.

There is a Court Case in the offing, involving  all sorts of interesting crooks including   the Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the “Trilateral Trillium Tripartite Gold Commission,” and the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Plaintiff Neil Keenan claims he was entrusted in 2009 with the financial instruments — which included U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds with a combined face value of $19 billion, and one U.S. “Kennedy” bond with a face value of $1 billion — by an entity called the Dragon Family, which is a group of several wealthy and secretive Asian families.”

Keenan is hoping to loosen the grip of the Central Banking Families on the World Financial System, all of which sounds just a little bit hazy, when just by chance we have the BRICS waiting to install something different but similar.


I find it so strange to have such a surfeit of altruists queuing up to save us, anyway I offer you Benjamin Fulford.


If you cannot be bothered to listen to the entire interview with Benjamin Fulford,  at least listen to the last 8 minutes.




5 responses

  1. Amanda

    You are ridiculous. Riverdance does not sell tickets based on the fact that their dancers are in fact Irish. Maybe it would shock you to know that this past year, at the World Championships in London (wow, not even held in Ireland!) there were 11 American winners. Eleven Americans that were better than any dancer from Ireland in their age group. Americans with strong Italian, French, and Spanish genes. And yes, a black American has won before. He is a hell of a dancer, and I would rather see him do Irish dance any day than to see someone else simply because they are white. And for the record, no Michael Flatley did not found Riverdance. Yes he was the male lead, but you need to get your facts straight. You disgust me with your racist ideas, and then you go off on a tangent that doesn’t fit into what you started with. How can anyone follow your train of thought?


    January 2, 2015 at 01:07

    • Well thank you for your comment. I am not racist and should I have gone off at a tangent it could be because it was not a post devoted to racism, it is what is referred to as an aside. You however chose to receive a remark about preserving an idea of Irishness as no more than a question who could copy a style of dance better than an Irishman. You failed to add your opinion about Black Zulu dancers I see. Perhaps you could let us know your opinion about White men parading around in the middle of a group of Blacks or should they “BlackUp” perhaps?
      I think you might find very quickly that the attitude of people such as your cosy liberal self would be a whole lot different to that. Which is the actual point of my post, which you apparently failed to grasp.
      Like all of your ilk you attempt to turn everything with which you disagree into a question of racism or a deep seated hatred of something or other, however you would never think of addressing these same slurs towards other races, they are all, of course, “better” than “whites” and would have no complaint about the Irish taking control of their culture simply because a few Irishmen may be better at beating on the “Tom-Tom” or whatever.
      By the way, who did found Riverdance if it was not Flatley?


      January 2, 2015 at 08:36

  2. I suggest the white scum of Britain are created by foreigners, such as royals who intermarried who came from other royal sources such as France, Germany and so on, this in effect was all part of a way of oppressing the what was left or known as the native population or those who had been in the locality of Britain for a considerable time, in this way the foreign Royals were detached from the now conquered population and as such had a free reign on brutality and cruelty, such as the Marble Arch public hangings, their are to many examples of hatred to highlight examples, this foreign legion, now able to create wars such as WW1/2, and the financiers whose culture enjoyed the proceeds of war finance, I am sure you understand eno, what I mean, the cruelty was so extensive that the ruling class could enjoy the servitude of the main population and had no problem in sending these people to their death in wars and at home, in fact would have a perversity in enjoying this, so the aristocracy created sub clans such as lower class and middle class, predominately and their were other small classes outside this category, such as priests, artists and so on, but in the main this was it, this division is of course still in tack, whereby the lower class are regarded as worthless to have opinions as they are regarded as low class scum, the other side of the coin is the lower classes also are a problem if they are unable to emancipate themselves from the straight jacket they have been endowed with, the most frightening thing for establishment is a working class individual who not only gets it but becomes working against the system of the oppressors, having said that it is significant that these people are not in great enough numbers to be at present a threat to the main structure of the political system, which is fortunate for the controlling elite such as the Rothschilds and that group who control media, politicians, education of the formal kind, sort of brick in the wall? police, banking, style, historical interpretation, consumption, social morality, and virtually all of what culture is for the benefit to indoctrinate you, so the system can use you for the idea of say freedom whilst at the same time keep your mind locked up, as a analogy, insects that keep insects alive whilst they suck the living juices out of you whilst you are still alive a refrigerated corpse alive and dead.


    January 1, 2015 at 00:32

  3. Don

    The Dragon family sounds interesting, something akin to Flemming’s Dr. No. Speaking of James Bond, I note there are calls in Britain for the next Bond to be played by a Black man.

    Perhaps then, when they come to make a film biopic on Dr. Martin Luther King the lead part could be given to Daniel Craig? I also reckon Mel Gibson would also make an excellent Nelson Mandela don’t you?


    December 31, 2014 at 12:02

    • What sort of person are you to suggest such things? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. In all seriousness Don there is something very strange going on.
      Happy New Year.


      December 31, 2014 at 13:48

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