A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Where Are The Semites, In The Synagogue or the Mosque?

an image of gaza

The Reverend Stephen Sizer, vicar of Christ Church, in Virginia Water, Surrey, in the Kingdom of Britannia, is being investigated by the  Church of England, of which the Queen is the Spiritual Leader, for the alleged offence of suggesting that Jews were responsible for the attacks on The World Trade Centre in New York,  this has been interpreted as being anti-Semitic and reprehensible particularly in view of the fact that it coincided with Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I kid you not.

To put the crass stupidity of these claims into some sort of context, we must first point out that to be Semitic, one must be a member of a group which speaks a Semitic language as their first language. Semitic has nothing to do with race, country of birth, nor indeed is it a genetic trait.

The people who were actually accused of the attack on the WTC, were in all probability, themselves members of this Semitic language group.  When they were accused of the attack, without any sort of investigation or evidence in support of the claims, plus the fact that the MI6 controlled BBC discovered at least half of the alleged suicide bombers, to be alive and well, many years after the attack, there were no cries of “anti-Semitism” from the likes of the “Holier than thou”  Church of England.

Would anybody from the Diocese of Guildford, care to explain their concern for those towards whom all the evidence of 911 points,  the non-Semitic Jews,  and their lack of concern for the SEMITIC people who were not only falsely accused of the crime but have since suffered more cruelly at the hands of the minions of these false Jews, in the name of this false claim,  than did the non-Semitic Jews during World War Two.

Can we assume from this statement from the Diocese of Guildford, that the Church of  England, when faced with two possible suspects of a crime, are prepared to ignore the apparent innocence of the Mosque and in all circumstances throw their weight and sympathy behind the Synagogue of Satan?

stephen-sizer should be prepared to stand up for his beliefs, he should not allow himself to be flattened by the Jewish money machine.

Rev Stephen Sizer supporting Palestine.

I salute the Vicar for speaking out  but I deplore his forced apology, does this mean, that having seen the truth, he is now prepared to support the lie?

Is he not now prepared to confront the controlled Church of England with its duplicity in the face of the evidence?

The Spirit of Martyrdom would appear to be dead and gone in the  modern Church of England.  Jesus Christ, who was himself a Semite,  would have whipped the Vicar out of the Temple in disgrace.

This morning, on Murnaghan, the flag-ship, Sunday morning “News” programme, on Sky News, I listened to a Jew, who of course had family who been murdered in Auschwitz, they all did you know, express the sentiment, that it was unfair of the Sunday Telegraph, to blame only the National Socialists for the alleged holocaust,  ( there has of course,  as with all of these matters,  been no inquiry into that one either, and no real evidence produced in support of the claims.) he asserted that  all of the German people should be held accountable.

This was allowed to be transmitted on air live, without any time being given for a response to this racist rubbish, so can I now assume that we can slap the same degree of culpability directly onto the non-Semitic, Polish thugs, who were trained by Stalin in Russia, for the long planned invasion and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, in order to provide a platform from which to construct the money lenders dream of Greater(Oil Rich) Israel?

Throughout the morning, Sky News continued their blatant campaign of disinformation and anti-Muslim rubbish, by suggesting that they had seen a video, which showed the be-heading of a Japanese man, by a group of paid thugs who are entering a war zone in the Middle East through Israel and Turkey, with the blessing of both regimes  but were disinclined to allow the rest of us to see this video, just in case we were disturbed by its content.

This is an absolute lie. There is no such video.  We have not seen one head roll throughout this entire campaign of lies and disinformation.  Nor have we seen any of the bodies from the Charlie Hebdo affair.  Bring out your bodies, why don’t you? We can stand a little blood, we see all the blood in Gaza without too much pain.



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