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An Early Observation On The Charlie Hebdo Atrocity In Paris.

The media is describing the vicious attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, as a reprisal because of the publishing of cartoons which were considered to be discourteous to the Prophet Mohamed.

Should one of you decide to take revenge for this blasphemous act, from where would you find two or maybe, three men, trained according to the Sky News expert, Sam Kiley, to a military level, expert in the use of their Kalashnikov and cool enough to stroll around the offices of Charlie Hebdo, asking for directions to the senior members of the staff,  by name, killing a dozen of them and then leaving the building, pausing long enough to finish off a wounded policeman before making their escape.  I suggest that it would not be easy.

This caper has the aroma of an attempt being made to stir up trouble. Why if it was a terrorist attack, was it not carried out against the “real” enemy, the Military or the Government which has ordered the crimes which have been carried out against the Muslim World?

Picking on Charlie Hebdo would have been the last target in the mind of real terrorists but the first in the minds of Agents of one sort or another intent on stirring up mischief, making use of Charlie Hebdo’s notoriety. I am still to be convinced that there is any such well organised Muslim Terrorist organisation in existence.

I await with bated breath to find out if,  as with the chosen “Patsy” in the Toulouse attacks a while back,  these men will also be tracked down to a flat somewhere, surrounded and riddled with bullets, denying them the chance to prove their innocence and as to whether they, as was Marat in Toulouse,  working for French Intelligence.

We are already hearing the names Al Qaeda and ISIL mentioned as possible culprits, while at the same time being warned to expect to lose some of our freedom for our security and little phrases like “Home Grown Terrorists” or “Returning Jihadists” being dropped into the mix.  Thankfully the police are telling us that they have “A lot of leads.” a phrase which means that the perpetrators may well have been on “The Watch List.” Good oh!

Sam Kiley, even as I write, is explaining how this could be Al Qaeda from the Arabian Gulf or indeed any one of the affiliates of the CIA controlled group, which could of course include Mossad, a Jewish terrorist group which would be well pleased with an upsurge in measures against Muslims in France, while Gaza is pushing to join the International Criminal Court in order to charge the Apartheid, Racist State of Israel with War Crimes.

The Jewish controlled media in Europe would never mention any possibility of that nature, however likely it maybe.

Rushdie, he of the Satanic Verses, is calling for resistance against this attack on Freedom of Expression, while skulking somewhere in the country which censored Press TV.  Nothing like a bit of hypocrisy to warm us up on a cold afternoon.

“The threat to the lives of journalists, who are doing no more than informing their readers of world events has got to be tackled.”

Sky News tells us.  Is that so?

Well I have just listened to a journalist, who without a shred of evidence, has mentioned the names of at least half a dozen “Muslim” terrorist groups, some of which he knows full well, because it is common knowledge, are being funded by Saudi Arabia and when they are wounded,  hospitalised in Israel or Turkey and are trained by MI6 and Mossad in Jordan. So why does he implicate Muslims and not the Mercenaries who are paid by the UK, Saudi Arabia, France and the US,  who are the real culprits?  Is that not what a “Real Journalist” would attempt to do?

Make no mistake about it these folk do not report News, they are pushing an agenda.  Which is why more and more journalists are being targeted, not for telling the truth but for their lies.

Which is why Charlie Hebdo was not a legitimate target because they at least attempted to expose the hypocrisy in the Western Media. However, sadly not the crimes of Israel.

Incredible Update:  French Police have just announced that one of the brothers, implicated in the shootings at the Charlie Hebdo office, “dropped” his identity card in the getaway car!

What an amazing coincidence, that having pulled the names of two men out of thin air, along with that of a boy, who was actually at school at the time of the attack, their wild guess should be corroborated by this Identity Card. Despite the fact that they had announced three killers as if that had been the number they had been expecting.

Some time back, when Charlie Hebdo announced that they would not be cowed into refusing to publish the cartoons ridiculing the Prophet, I applauded the stance which they had taken in the name of “Free Speech” and “Press Freedom.”  I did however suggest that they should reinforcing this fight for Liberty, by questioning the reality of the Holocaust at the same time.  Sadly they did not take up my suggestion.  Make of that what you will.

Charlie Hebdo, does however, work closely with “Liberation”  which is the Communist newspaper owned by Rothschild.

Update.. Friday 9th.


I have just watched the end of two police sieges in and around Paris, in which the alleged perpetrators of the slayings at the office of Charlie Hebdo and their alleged accomplices, who were alleged to have killed a police woman in another incident, have all been dealt with, not without injury to the hostages who were being held, four of whom are believed to have been killed.

While watching the conclusion of the two incidents, which involved an enormous number of para-military police, with the assistance of helicopters and hi-tech equipment of all sorts, I find it necessary once again, in order to maintain a fair coverage of these events,  to remind ourselves that it was the aggressive behaviour of France, in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali and Central Africa, which generated the reason for this carnage in Paris.

Needless to say it is France which is presenting itself as the victim of “terrorism” while the illegal and unjustifiable attacks and slaughter of Muslims during the last ten years is never mentioned by these hypocrites, who describe their reportage as fair and unbiased.

These victims, both hostages and the warriors, who had the courage to take on the might of France, who were somebody’s children after all,  have died as a result of  French aggression against the Muslim world and France’s lack of action against Israel, where the root of all of the turmoil in the Middle is to be found.

The dead men, we are being informed,in a  puzzling manner, were trained by Anwar Al-Awlaki, an agent of the CIA controlled Al Qaeda, in the Arabian Gulf.  Should this be so, they were actually working for the French. Or maybe Sky News has not been informed that this information is now freely available.

However as it turns out, all of the accused were known to the police and the notion that they had need of an Identity Card, which one of the Military Trained gunmen “accidentally dropped” in a get-a-way car,  to track them down is a nonsense.

This would in fact suggest that the Intelligence Agencies either had received word that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was being planned and allowed it to continue or they had a hand in setting it up and as usual the alleged perpetrators are now dead and will never have a chance to speak up in their own defence.

Had these attacks been out of the blue, it would have taken days or even weeks to track down the perpetrators.  There is no way the police could possibly have tracked them down within hours. To have done so is a sure sign of prior knowledge of some sort.



21 responses

  1. Don

    The liberal ‘talking heads’ that are always trotted out on such TV panels espouse the same opinions over here. I speak from experience when I say that I had to leave the town of my birth after it became unrecognisable due to mass immigration. Yet they would mark me a racist for such comments.

    I, like many Britons, do not wish to live submerged in a wholly alien culture, nor were we ever consulted on the matter. In my home town drug dealing and sex attacks on young white girls increased dramatically. Hostile glares from Muslim youths as one simply walks down your own street became the norm. The liberal talking heads do not experience this, as their homes in the leafy suburbs remain unaffected.

    Neither has there been any background checks done on the mass influx, and consequently there are individual criminals among the many immigrants who have lived incredibly violent lives in their country of origin, and that ethos is now imported to ours.

    I say these thing fully aware of the current zionist agenda to demonise all muslims, and I state simply the facts as I have witnessed them first hand. The blame for this however, I lay squarely at the feet of our politicians and those very talking heads who expect to collapse our nations from within, yet somehow survive the outcome. They won’t!


    January 8, 2015 at 11:02

    • Don

      Isn’t it ironic that an attack on a satirical magazine has itself an element of satire?

      What a stroke of luck that terrorist leaving his ID in the back of a getaway car! Kind of reminds us of Mohammed Atta’s flame proof passport on 911 doesn’t it. If I recall from the Paris video the attackers were wearing hoods and boiler suits? Very professional. I imagine the prelude to their militarily precise attack must have gone something like this;

      Guns: Check.
      Ammo: Check
      Masks: Check
      Boiler suits: Check

      “Now as with all special op’s procedure empty your pockets lads, we don’t want you carrying any incriminating evidence should you be captured”

      “Ok Boss. I do have this photo ID card that, knowing in advance what was planned for today, I still happened to bring along with me this morning, – but I’ll just fling it on the back seat of the getaway car for now eh? What could go wrong?”


      January 8, 2015 at 14:35

      • On 911 it wasn’t only the pass-port, don’t forget the only suitcase which was not loaded onto the air-craft with the bombers was theirs, with all their papers safely inside.
        They’ve even found photos of this pair which makes me wonder, that if they have an identity card and photos, maybe thay’ve had the two lads in custody waiting to slaughter them.
        It’s all very much like I said about Toulouse. They claimed to have tracked him down from an email to somebody or other with spares for a scooter which was the same make as was his.


        January 8, 2015 at 15:48

    • Europe is on the skids Don. We can’t undo the damage, it’s too far gone. They say that the next generation of “Boat People” will be from the US.
      StormFront seem to have the rightn idea, set up a white homeland, maybe the Irish would be interested.


      January 8, 2015 at 15:52

      • Don

        These events are doubly tragic. If they are a false flag then the tragedy is that we live in a time of universal deceit, where innocent people are killed as if pawns in a government game. On the other hand if this is a genuine revenge attack, then the tragedy is that people are killed by those driven to carry out this sort of act.

        As you said earlier in response to another poster, being paranoid doesn’t always mean there’s nobody out to get you, and in the same vein by our suspecting a false flag attack doesn’t mean there aren’t Muslims out there who are equally willing to do such things.

        Where do these retaliators get their guns and military training I wonder?


        How did it happen? It’s a pity the French do not have one of the premier counter-terrorist, paramilitary police sections in the world on constant standby in the immediate vicinity of central Paris.

        Or imagine if they had have been recently put in a high state of alert so as many, many armed troops were frequenting all public places so as to ‘keep the general population safe’.

        Imagine having trained snipers, hardened combatants and a multitude of rapid response options, including airborne assault at your disposal to deal with any threat across your capital. Oh yes, of course…. they do! The G.I.G.N.

        So how is it that yesterday the killers were able to escape?

        Because, let’s face it – you would be hard pushed to completely disappear out of central Paris after fucking off without paying for your petrol, let alone going on a shooting spree. Were those men cornered and killed today one and the same as those who melted away yesterday? I suppose, as usual, we will never know because we cannot trust our own media to tell us the truth.


        January 9, 2015 at 18:59

        • You’ve covered pretty much everything there Don apart from the fact that they were warned about this attack and like the US on 911 chose to ignore it. This has gone exactly as I suggested it would.
          I have been trying to avoid the “false flag” claim because that has become something to sneer at along with Conspiracy Theory. However I am fully convinced that like a “Patsy” in Toulouse, where even the victims, the Jewish ones that is, vanished, buried in Israel we were told and the selected patsy shot dead as were the two men today.
          Did you notice how these “Military Supermen” were snuffed out like a candle this afternoon?


          January 9, 2015 at 19:33

        • One can only ask the question as to whether he had two bullets in his head. The whole business is fishy Don. I was out working all day today and I was asking all of my Muslim colleagues about this rubbish, every single one of them insisted that “real” Muslims would have never carried out a killing such as this.
          Mossad was the word I heard the most frequently.
          After they left the scene of the crime, they changed cars for one that was handily parked, with keys, outside the Kosher Delicatessen which was under siege today and they got clean away.


          January 9, 2015 at 19:26

          • Don

            Who administered the single bullet more like. Perhaps he noticed that the getaway car had white mirrors in one video, then black mirrors in another? Or was it the sudden appearance of a training shoe and black cue markers on the road under the car?

            Much is revealed in the video an Israeli journalist just happened to be in a position to film.

            They aren’t very good at this sort of thing are they?


            January 10, 2015 at 14:45

            • It doesn’t seem to matter what they do or how they do it Don, it’s all just lapped up by the dead in the heads. They are expecting a million people to turn out in Paris tomorrow, to mourn the deaths of a group of provocateurs, what I am trying to find out is who was warned not to turn up for the News Conference because there were a whole load of Jews working for Charlie. Some of the dead are Jews, that is ithey are actually dead.
              We have still not seen any sign of a connection between the two masked men and the two brothers who are supposedly dead in the Print Shop. The Black who shot the cop was said to be about 52 years old. The Black who was killed looks in his 30’s.
              The whole thing is a farce. I’ve been trying to see if the guy who picked up the shoe was missing a shoe but it’s not too clear.


              January 10, 2015 at 14:56

  2. Taylor Osborne

    Hopefully I’m not one of those masochists who tries to make sense of your blog. I appreciate your historical knowledge and perspective, even if I do not always share the same view. Likely you’ve been following this new world order longer than I’ve been alive. Have you ever happened upon Rabbi Antelmans books ‘To Eleminate the Opiate’? What is your perspective of the Donmeh, crypto-zionism? How prevalent do you imagine this to be today? Did you see Fitna, the Submission and what are your thoughts on the death of Theo Van Gogh? Warmly


    January 8, 2015 at 01:35

    • Hello Taylor. First thing, we are involved in quite simple exercise, the only thing which makes it difficult is the laborious task of making people face up to their situation.
      I am quite sure that you will have already discovered as much as I have in far less time.
      I have not read Antelman’s books and I have not spent too much time on the Sabbataians. I have an inner difficulty with Messiahs. They never come alone, there is always an interested party lurking behind them.
      However as to the apparent desire of Jews to slaughter each other, that is a simple one to explain. There are two dominant groups of Jews. The first group being the Biblical Jews, the others Khazars or Ashkenasi.
      These folk come from the Caucasus and are pretty much of the same stock as most Europeans. They are not stupid people and they know full well that they are not real Jews and certainly not Semitic.
      They have been preparing the ground for the invasion of Palestine for generations. When they kicked off the Great War, part of the plan was to destroy the Ottoman Empire and with it the cohesion of the Middle East. My cointention is that down through the ages, these Khazar Jews have been eliminating the opposition as it were.
      Having taken control of Israel, they irradiated 120,000 Sephardic children, leaving them sick and sterilised. There are now very few Hebraic Jews left in Palestine, I believe the largest population is to be found in Iran. I am sure that you will be aware that attempts are being made to connect Shabbetai Tzvi with the Rothschild family, along with all of the others like Adolf Hitler, That is no more than speculation, the Rothschild’s’ have already succeeded in slaughtering unknown millions of Christians to the point where we are in retreat and they are at this moment making gallant efforts to destroy Islam.
      Shabbetai Tzvi was himself a Turkish Jew, which places him no more than a stones throw from the Caucasus, the home territory of the Khazars, so it is possible that he was part of the upsurge in the illegal use of Usury Banking which blossomed in Germany, Holland and England in the 17th Century, I believe his family was involved with the British.
      The crypto Jews have control of Turkey at this very moment. Erdogan is a Jew, he calls himself a Zionist but he is a Jew and like the “Royals” in the Middle East he is wholly controlled from the City of London. What other reason could he have for attempting to destroy Syria?
      Theo van Gogh is a difficult one. I’m sure he did his research before writing his book, sadly it was about Muslims. As with the attacks in Paris, there has as yet been no evidence produced linking Muslims to the attack. It could well have been Muslims, however the News Channels did not wait for that evidence. They simply did what they did on 911, they claimed it was Muslims from the outset and yet there has never been an enquiry and no evidence has ever been produced linking the attack to Osama Bin Laden or anybody else.
      I understand that in Israel Jewish mens treatment of their wives is far more extreme than is that of Muslim men and yet we hear nothing from that source.
      In response to another comment on the difficulty of speaking out truthfully after all the claims which have been made about Charlie Hebdo’s courage in publishing caricatures of Mohamed, I mentioned how difficult it is in France to speak out against the Jewish Holocaust, I’m sure you can recall Dieudonne and his quenelle and all the crap that generated. You must also be aware that the first person to be gaoled for questioning the holocaust was a Frenchman, Faurisson.
      So you see it is all very selective. France has been paying the group that the two men who are being hunted in Paris, were fighting with.
      Where were the French people a few weeks ago when Gaza was pummelled and 2000 Semitic Muslims were murdered?
      None of that justifies Van Gogh’s killing, his intentions were good and could in no way be called an an attack on Islam it was a geste to assist the well-being of women and no more. I will watch Fitna tonight. Well that made me work. Thanks for the comment.


      January 8, 2015 at 15:34

      • Taylor Osborne

        In regard to Hitler, I wouldn’t fall for such lies. You’ve enlightened me to the state of Weimar prior to this controversial figure ascending to power. The reason I bring up house of Saud, is that being crypto, would the zionists be responsible for the plummeting oil? Imagine being a Moslem walking by these rags on the daily. This is not even subtle!


        January 9, 2015 at 02:17

        • Taylor Osborne

          Faurisson, I’m aware of as well. Interesting, isn’t it? I could say brutal things about christians though. I imagine the jews are already watching me. I’ve developed a confusing rhetoric, sometimes things just slip out. If I do slip and hit my head, these things happen.


          January 9, 2015 at 02:41

          • Taylor Osborne

            Over on the economist I believe it was, someone brought up that quote “nationalism is the last refuge of scoundrels” in regard to it’s rise and I wonder if this is appropriate to imply in modern times. The cultural marxists would have me feel ashamed of my heritage and culture yet I hardly feel any. If anything, I feel as if I’ve suffered a lifelong deprivation of any national identity and I’m forever greatful that my grandparents are still alive to recently reconnect me with it. They mentioned ‘le suicide francais’ over on takimag and if my second language is not so rusty, I may one day undertake the endeavour. Happy New Year. I really enjoy your blog and admire your courage. Maybe one day If im to educate myself more on the subject, I will follow in your foot steps. Although expensive, I wonder if printing and distributing collected articles would be a good idea or a death wish. Cheers


            January 9, 2015 at 03:00

            • In the United Kngdom, the English have always been confused about their identity. If asked his nationality an Englishman, nine out of ten times will say British, a Scotsman will tell you out right he is Scottish. If asked if he supports the “unmentionable” English football team in the World Cup, he will say I support anyone but the English unless the final is England/Germany. The Irish and Welsh the same thing.
              People understand, somewhere deep inside that it is the English who have surrendered to the Elite controllers in the City of London. Most Englishmen cannot even put a name to their misgivings about the control that England has been imposing over the “United” Kingdom but they know, having seen what was done in the Welsh Valleys and the Scottish Highlands, that something is not right.
              Your idea about “flyers” is a good one. I started off pinning things to notice boards in Health Food Stores.
              There are two things you need to be careful about, be sure of the company you are in before you ever mention Hitler or the Holocaust, most people are not even prepared to listen, they have been totally brainwashed. Je Suis Charlie is a farce, just a couple of days ago a Muslim scholar was trying to convince me that Hitler was evil and that he was a Rothschild bastard. My stock response to that was, “So Rothschild funded the Holocaust?” Without hesitation he he agreed, so you see even Muslims in France are confused, a friend, who was with me asked him about the Battalion of Muslims who fought bravely alongside Hitler, to which he had no good answer, unless he called the Muslims traitors.
              As is the way with these things this I believe was already in my mailbox at the same time as I was replying to your questions, “synchronicity?”

              Click here to read, “Pentagon Warns Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Be Rothschild’s Greater Khazarian Empire!”…

              The link should take you to “Before It’s News, I’m sure you will find it interesting, I did. I’m not too good with links. Hope to hear from you again. I notice the link has repeated itself, not sure why, Hope it works.


              January 13, 2015 at 09:18

        • I believe a lot of the people in the Gulf States have come to understand that it is the Saudis who are laundering the oney to finance the terrorism. They paid for the nineteen stooges who are supposed to have carried ut 911. Did you notice how the Charlie Hebdo attackers were all well-known to French Intelligence? As were Atta and the boys oin 911, some of whom were actually living on Military bases. On 7-7 the same, one of the lads had even been given a tour of the Hoses of Parliament by his local MP, such is the depth of corruption in the British Government.
          When I watched all of those ghouls, walking arm in arm in Paris, calling out for Freedom of Speech and Expression, in a country where you go straight to gaol, without even the right to present a defence, if you question the holocaust, and they were mostly Jews from all across Europe, it made me angry, when as you say, should you or I open our mouths it will be the Jewish Defence League who come after us not Muslims.


          January 13, 2015 at 09:42

  3. Hi eno, your commentary is the first blog to mention this incident I have come across, why is it not out their on many blogs? I saw live footage at around 2AM, a hour or so after the incident, in which the footage showed the policeman on the pavement move and shot dead at blank range, this when it hit the ABC morning show was blocked, as we Australians are so sensitive to anything unpleasant that we have to have censorship from at those unpleasantries, because of the Australian guilt of cries against the native population that resides within the psyche of Australians, could well bring back flash backs of that which we desire to bury within time and to intermarry so it all guess? disappears, To get back to this incident, I thought the same it is a inside job, not so much in terms of the Surete, but a group infiltrated by the Surete, to do the dirty work, most likely conned in to it by the boat people who are in the vicinity of the now suspect area, North East France, I say this as the ploice would know how the publishing offices are laid out, and to ask where the CEOs and the board is , reminds one of Mumbai, as you know there are many reasons why police are the main suspects of terrorism, to integrate a nation against terror, when the system is set up for the rich becoming richer and in particular money to be made by police, military and production of military items, this keeps the minds of Mr Average off who the real enemy is, it s your MPs, financiers and so on its all become so simple to analyze what was once baffling.


    January 8, 2015 at 00:07

    • And of course Gaza and the International Criminal Court has vanished from the News.
      I’m always wary of attacks like this one which do nothing in favour of our Muslim friends and puts us under even stricter control.


      January 8, 2015 at 16:01

  4. Don

    Something doesn’t add up does it?

    I’ve just watched the (unblurred) video online where an injured Policeman was supposedly shot in the head at point blank range by a ‘terrorist’ using an AK47. Anyone familiar with ballistics or flow dynamics would immediately notice something wasn’t quite right with that?

    No blood, no damage to the skull, no involuntary jerking of the body as the projectile hit. Very odd. Compare that to a water melon shot by an AK47 not at point blank range.

    By the way, hats off to the person with the video camera who manages to film murder and mayhem from their upper floor window without so much as a shaking hand. Not sure I’d have done the same faced with three masked men armed with AK47s.


    January 7, 2015 at 18:55

    • Don you would not believe how bad things are down here in France. I have just watched a discussion between an author who as just written a book called “The Suicide of France” It was the author against a panel of three “Liberals” who were all out of the same mould. They refused to accept that there was already an excess of immigrants in France. That there were large areas of Cities and towns which had already been Islamised because the immigrants chased French people out of the area through fear. They finally picked him up over some remark he had made about the Vichy Government and Petain,in response to a book written by an American who claimed that Petain was the ultimate expression of evil because of what he had done to the Jews. The writer asked what exactly did he do to the Jews as 90% of them survived the war. His interlocutor, a Jew of course, continued to howl at him “Are you saying that Petain was not the ultimate evil?”
      Folk are in total denial Don.
      The killings in Toulouse were carried out by a man on a motorbike, with a full face mask. He was apparently working for the French Intelligence service. He was interrogated and paid for a recent job just before the killings in Toulouse, he was never identified by anyone and he was simply slaughtered in his flat, when the police broke in and thrown out of an upstairs window. The Cops claimed that he jumped and he was still firing at them as he fell.
      One policeman was injured during the attack, shot by a colleague whose gun went off accidentally. I am expecting a similar finale this time.

      I’ve just had a look at the Melon and the Policeman. I see what you mean. It was the same thing with Gunner Rigby, head chopped off, killers hands drenched in blood but not a trace on the road.
      Sandy Hook the same thing 50 litres of blood slopping around and not a trace of it and nobody was paid to clean it up; We live in wonderful times.


      January 7, 2015 at 19:52

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