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The Green And Pleasant Home Of Democracy.

This morning, I listened to the diminutive Dermot Murnaghan, telling the people of the UK, that in the coming General Election, only one of two men would win.

One of those men belonged to a Party which had imposed tuition fees onto the backs of school children, the other Party had tripled those fees. The Liberal Party destroyed itself by breaking its word to get rid of the fees,  in favour of gaining a bit of power.

The Communist wing of this double act, Miliband, is now promising to reduce these fees by 33%. This is how Miliband is hoping to gain the votes of the students, who will very soon be leaving University with a huge debt, with interest, hanging around their necks, pretending that this is why Labour managed to swing the result of the coming election, to hide the fact the result has already been decided.

 After the Scottish Referendum, which was turned in favour of the “no’s” by a great speech by the alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, it was found that the vote was actually filmed being rigged, which went unnoticed by Sky News, as did the fact that thousands of folk have been demanding a recount, which they will of course be denied.


UK election ballot boxes are transported in lorries, in which the ballot boxes could be swapped or whatever else needs to be done to rig the result. The English never suspect that their politicians would be devious enough to cheat, none of those men like Jack Straw would stoop to that, would they? Well Tony Blair is estimated to have earned 100 million pounds for his trips to the Love of War Zone, so who can say?

Sadly all of these politicians are in league. The Party leaders and others, are members of the Bilderberg group, which is the command centre of European Policy.  So why, having been together at a Bilderberg meeting, should Ed Balls and George Osborne, be out of step, when they arrive in Parliament? They would have received their stage directions at the same time and they are simply playing a role.

The UK, like the US is a one Party State and has been for years. How could a Socialist Party “privatise” all of the Utilities, Gas Water, Electricity into the hands of the sharks, throwing the poorest people of the UK into despair, too poor to heat and light their homes?  It is a disgrace.

Osborne is constantly blaming Balls and Miliband for the 2008 crash in the UK  when in reality, there is no country in Europe which was not touched by this planned crisis.  Yet Miliband and Balls are obliged to keep their mouths shut, which they do, never asking the question of Cameron or Osborne, whether they are also responsible for the monumental crash which struck the entire world, from which it has not yet recovered?

It is all stuff  and nonsense, the UK Parliament is gone, they have nothing to discuss, 80% of the laws arrive by Email from Europe.  There is endless talk about The National Health Service or Tax Evasion/Avoidance and occasionally an odd question about the 2000 or more deaths in Gaza at the hands of Israel, which is swept aside with a curt, “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

The same parliament which denied an inquiry into 7-7 as being no more than a “Ludicrous Diversion,”  an event which mowed down a mere 56 souls and blew the feet and legs off a few others and the David Kelly inquest which, full in the face of all the evidence decided it to be a suicide or the Jean Charles de Menenez Inquest, in which the Judge ordered the Jury to return a verdict of his choice, now has David Cameron actually calling for an independent inquiry in Russia after the murder of a man who was sympathetic to the US, to whom his death was a useful event and to Putin it served no purpose whatsoever. Who the F*** do the British think they are?

Image result for Murder of Russian Politician in Front of the Kremlin


No matter, where was I?  It would appear that Sky News has decided that in the coming election it would better suit the British people to have a face to face show-down between Miliband and Cameron, than a joint debate between all Party leaders.  When of course what the British people would really like is a show-down, one at a time with Nigel Farage but then we are talking about British Democracy not real Democracy.

I’m going back to sleep.

6 responses

  1. 0jr

    not surprising at all they are the same ones that have been doing it in amerika since its founding all are related to the dragon clan


    March 6, 2015 at 19:18

    • How long has this Dragon Clan been operating in the US? To be honest I have only come across them quite recently. I am still waiting to see if they will actually bring down the Fed.


      March 6, 2015 at 20:36

  2. For most of my life I thought voting is never rigged, as I talked to the people I met on politicians, invariable they would say how disgusting our leaders are, as after the romance of what politicians will do for you only to find a reality that was nothing like the promises articulated, the very thing one never doubted that the votes were being rigged, the politicians who so often become not only a dubious bunch but a corrupted entity, that many decisions are not what most people want and are far from so called democratic, which points to the fact that politicians are subject to elites who tell them what to say to the electorate, as a plan of what propaganda to be used as a cover up, the electorate has to wise up to the fact that overall politicians are corrupt, and stop believing in what they are told to be and to get out of the comfort zone of make believe.


    March 2, 2015 at 10:10

    • Hello there. There should be no such job as a “Politician” what is it? They cannot do anything. They have not been able to steer us out of the banking fraud. They pretend to be more intelligent than they are. Do think Rudd is smart? What about Gillard before him? There has not been a good man in charge of Australia since Gough Whitlam and he was slung out by the Her Majesty.
      They don’t have to rig the elections except in situations like Scotland, because they don’t give a shit which Party wins they control them all. The only way out is to pick a local man or woman for each constituency, never vote for anyone who has already been elected. Put your man into Parliaments, there is no need for a Political Party, the work is done for them behind the scenes, MPs can sort out who does which job and when a vote is called they will vote according to their beliefs and not under a three line whip. But the electorate will never wise up.


      March 2, 2015 at 14:23

      • Yes I agree, Whitlam was the last and most likely the only politician of Australia for the people, basically the country is manipulated by the Jews, CIA, MI6, these groups are to oil the wheels for this country to be controlled by exterior forces, originally Australia was for the dumping of undesirables like a giant prison, which is what it is today, except some prisoners have greater freedoms than others, the prison and prisoners look after themselves creating a low cost prison and low maintenance, as the prisoners pay taxes by working to pay for the police who are the warders, roads, ports for the maintenance of oversea investments to exploit the resources here.
        Whitlam was reconsidering the lease at Pine Gap, the American base for tracking, Whitlam I believe was not going to renew this lease, so the rest is history although come to think of it he also said “We are going to buy back the farm” this is enough for him to be either executed or disposed of, more or less Mossad, Cia, MI6, are all part of the same mob, with only the details of a differing agenda.
        Since Whitlam the politicians know they have to toe the line, Hawke and the rest of them know they will get suitable remuneration, and the public are more or less a subdued lot, other than the Australian mouth overseas on hoilday’s can let go of their repressed state of mind and mouth off in Bali, and so on and so on.


        March 3, 2015 at 00:59

        • I sold stuff to an amazing number of Australians last year and they all wanted to chat about things, but they knew nothing at all about what was actually going on.
          But there is a chap called Les down there who sends me a lot of good links, so you’re not quite on your own, folk are waking up slowly. French people know full well that something is wrong but they don’t want to think about it. They are watching in fear as the pressure cooker is being overheated and they know that the Muslims will only take so much. There are an awful lot of Muslims in France.


          March 3, 2015 at 07:33

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