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The Mass Deception Of The British And The Deepest, Darkest, Secret Of World War Two.

churchill and stalin 2

There are no folk on planet earth, whom have been more brutally and successfully, brainwashed than have been the British.


They are today re-celebrating the funeral of Winston Churchill, the most popular and greatest of all Jewish/ British politicians. These sentiments, which surge through the emotions of the remaining few Britons, whom lived through the “War Years,”  are, sadly,  all based on a tissue of lies and deceit.

The British are even now awaiting  the release of the Chilcot Inquiry report, which will deliver no more than a pack of lies, to conceal the mendacity of  those whom actually control the British Parliament, concerning the illegal attack on Iraq. The “truth” would bring the people out in the streets, or so it is claimed.

Should a similar inquiry, have been conducted into the illegal war against Germany in 1939, it would have uncovered a similar massive deception,  which resulted in an estimated 100 million casualties and the banishing of Eastern Europe into the claws of the Bolshevik Jews, by whom the Christians were systematically slaughtered, with the full knowledge of the British and whom then provided the necessary means for the slaughter of Palestine.


churchill and stalin

So having just celebrated the lies surrounding the creation of the Jewish claim to their status as The Most Pathetic Victims in History, having of course kicked off the war against Germany in 1933, the British are now paying homage to Churchill.

march-24-1933-daily-express-judea-declares-war-on-germany 1

(Take note, in the above front page from the Daily Express, that as early as 1933, just as Hitler was elected, long before there was any evidence of any National Socialist intention of a move against the Jewish Bankers, who had taken control of Germany during the Weimar Republic, in anticipation of their future intent, the Jews declared a punitive round of sanctions against the new regime.)

During this war of annihilation against the German people, in the words of the Jewish President of the US  Franklin “Delano” Roosevelt,  a co-conspirator in the war against Germany, which he  had forced upon the people of the US, while hiding behind a barrage of lies, described Churchill, on many occasions as “That drunken Bum.”

The Jewish/Bolshevik approach was at a far more basic level,

“Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!” – Ilya Ehrenburg Stalin’s Jewish propagandist for genocide.

Just after the end of hostilities, that same “Drunken Bum” admitted to the new President of the US, Harry Truman, in front of whom “the buck stops” that; 

  “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.” – Winston Churchill to Truman (Fulton, USA March 1946)

The slaughter of  100,000,000 innocent people was a price worth paying, in order to ensure our freedom,  freedom of which the Germans were jealous, or am I confusing that with the sentiments used as jusrification of another British War?

“This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” – Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

Strangely, the Chilcot Inquiry has just been fed the exact, same excuses as justification for the illegal war against Iraq. This is referred to as “not repeating the same mistakes.

The British people were never in any real danger of invasion by the Germans and in reality, the French people suffered more casualties from the “friendly fire” of the Americans than did the British people at the hands of the Germans.

What is more, the imposition of stringent rationing in the UK,  was yet another deception.  There may have been shortages of certain items, however the idea that British farmers could not produce, at least the bare minimum of staple foodstuffs for the British people is a lie.

There was at no time any shortage of fruit and vegetables, nor of meat and fish, in the UK and let us not forget, verdant  Ireland was just across the water.   This rationing was imposed as just another element of control in the grotesque campaign to instil an enduring hatred of the German people and an excuse for the continuation of the Jewish/British grip on World Trade, which was in danger of being usurped by the industrious Germans.

Churchill’s comment that “History would be kind to him,” was based on the fact that the victors write history.  This is why we hear very little of the War Crimes of the Allies, which surpassed anything which can be laid at the door of Hitler.

It was also a ploy to hide the names of those whom had actually taken control of the war, the real demons behind the curtain, who presented Churchill as the sole mastermind and as the “Man Who Saved the World,” ensuring that if anything went wrong, he could carry the can.

The British claims to have “won the war” is a total nonsense, there was virtually no war in Europe apart from that which arrived on D-Day.  Europe had not been laid to waste by Hitler, it was the Allies whom had seen to that.

The British claim was allowed to go uncontested so as to conceal the reality of the plot which included Russia, a plot which the British Prime Minister of the day, Neville Chamberlain refused to go along with.  He was quickly ousted from his position as Prime Minister, having been smeared as an “appeaser” and he “died” quite soon after that, so as is usual in these things, he was never allowed to contest this accusation.

It has also never been explained to the British as to how they found themselves fighting on the same side as the greatest mass murderers in history and no explanation whatsoever for the donation of most of Eastern Europe into the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Where was Churchill   while all of this was being arranged and who actually did the deal, which decided the grim future for Hungary, Czechoslovakia and other States, without any consultation whatsoever and  included in this grim deal was Poland, the very State for whose freedom the war had been fought,  was he asleep at Yalta or simply drunk?

As for  Concentration Camps, the British were still starving Irish people to death, in Concentration Camps, thirty years after the war, those whom had been rounded up for no better reason, other than for being Catholic and Irish, whom  were held and tortured, without trial, for longer periods, in  Camps, than many Jews had endured under Hitler. In the words of the great Irish comedian Frank Carson, “It’s the way you tell ’em.”

So all in all, the tripe which has been spouted, by the front-men of the Elite, whether of the Shoah or the antics of Churchill, are part of the need to continue the protracted deception of the British and European Peoples. An element which has been a continuous feature in the lives of every living European, explaining the guilt of Germany and of the innocence of those whom later facilitated and financed the continuing Genocide in Palestine, for which, in part, World War Two provide the excuse.

Where were the British, when this holocaust was being played out?  Where was the great humanitarian Churchill in 1947, so soon after he had saved Europe and the Jews?  Not a squeak from the “Drunken Bum.”

What are we to assume from this apparent acceptance of Jewish savagery?  Churchill described himself as a Zionist, so was he unaware of the aims of the Zionists, or was he no more than what he appeared to be a “Drunken Bum” or was he an insider furthering the aims of the Zionists, who were intent on retrieving control of  Germany, which had been snatched from their grasp by Hitler and were greedily, gagging to seize total control of the Oil in the Middle East?

Whatever the truth may be, one thing is certain, to this day the thugs who were responsible for the deaths of millions in Russia, Bengal, Germany, China and Japan, still live in total fear of Adolf Hitler and his “economic miracle.”

In order to nullify the efficacy of Hitler’s solution, which could do the same for the rest of the world, which is still suffering from the results of yet another Jewish banking system, controlled collapse, as was Germany, when Hitler came to power.

However in order to avoid this eventuality, Hitler’s name and the pride of the German people has been ground down incessantly, by scum, who will find no place in hell,  who know that the solution to our current parlous state is well-known and could,  rapidly be installed.

Instead, they are sadly, more concerned with provoking yet another huge war, this time using Putin as the scapegoat, after which they will recover Russia, which will basically give them control of all of the important elements on the Planet.

All of this, they will watch from their foxholes, as they jeeringly sing their favourite hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” as we obediently do their dirty work.

There is one great World War Two mystery remaining,  which continually nags away in my head and that is, why did Hitler send Rudolf Hess to the UK?

There have been many attempts made to explain this conundrum,  none of them have been accepted as being the actual reason for his  flight.

I have in past posts postulated that having spotted Stalin’s troops massed on the Polish border, Hitler sent Hess to ask the British to lend a hand against this “Communist Menace” believing that aim to be of more importance than a stupid skirmish over Poland.

That was before it became clear that Stalin had already been given an assurance by the British  American and French governments,  all of them controlled by Jews,  that they would cede the control of Eastern Europe to the Jewish Bolshevik Politburo in Russia, in return for his assistance against Hitler.

We have been educated to believe that Hitler attacked Russia in a fit of insanity, when his megalomaniac tendency had got out of hand.  We have never been allowed access to the information which discloses the plot between all of the Allied powers, including Stalin’s Russia, to work together, to destroy Hitler and Germany, in order to eliminate a stumbling block to their ultimate aim, the seizure of all of Europe.

I have now come to the conclusion that Hitler, having already warned the British of the approach of the Russians, remained unaware of the intended, Jewish/British duplicity and was enticed into an agreement with the British, whereby they would come to his aid against Stalin, a promise which they had no intention of honouring, which lead to Germany standing alone against the might of the whole world.

A few weeks after the flight of Hess in a Messerschmitt  110, from which he parachuted, while over the UK,  Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, against the Russians.  It would be stupid to claim that there had been no connection between these two events.

Should it ever be made public that Hitler’s attack against Russia had been engineered by the British, who had already made plans with Russia as to how a defeated Europe would be divided, Britain’s self satisfaction at having defeated Hitler,  and the aggrandisement of their chosen “Drunken Bum” puppet to the dizzy heights and  the accolades of “Saviour of the World”  it would leave a slightly sour taste in the mouths of the duped British public.

This was in fact the only way in which the British, whom had never fought against an equal foe in hundreds of years,  could lay claim to having beaten Hitler, when it was in fact achieved with the aid of the swarming hordes  from Siberia and the United States Air Force, which bombed the Germans into retreat, from Russia.

The very same USAF which would destroy the military of all the major Middle Eastern States in 1967 to assist the same Jewish Bolsheviks to install Greater Israel on stolen land.

It is this collusion between the Free World and the so-called evil dictatorship of Bolshevik Russia, which should be of interest to all of us,  as it very quickly led on to the Cold War, as soon as the war-time co-operation had served its purpose. So what exactly was the Cold War?






5 responses

  1. Les

    1939 The War That Had Many Fathers by Gerd Schultze Rhonhof is a book which objectively looks at all the countries involved in the lead up to the conflict. The author states that after Poland surrendered in 1939 the British government asked Stalin to change sides and go to war against Germany. This was a mere 2 months after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact which divided Poland between Germany and the USSR. So it looks as though a UK-Soviet alliance was always on the cards. Churchill also wrote to Stalin in 1940 after France surrendered asking the Soviet Union to come into the war on the British side.


    February 7, 2015 at 14:44

  2. Jamie Wade

    Dear Sir, Having read your latest news letter with great interest, as always. I wanted to ask your opinion or at least give you something else to research in relation to Hitler agreeing a deal with Britain for the invasion of Russia and their help. Like myself have you ever connected the fact hat Germany basically let Britain and her army go free at Dunkirk in 1940? Having along with the French had the defeated the British, quickly and quick easily ending up at Dunkirk with Panzer divisions simply waiting to go in and finish the job. Only to be told that it would be taken care of by the Luftwaffe! I have read many reports from soldiers, especially Panzer Tank aces who couldn’t understand why they was not allowed to finish the job and the British army in the same manner they had done the previous months at the start of the war. We hear of the great miracle that 320,000 British troops were saved on the beaches at Dunkirk with little loss and I fro one have always questioned, why did the Germans let Britain go and not destroy them at Dunkirk as they had done in the weeks leading up to that point, all be it with a good fight from the British (Both my grandparents included). But Britain was defeated. I think an agreement by Hitler & Churchill was done at this point, before Hess flew to Scotland. Whatever was agreed between Germany & England I believe the deal was to let the British get home. maybe to prepare an army to help fight Russia along with Germany! Either way Hitler was lied to and it is also strange shortly after this his speeches regarding England also changed from one of admiration to that of much dislike of England. It is certainly a massive disbelief how the great German Blitzkrieg simply let the British go and I feel is connected to some kind of deal done between the two countries. It has to be and sadly I’m as baffled as the German Panzer division commanders were in 1940 who were waiting for the order to finish the British off at Dunkirk, but never happened. I hope you do not mind me putting this question to you and would certainly be interested to hear any information you have or may find in the near future. If this is something you have already covered, i apologise and would be grateful for a link to read up on it. I’m in England and I’m sick of the TV this week (Well at least more than usual) it is flooded on every channel with the same BS and now we’ve got Churchill crap on this weekend! Still I guess they need to educate the youngsters now. All the best, Jamie

    Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:44:01 +0000 To: jamiemwade@hotmail.com


    January 31, 2015 at 15:30

    • Hello Jamie, I have no idea why you are apologising, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
      Like you I have wondered about Dunkirk. It is clear that the British Expeditionary Force was demolished by the Germans. I have long thought that Hitler was kind to the British, because he had long been in contact with Anthony Eden, in whom he had confidence.

      It was Eden whom encouraged him to save the Ethnic Germans in Poland who were being massacred by the Jewish controlled Polish Government. This, as you know, was then used as the excuse to declare War.

      My impression was that what had happened in Poland was all over in weeks and that Hitler did not believe that it could possibly be used as an excuse for total war. As you suggest it could well be interpreted to suggest some sort of collusion or a deal, with the British, which is not advisable as they have a certain propensity to talk with a forked tongue.

      As for events at Dunkirk, Hitler as good as wiped out the British, they left millions of tons of armaments on the beaches and left in disarray with their tales between their legs.

      There is another explanation doing the rounds which suggest that the terrain around Dunkirk was a vast bog and that the Germans having achieved their aims were prudently avoiding losing their own tanks in the mire.

      Some time back I suggested that Hitler was a Patsy, who had been duped into certain things, with a guarantee from the British that they would turn a blind eye should he try to recover territory which had been sliced off Germany after The Great War. They used this ploy with Saddam Hussein in Kuwait, which had historically belonged to Iraq.This divide and rule system is never done for no reason, so it is fair to suggest that the Sudetenland was given to Poland to create a flashpoint, which it did.

      There is one other aspect to this mystery, I have always believed that the Germans fought a good war and the idea of going in with tanks and far superior fire-power against sitting ducks on a beach, with no possibility of retreat, did not appeal to the German sense of fair play.

      The Germans had an impeccable record for their treatment of Prisoners of War, unlike the Allies who would not even give the Red Cross access to their prisoners. I came across some accounts of what the British were up to with POW’s recently, and it was shocking. Eisenhower however was on hand to add the Jewish touch to things by starving 1.2 million elderly men and young boys to death in his Rhine Meadows Death Camps.

      Thank you for your comment Jamie. If you hunt around a bit there is a UK site that has just started to present the documents from Bletchley Park, covering Auschwitz and other things I can’t find the link but I believe I found it on the CODOH site, you might find it interesting. The first thing they noticed was the small number of Jews who were actually sent to Auschwitz. See you!

      There is however another tale
      With this in mind he spanked the British and sent them home crying, believing that would put an end to the calls for war.
      He was wrong. The British and their controllers in The City of London had other ideas.

      PS: I have just noticed that this paragraph has been misplaced, I hope the rest still makes sense


      January 31, 2015 at 17:58

  3. You are right, most of the British public having been indoctrinated as a race to what I would say a perfected degree of control that the average British citizen would consider he or she has perfect freewill and they are operating with complete autonomy of existence, this self delusion and the deception that most participate in having to comply within the framework of a cultural ritualization, if at group meetings any one dare attempt to question the group ideology will soon find their way to Coventry, the class system is just one ritual that must be obeyed to death do we part, as long as people feel comfortable within the framework of their existence, what does it matter if their is a sprinkling of hypocrisy, lies, deceit, after all no one is perfect? are they?


    January 31, 2015 at 00:00

    • As far as I can see Don, everything has been manipulated. When you’re a little kid you see things around you and that is as it has always been, to you. You have no way of comparing what you see with what your Father may have seen.
      The big boys depend on this, because it means that you will accept things that a previous generation may have found to be unacceptable, but you wont know why. Do you see what I mean?
      In 1948 friends of my Father were posted to the Middle East, they saw with their own eyes what was going on and they detested the Jews. BY the time that my generation came along, the intensive propaganda had already begun and we all had sympathy for the “bad guys” and not for the people who were actually “Fighting them on the beaches and on the streets, who will never surrender” do you take my meaning? Now how do things go from Churchill’s crap about British resistance, to turning the Palestinians into terrorists? That is a perfect example of manipulation, brainwashing or whatever, so what what else have we been manipulated to accept?


      January 31, 2015 at 09:38

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