A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Summing Up I Am Charlie.

When the owner of a filling station saw the two men, whom were alleged to have attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo,  we were told that he had recognised them from a police description.

Unlike most people who had been confronted by the men, he did not mistake them for policemen. Does that mean that they were still wearing their kagools and police style overalls or did he recognise them from a description of their armaments which they had left strewn on the back seat of the car in plain view, or from the photographs which had been rapidly posted on TV?

It must be remembered that nobody had actually seen the faces of the two accused, in order to compare them with the images of two brothers which had been presented to the Press.

By presenting these images, for which they had no proof to support their claims, the police were letting the brothers know that they had been selected as the “Patsies.”

After the bombs had been exploded during the Boston Marathon, the US Police actually phoned the two accused boys to let them know that they were coming for them, causing the boys to try and find shelter and a means of protesting against the accusations.

Boston went into lock-down and a form of Martial Law was enforced. When the boys were finally tracked down, one of them was killed and the other locked up and there has still  been no evidence produced connecting them to the crime, that is if there had in fact been any crime.

We now have a similar situation here in France. The similarity in the chain of events is so similar to my own list of how the saga would proceed, as to be a mockery of what has been presented as having been discovered in short order by the French police.

These two men could have stopped in the centre of any town and taken hostages or simply carried out another slaughter, whatever but no, they chose an Industrial Zone on the edge of town, giving the RAID the possibility of using helicopters to fly in the heavy mob and the possibility of evacuating all of the workers in the surrounding workshops, they then ran out of their refuge into a hail of police gunfire and that was the end of them.




I doubt if we will ever be presented with visual evidence of the dead men or indeed any convincing evidence of their presence at the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

We are not even sure that the two dead men are the brothers alleged to have carried out the crime and yet for the past two days, we have been barraged with tales  of “Muslim terrorism”  and the Trial by the Media of two brothers who had been accused without a trace of evidence apart that is from an Identity Card “dropped” in their car, after a terrorist attack.

When we are told that the two masked men told passers-by, that they were Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf and cried out “Allahu Akba, We have revenged the Prophet” and stuff like that, it is clear that they trying to advertise the fact that they were Muslims.  Why?


It would seem to me, that had the masked men gone to the trouble of telling everyone they met, that they were from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf, or ISIL in Iraq, while insisting that they wanted to die, why would they be wearing their kagools? and hours later, having driven hundreds of miles, they still insisted on hiding their identity, to what purpose other than to conceal the fact that they were not who they claimed to be.

In all of these capers, the  security forces need an unmistakeable connection to the “patsies” otherwise how would they know where to start the investigation?

In London on 7-7 the same ruse was employed,  however the alleged identification of one of the London”patsies” presumably in pieces, having been blown apart by a back-pack bomb, could hardly have been genetically tested and the identity of the corpse be tracked down to a youngster from the north of England, without another example from the actual person to test it against.

Any doubts which rested in my head about what was actually going on, came to a sudden end when I was this morning told that apparently “I am a Jew” now, by the Jewish controlled French Government.

Well I will stand erect and tell the whole-wide-world, that I am not a Jew and will never consider what has happened to a couple of Jews in  Paris, if indeed there have actually been any Jewish deaths, in any way comparable with what the Jews have been doing to SEMITIC Muslim people in Gaza and Palestine.

What was the purpose of the French Resistance, of which the French are so proud?  Did they not fight against the Germans? Did the French not declare the war against Germany? Do the French believe that they have the right to resist, while the Muslims, who have been invaded by the French and occupied for generations,  and held in the state of poverty, which forced them to emigrate to France in the first place, have no right of resistance?

These people who are out in their droves, were sadly occupied at home while the vicious, murderous attack against Gaza was taking place, an illegal “War Crime” which this same Jewish controlled French Government, along with the Jewish controlled British Government referred to as a defensive measure.

They will be today be standing next to War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu; who ordered the attack on Gaza, to emphasise the  criminality of the recently gunned down, Muslims,  whom they have decided without any form of investigation to be guilty and to turn this into a Crime Against Jews.

This whole charade is nothing more than a monumental example of total hypocrisy by a group of War Criminals, in a country which still gaols anyone who dares to speak out against the claims of the Jews, while today they are all Charlie without a care for the fact that “the  Charlie,” many of whom were of course Jews themselves  and  like the rest of the so-called “free press” which they claim as their RIGHT, in a land of liberty, never exposed the lies  of Israel.

This grand march in Paris is nothing more than yet another slap in the face of the French Muslim Community.  What are the Muslim people expected to say, when on a daily basis the can see that ISIL is working for the furtherance of the West. There is not an Arab in France who is not aware of this.  One after the other, they tell me that Muslims would not behave in that manner.

They watched as France, under the Jew Sarkozy, destroyed Libya.  They know that the Arab Spring was a Jewish event in order to kick off  the destruction of Libya and Syria.  They are aware that there is an attempt being made to stoke up Civil unrest in France. They are not stupid.

There was not a trace of animosity against the Muslims, where I spent the day on Friday.  There was very little conversation about the events in Paris.  Most people are just a shade uncomfortable, they know in their hearts that the Muslim World is being used,  for an as yet unknown future event.

While watching the thousands of police, with hundreds of vehicles, helicopters flying overhead, I spotted this character and he was not the only Cop who was dressed in this manner. Who would have noticed, had the Kouachi brothers or whoever was behind the kagools, walked out of the Print Shop, along with others dressed like this fellow?  The more I think about it!!!


What we have just witnessed, over the last couple of days, could have been a clip from a film, with a cast of thousands. It was quite hard to understand why these thousands of men were necessary to track down a couple of villains, if it was not to display the Muslim people in a bad light and of course emphasising that they are cruel,  while the real ghouls chum up together, with pained looks on their faces, as if they give a damn.

The hyperbole which is being used by the ranks of the “Free Press” has been a scandal.  There is no other word for it.  Should evidence which presents this huge production as nothing more than a farce, it could well turn out bad for the French establishment.

I have spent the last two days working on this post, however I will have stop right now as I have just received the message which tells me that I am out of  connection time. I cannot even upload the videos which I have spent hours preparing for nothing.




15 responses

  1. Don

    As always innocent or ignorant, we the general public will be the ones to suffer the consequences of our leaders deceit. How sad this life has become, when the potential exists for all to live well, and in peace.

    This is a time for calm heads to prevail.


    January 12, 2015 at 18:35

    • Sadly Don the average man in the street wallows in the bravado of conquest. Everything is a competition these days and the only way people know how to sort out a problem is to fight over it.
      I lived through the bullshit about Powells “Rivers of Blood” and even when I was a youngster I understood that his remark was not about Birmingham, just as John Lennon had an ironic tone in his voice when he made his remark about Jesus.
      I have been absolutely staggered by the garbage which I have heard these past few days. All the talk about disenfranchised Muslim youth and having to explain to them that they must not allow themselves to be upset when the Prophet is ridiculed and all that crap and not a word about the millions of Muslims France has helped to slaughter during the past ten years. No offer of an apology for what they committed in Algeria, where the Kouachi brothers come from, most probably they are Harki who were obliged to leave Algeria because their Father worked for the French.
      All of the Red White and Blue countries have brought us to this and like you say we are about to carry the can.
      I’ve just posted a clip of the ultimate in hypocrisy Hollande a 33% mason is talking about the Illuminati being responsible and not Muslims, for recent terrorism, when he is a member of Weishaupt’s Grand Orient.


      January 12, 2015 at 22:27

    • Our leaders do not care other than making money for themselves, they are concerned about their status and having a good time for themselves, other than that its all a game of what they think privately and their public image, and remember those with a conscience will likely end up solitary and will be ostracised and become a outsider with few choices, whereas if you join in the throng of Making It, and get your Alpha Romeo, you get the accoutrements with it like a cool chick.
      The formula is not hard to grasp, humans are pretty basic stuff, few are dedicated to a higher vision, and if they are will be punished.


      January 13, 2015 at 01:57

  2. If all or most terrorist activity is the work of the Colonists underground police for keeping in essence the mass population under control, and the terrorist’s actually get in to a momentum that eventually gets out of control? meaning it starts as a program to manipulate the masses into subversiveness of fear, and become’s no longer controlled by organizations such as MI5/6, who work for the Rothschilds, then the movie becomes the reality.
    If the so called terrorists were to use say a AK47 against a peace full demonstration that is no longer conducted by the police, this could become quickly a out of hand situation, if we took into account all those who are outside the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group, to say those who are lower working class and the nuts, and all the third world joining in on the destruction of what we now call civilization, then rightfully as we hear on the media, the terrorism brings people together? if terror is joining people as a bonding agent surely we have to be thankful for terrorism? that out of terror good comes? should we as responsible citizens encourage terrorists as a unifying agent?
    In the 60s Bertram Russell, could only muster 250 thousand people to march for peace, if one million can now march for terror surely we are going in the right direction of violence on a scale never known before including all those who have been excused from terror such as the royals who would not be fighting on the Western Front, can now all become included as a part in the ritual acts of terror? a sort of bonding of the Royals with commoners, in a common purpose of the reason to live?


    January 11, 2015 at 23:20

    • Take a look at the “real” Bertrand Russell Don, he worked for Rothschild and he was the man, who said “If all other means of wiping them out fails we must use the needle” he was no man of peace he was a piece of shit.


      January 12, 2015 at 09:23

  3. Don

    Did this event take place in Colorado or Paris?

    I don’t know about ‘I am Charlie’, but it appears the Mainstream media intend to take us for, to use a British colloquialism: ‘A right Charlie’


    January 11, 2015 at 19:21

    • Don something has happened to my computer and it will not record images, but I’ve got one of some Jew, talking about her daddy being killed and you could not tell her from one of the crisis actors at Sandy Hook. Her daddy was 81 so I an more than certain he is already home in Israel along with Madoff.


      January 11, 2015 at 21:14

      • Don

        It’s very poor journalism at best, deceit at worst.

        The image shows the exact same shop window used by the MSM as evidence of a bombing in Colorado and the hostage situation in Paris. Just as the image of the child known as Noah Pozner was used for both Sandy Hook and a recent tragedy in Asia.

        Are they lazy, or stupid I wonder? Or is it just the general public they think stupid?

        This is what we are seeing on the streets of our capital city now Eno. Vigilantes would be the term used by police and government to describe them, were this to be attempted by any other group of people.



        January 12, 2015 at 10:23

        • There are strenuous attempts being made on the alternative media to present this charade in Paris as being a”real” event. A Jew on the radio this morning in Paris, presented the Muslims as crazies who are bent on provoking a genocide against Jews and they have to be stopped. Not a word about Israel who provoked all of this terror in 1948 when they banished Muslims from their own home in Palestine, turning what was a relatively peaceful area where Jews and Arabs lived together with no problem into hell on Earth.
          The Jews in London would do well to face up to the fact that London is swamped with Muslims because of all the Jewish wars in the Middle East and the Maghreb. Perhaps they should all pop off to Israel if they really believe that to be their ancestral home.
          Don have you got a link to the videos showing the marks on the road in two different places and the shoe under the car on one and not the other. I was sent a link which sent me round in circles.


          January 12, 2015 at 12:28

          • Don

            I don’t have a link Eno sorry. Once the videos began to get analysed they pulled them down pretty quickly.

            I was reading the comments of Richard Perle this morning, he of PNAC. Who said;

            “France has gotten out of hand over time because the government has allowed certain Muslim communities to operate with their own laws. It’s happened gradually over time, and it’s now at the point where the police and the civil authorities in France and some other places simply don’t know how cope with it,”

            I agree Richard, and it’s the same in Britain. It was sold to us as multiculturalism. Are we now to arrest and charge those politicians responsible for implementing this idea? They were repeatedly warned of the likely consequences, but responded instead with nasty slurs. Surely they had a duty of care to the public?

            He also states that;

            “It’s not acceptable to have a separate and violent culture in the midst of an open and democratic society.”

            Does this Include those using a private militia of security vehicles in London?


            January 12, 2015 at 15:28

            • Enoch Powell warned us of this a long time ago. Perle was one of the authors of this rubbish, the Jews used exactly the same stunt to out-vote the Palestinians. The Hindus tried to take over Fiji using the same system. I have been warning my Muslim friends to be careful because if Civil unrest becomes a reality, they cannot win, it will be a bloodbath and the most likely outcome in France or in England will be the setting up of Muslim Territories, in a form of Balkanisation.


              January 12, 2015 at 17:46

            • If the Muslim community copulated enough to have a program of large families, in a century or so could have a formidable population and with infiltration, become a force deternined to change Britain into a place you or I would no longer recognize.
              Besides Britain and its loss of identity, here we must also take on board the way the elite of the deciders of fate, in terms of our history had the benefit of overseas resources and either did not care about the legacy of future generations or lacked vision of our future demise.


              January 13, 2015 at 01:41

            • The Jewish/British Empire invented regional genocide and now they are simply brining it on home to the UK. The Jewish/French Empire did the same thing and so did Holland and Belgium and now they’re all in the same boat. The Jews, who forever call themselves Jews are using the Muslims who also refer to themselves by their religion are doing the business of the Jews across Europe.


              January 13, 2015 at 08:35

        • Palestinians need a equivalent of the Shomrim patrol car in Israel.


          January 13, 2015 at 01:20

          • If they had it they would be called Racist Thugs. Only Jews can pull the necessary strings to get away with that. Look what they did to Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin bullshit.


            January 13, 2015 at 08:38

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