A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Well Sadly, It Is Beginning To Look Like Just Another BRIC In The Wall

With the announcement that the UK is seeking a liaison with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, we can expect no more than yet another brand of legalised thievery set up and controlled by the City of London.

This act would suggest  that le raison d’etre of this “new” source of debt will be to ensure that domination of the worlds money supply remains firmly in the hands of the Central Banking Families, whatever may become of the Dollar.

One can only suppose that the next step will be to mount a Military Machine, capable of presenting an excuse to manufacture enormous quantities of arms, for no better reason than to continue an imaginary “Cold War” between two huge blocks, both of which, as was the case with the Soviet Union, will be under the same covert control.  The second best kept secret of the Twentieth Century being that the Cold War was a lie.

I recently carried out a short interview with representatives of a new Political Party, the UPR, L’Union Populaire  Republicaine. They have got all of the right ideas.  They want to change the banking system, leave the dictatorial European Union and concentrate on French needs, which do not involve Globalisation and Free Trade Agreements, which are no more than a means of importing cheap crap, manufactured by slaves.

I was assured that during the weeks leading to the election, that they had been gaining some ten thousand followers a week on-line.  They hope that at last the French have woken up to what is being done to them.


“Our candidates explain to voters that the French no longer run their own country and that a small oligarchy has taken possession through European Treaties and NATO.

They demonstrate that neither the government nor the regional councils or county councils, are able to take the French out of the current decline and lead them back to the path of social progress. They explain that there is therefore only one way to recover our standard of living,   expand our jobs, maintain our achievements, our public services, our land, our language and our diplomacy  and that is to  unilaterally get France out of the European Union, the Euro and NATO.”


I think you will agree that the above is a fair start down the road to freedom.

The recent statement from François Hollande that he intended to declare any criticism of Israel or the Jews to be a criminal offence, in a country where Muslims are daily demonised  and slaughtered out of hand, as in the Charlie Hebdo and Toulouse incidents, (The bodies of all of the alleged Jewish victims in both cases were whipped, unseen, out of France to Israel)  was considered as the last straw by many fair-minded French people, who now understand that their elected leaders are provoking Civil War in France.





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