A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The March of the Marionettes.

AA Photo ParisHeads of state attend the solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris

Here we have two photographs of the same scene, one being the reality of  the set-up of a fake and the other as it was presented to the world. You can be forgiven for thinking and believing that this was at the head of the Greatest Manipulation and Deceit of People in Modern Times, the transformation of a false flag event into the excuse to continue the demonisation of the Muslim people and to once more present the Jews as the one and only “real” victims on Planet Earth, which was supported by millions.

Here we have all of the Masters of Terror, grouped together, along with the Kosher Butcher of Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu, stoking up trouble for the Muslim Community, who are in fact so innocent that the NATO countries and the Jewish Royal Families of the Middle East and the Gulf States are obliged to carry out False Flag attacks themselves, having failed to provoke the Muslim Community into any form of retaliation.

Why, for example, in the midst of the cries of non-integration, which are levelled at the Muslims, have the four dead Jews, from the Kosher Deli, already been sent off to Israel to be buried, do they not consider themselves to be French or perhaps there are no dead Jews.

It must be remembered, that we have as yet not been presented with any images of the interior of the Charlie Hebdo Office, it was in all probability,  as was the pavement where the token Muslim Cop was shot, bloodless.

As is the way with these events, like strange episode in Toulouse, where the “patsy” was gunned down in cold blood, when it would have been a simple matter to wait until he surrendered, which in normal circumstances, when there are no lives at risk, is the favoured policy but when the Security Forces are dealing with “Patsies,” well they have to be shut up, Oswald style, to prevent them speaking out in their own defence. The same thing happened to the “Patsies” on 7-7 in London. This is the way that these folk who believe in the Freedom of Speech, gag it when it suits.

The Jewish victims of the Toulouse attack  as were the Jews in Paris, sent to Israel, despite also being French. Something about this trend will not rest easy in my head.  Why do these people not choose Poland or Belarus as their final resting place, they have no history in Palestine. The Toulouse alleged killer, like the Koachi brothers was never seen without his mask.

To emphasise my point, of the hypocrisy of the Charlie Hebdo, claim to “free speech”  the French Authorities have already arrested dozens of those whom have expressed an opinion which does not coincide with the Government line, which has claimed such comments to be an unacceptable support for terrorism.

This event in Paris is doing nothing to combat terrorism, in fact all of the Kosher Butchers are present, the one they call Porky from Ukraine the new Bolshevik thug on the block, Cameron, Hollande, Netanyahu, Merkel, murderers one and all, laughing up their collective sleeves at the stupidity of the massed ranks of French Moutons and all the other Sheep from across Europe,  all of them being used, by the real hypocritical, lying terrorists, whom launched this war against terrorism, meaning against Muslims, coldly and deliberately after the Mossad attack on the World Trade Centre.

The Jewish ghoul Cameron, who ordered British killers to bomb Libya into the Dark Ages, is now promising the British people many years of war in order to destroy the very people he has helped to force out of their own countries into the UK. An act which of course does not create any resentment in the people it has most affected.

I wonder how some of those who marched in France might feel, should they discover mass graves, all across France, of innocent French People, murdered and decapitated, by thugs being paid with funds from the UK, Saudi Arabia, US and Israel, should a couple of Frenchmen disgusted with these walk into an Al Jazeera office and kill a dozen of those whom had been presenting French Catholics as animals?

In view of what has been happening since the False Flag on 911, I can feel only pity for those so stupid as to feel sympathy for a couple of Jews, allegedly killed in Paris, while either unaware of or are choosing to ignore the massive slaughter which which is ongoing in their name in the Middle East, while at the same time ignoring their own gory past in Africa.

This whole affair has been hi-jacked by the jackals who are responsible for all of the current world-wide terrorism. Who else has the necessary cash to finance Al Qaeda, Boko Harom, ISIS and Al Nusra etc, groups which are one and all working for the Queens Shilling and mostly communicate with each other in English.

Sadly, this grand presentation of sympathy, is no more than an example of the power of lies and deception, which was initiated by some sort of attack against a Comic Cut Magazine, which was kept afloat by the French Intelligent Forces.   An event which was itself  so full of inconsistencies as to be laughable, it included several takes, by the strategically placed cameraman, whom was forced to request that a stationary car be moved slightly forward for the selected take, of the film which was most certainly not made on a day which included normal traffic flow.

The accused, having swapped their get-a-way car, after carefully leaving an identity card on the seat, they collected a second car, which was waiting for them outside of  the Kosher Deli, with the keys in the ignition,  went for a drive around the region, explaining to all and sundry that they were Al Qaeda from the Arabian Gulf. Allahu Akba.  We have avenged the Prophet.  We have no fear of death.  They then chose to die without putting up a fight against the massed ranks of “Sitting Duck” columns of cops.

Just when you think that things could get no worse, we have the Jewish Oligarchs clamouring to finance five million copies of Charlie Hebdo, a magazine renowned for its lack of circulation, ensuring that the whole wide world gets the message,  “Blasphemy is Cool” in France as long as it is against Muslims. Would we have such a gathering of “puppets” should it have been a magazine presenting a heretical view of the holocaust?

The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls, when Catholics protested against a blasphemous piece of theatre Golgotta Picnic, Valls supported the theatre in the name of Free Speech, when Dieudonné’s “quenelle” became the mode Valls vowed to consider whatever it took to ban Dieudonné’s public performances because of his unacceptable and insufferable mention of the holocaust. I think that sums up the attitude of the French to the idea of “Free Speech.”

It is probable that the French Government were themselves taken by surprise by this attack and were forced to go along with it once it had kicked off.  Netanyahu forced his way into the event despite being snubbed by Hollande and the whole charade knocked the breaking story of Elite paedophiles, including Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew right off of the front pages.


To cement the fear of Muslims firmly into our heads, we are now being led to believe that the last words of the pilot before the Air Asia airliner crashed into the ocean was,  Allahu Akba, well they would say that wouldn’t they? Back in the day, the pilot would no doubt have shouted, No Surrender!


In the above clip I suppose you heard the whistle telling them when to start and stop, in fact the whole charade was no more than a united attack against their victims, the Muslim Peoples of the World.   Shame on those who gave this bunch of scum support and Abbas, you are a waste of time and your  Palestinian people will never forgive you.



2 responses

  1. From a circulation of 60 thousand to more than 6 million copies, published in several languages, although money made is in part compensation? with this cash flow you will never know who gets the money? the patsy set up could be a exercise that those behind it will never be known.


    January 15, 2015 at 23:25

    • The world s a racket Don they never miss an opportunity to make a killing. This rubbish is already changing hands at £700 a time on E Bay.


      January 16, 2015 at 08:36

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