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Will Prince Andrew Get The Ched Evans Treatment? Ha! Ha!

Prince Andrews friendship with the man who enjoys the occasional “Plate Job,” has already forced him to resign from his job as a British Trade Envoy.  It has now led him into even deeper waters, for an alleged offence  far more serious and worrying than was that of Ched Evans, a British Footballer, whom has had his career destroyed and his name scandalised by British Feminists, for an event, for which there had not even been a complaint made by the alleged victim. Evans was sentenced to five years in prison.

Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s chum,  was given a sentence of a mere eighteen months for crimes far more serious than the alleged crime of Ched Evans, but then Epstein is a billionaire, with contacts to the best known family of perverts on the planet.

The Palace has denied the claims but then they would.

Ched Evans has today been offered a position in Malta, the Prime Minister of Malta, no less, has waded into the debate, warning the manager of the Football Club which has ofered the player a second chance, to be careful, as footballers are “role models” for the young.  What exactly is the role of “Princes of the Realm?”  and should repeat offenders such as Prince Andrew be given unlimited chances?



One response

  1. Don

    ‘Prince’ Andrew epitomises everything that decent people despise. Imagine being expected to address this man as ‘your highness, your excellency’ or any other such sycophantic term! Nobility indeed!


    January 3, 2015 at 12:58

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