A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Most Brutal Control Us While The Most Stupid Keep Them In Power.

At some point, in the misty depths of the past, human beings, through the use of some sort of genetic manipulation or possibly a sickness, were transformed into subservient, gullible idiots.

Ever since,  the vast majority has allowed itself to be used to further the aims of a tiny number of callous, vicious, psychopathic types who yearn to rule over others.

These “born leaders”  have in past times, as they do now, used the “herd” to further their own interests, without any concern for the suffering it may inflict on others.  The pain of others is “a price worth paying” to further their own aims.

Much worse than that, the herd is led to believe that any particular carnage, in which they are involved, is carried out  for the general “good” and that they are  heroes, despite being up to their knee-caps in the blood of  dead and most prbably innocent enemy.

The readiness of  the herd, to accept the assurances of politicians, who are themselves merely the mouthpieces of a hidden hand, is well-known, as is the quiet eagerness of their women-folk, whom in past times, have been prepared to despatch a White Feather, to those men whom displayed an unwillingness to take part in an illegal attack, against an enemy who posed no threat whatsoever to the “Homeland.”

This is, of course, a disconcerting example of the power which is held over men by the caring, considerate, feeling and ultimately lovable female of the species.

This female representation of all the finest and  purest,  characteristics of the human species, has now “loved” the white race to near extinction, through their personal search for fulfilment, a fulfilment which does not include the continuation of the white race through the expedient of producing enough babies to ensure the continuation of the white race.

During a thirty year period, during the 20th Century, in Europe, the cream of White European manhood was sent to war, for no better reason than to present the opportunity to slaughter, indiscriminately, as many of them as possible.

Both of these World Wars, were turned, quite deliberately, into wars of attrition, by controlled politicians, drawn mainly from the foetid depths of an aristocracy of filth, which has itself now been undermined by another group of even more depraved monsters.

When hostilities ended, in 1945,  50,000 of the gentle, loving ones, dumped their “Tommies” and took their babies with them to greener pastures with GI Joe. Such is life.  While in Germany, the raping continued apace and though many  GI’s were hanged in France for raping and murdering French women, there is no evidence that any action was taken against any GI’s,  for raping German women.

These coalition soldiers, drawn from all of the countries of the old British/Jewish Empire, refer to themselves as the Greatest Generation, yet skulking behind all of this glamorous clap-trap, this is what was really going on.  This clip presents a sanitised version of events.

This “Greatest Generation” should watch this film and feel somewhat ashamed of themselves, that they were duped into taking part in this crime against humanity, by the man who was voted as the Greatest Briton, by his adoring idiots in the UK.

These people are from Hell.   The Germans stood alone against them and 20 million Germans were wiped out. There are few crimes in history comparable to those which were carried out by the coalition, against the German people, during and after WW2.

When the war came to an end, the returning heroes, many of whom had fought in both of the recent wars, men who had been forced to take part in Hunger Marches, in the pre-war years, were faced with an election and for whom did they vote, why for exactly the same people by whom they had been forced to war, the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing,  The Fabian Society, controlled by the very folk who had organised both Wars, now wearing their other hat and calling themselves Socialists or The Labour Party. That sounds like they represent the Prols, does it not?

The women-folk appear to have made little change to the state of political affairs.  In fact they have themselves been corrupted by a dogma, which has accelerated the downfall of their own race, Feminism.

The main achievement  of this dogma, has been to provide an all-purpose set of claims against men, using the principle of  “no smoke without fire” or, ” if we all say the same thing it must be true, mustn’t it?”

This was the aim of Feminism when it was first launched in the sixties and it has been an overwhelming success.  Women now feel fulfilled to do no more than sit at a checkout, rather than by giving birth to a child.

Men for their part are obliged to share the business of looking after the now rare baby, so that Mummy can go back to her seat behind the cash register, that is if  she  decides it should be so.

This is all part of the destruction of the family.  This I believe to one of the main tenets of the Frankfurt School’s How To Destroy the Framework of Society Handbook.

 To push this policy forward,  it became necessary to “protect” the child from its brutal, drunken, violent and uncaring Father, when the marriage failed, leaving the mother on her own and making it necessary for the State to intervene more frequently in the up-bringing of the child.

The next step was to encourage children to have as much sex as they liked, with as many partners as they could manage, which it was found encouraged them to never rest with any one of their partners in particular.

 This is expected to facilitate the next step in the process, by which females  will be even more deeply conditioned into accepting having to demand the “possibility” of being allowed to have a baby, when they grow up and feel broody.  The lack of a husband to stand up in support of his family, leaves a female helpless and vulnerable, according to the Frankfurt School.


David Cameron is proposing the policy of Communitarianism, which shows exactly where all current politicians in the UK are coming from.  The Fabian Society was funded as was Communism, by Baron Rothschild, in the 19th Century.  Communism was achieved by the bomb and the bullet, while Fabian Socialism was achieved through stealth.

The success of this policy is shown by the fact that all of the main political Parties in the UK and across most of Europe are controlled by Jews, a group which has frequently vocalised its aim of setting up this much vaunted New World Order.

In pursuit of this aim, it was felt necessary to destroy the folk, capable of standing in the way of this dream, namely Christians of European origin, us that is,  and they would appear to have achieved that aim.

They are still experiencing a slight difficulty in the land which they stole in the Middle East but they will very soon sort that out as well.

“We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”  David Ben Gurion the Polish Prime Minister of Israel.








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