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Winston Churchill? Ah Yes, Winston Churchill.

This is the “great” speech, which it was claimed had turned the “Yes” vote to “No” when it was delivered by this man Cameron, who has apparently left his teeth in the bathroom,  just before the Referendum for Scottish Independence. It would most certainly not have changed my voting  intentions.  However I have dug this out in order to compare it later on, with one of Churchill’s game changing wonder speeches, which apparently inspired the British people to fight a second Jewish World War in the space of little more than twenty years.




This weekend we are remembering the death of Winston Churchill, who is considered to be the greatest of all Englishmen.  Well apart from the fact that he does not have much serious opposition, it would be well worth while to cast an objective eye over his achievements and failures.

The above clip illustrates one of Churchill’s early cock-ups, when in 1912 he meddled with the Police and Military operation, to capture the Anarchists/Communist/Burglars, in the Siege of Sidney Street. He was severely criticised for his interference in the event later in Parliament. It was felt that his actions had been responsible for the deaths which had occurred during the siege.

Not too long after this episode, The City of London brought us the Great War which set about the carve-up of Europe and the Ottoman Empire. All of which played its part in concealing the Jewish Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia.

Churchill’s part in all of this, was the organisation of the catastrophic campaign in the Dardanelles, in which he fed the cream of  Australian and New Zealand youth into the jaws of the Jew Kamel Ataturk’s artillery  during the epic battle at Gallipoli.

Attaturk and the so-called Young Turks, all of them Jews, went on to carry out the Armenian genocide, while Churchill faded from the British Political scene.

Little was heard from Churchill, a man whom was detested by the Irish and the Welsh and little trusted by the English, until the plot to destroy Germany and seize Palestine, once again reared its head.

When Neville Chamberlain  returned from his mission to hold talks with Hitler in an effort to avoid war, as he thought, he was greeted with cries of appeasement and of surrendering to the will of Hitler, when he had in fact reached an equitable arrangement with the Germans, by whom he was assured had no intentions of seizing any part of Europe.

Hitler had assured Chamberlain that his sole intention had been to protect the Ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and Danzig, from the vicious attacks, by Bolshevik trained and armed, Jewish gangs from Poland, having been urged to do so by the British Foreign Secretary the Jew Anthony Eden.

Hitler was unaware of the underhanded deal between the Poles, French and the British, to declare war on Germany should he dare to cross into Polish territory. He was in fact stabbed in the back by the British.

Chamberlain was quickly forced out of power in Britain as was his counterpart Bonnet in France, for refusing to go along with another secret deal, which would cede Eastern Europe to the Jewish, Bolshevik, murdering madman, Joseph Stalin, in return for his help in the destruction of Germany.

At this point Churchill, who was just a teeny bit of a pervert, who liked a bit of horseplay and gambling, had run up a fair sized debt, which he found himself unable to honour, the promise of financial help from Bernard Baruch, by whom he had long been influenced, saw him pulled out of obscurity and given the task of rubber stamping Britain into a catastrophic war.

Once the war had been successfully provoked by the Jewish controlled British and French Governments, Churchill, having sorted out his financial difficulties with Bernard Baruch, retired to his foxhole with an ample supply of Brandy and spent most of the war in a drunken stupor. He made the occasional appearance to deliver one of his “stirring speeches,” which captivated the British people.

While he was making this one I think it is fair to say that he was as pissed as a newt, or maybe like Cameron, he had forgotten his dentures.


3 responses

  1. Les

    In keeping with the British policy of starving to death millions of people used before in Ireland and Germany Churchill also did that in regards to India – http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8241


    February 2, 2015 at 03:26

  2. If Turkey controlled Palestine and overthrown by the British? both countries being aligned to a Jewish take over? if Attaturk was Jewish why did he not settle the Jews in to Palestine or was this not the same vision as the British deal? Jewish money for WW2, in exchange for a foothold in Palestine? to the eventual destruction of Palestinians and land.


    January 25, 2015 at 10:23

    • Attaturk was bringing down the Ottoman Empire, which led on to the British taking control of the Middle East, with the help of Lawrence of Arabia and all of that romantic twaddle.
      The deal over Palestine was in return for bringing the USA into the Great War, when the Germans had fought the rest of Europe to a standstill. Germany had already won the war in real terms, the British were being destroyed.
      The same deal was carried out in WW2, when Hitler had actually whipped Russia and it was with the aid of the USAF that Stalin managed to drive the Germans back.
      It’s always the same underhanded deal, during the Six Day War in the Middle East, USAF pilots helped the Jews to destroy all the air power of the countries around Israel in an unprovoked War Crime.


      January 25, 2015 at 10:58

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