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The Gloves Are Coming Off!

Our elected leaders, are one and all, standing by watching the destruction of our liberties, our living standards and our history. Not content with that, they now want to sanitise our thoughts and “freedom” of speech and expression. Their first target is of course the Internet.

While the mainstream media, which has been “outed” as being little more than a form of “stand-up” comedy, watches its credibility drain away, all of the real action now takes place on-line.

Sadly, greed has already delivered the control of the Web into the hands of those whom already have control of the printed press, television news and most other means of presenting lies and disinformation, without a word of criticism from those whom would now censor the likes of my blog.

Like many other people, I have already been warned by YouTube, which was quickly snapped up by Google, as soon as it was recognised as a winner, with an offer that the lads who had the original idea, “could not refuse.”

The attacks against those whom publish their work on YouTube, are completely out-of-order, Google has no right to decide what I am allowed to say against one religion, for example, when they quite casually permit any and every denigration against another.

Even the likes of Dr. David Duke, who is well-known for his views, has been warned by YouTube, that his channel is about to be taken down. This means that his thousands of links, spread across the web, will no longer work. This is disgusting.

Why should the murderers, working for one religion be protected from being exposed for what they are, while the elected leader of this group can, without criticism, express his opinion, that a State which is of a different religion, should be destroyed, to suit his own psychopathic desires,  while to suggest that this man is out of his mind and is not fit to hold the position which he does, will soon be a criminal offence?

The use of the term “Conspiracy Theory,” is now being used to clamp down on any person who dares to disagree with the dictates of a controlled Politician.

For example, when two BBC journalists, Vine and Standley, announced on 911,  that Building 7 had collapsed, 20 minutes in advance, (an event which the BBC has tried desperately to conceal,)  suggesting that the pages of the script were out of running order, even the casual observer found this event to be slightly ridiculous and in need of a full explanation, which has never been offered.  So to call such a thing a Conspiracy Theory, is a nonsense, which is what David Cameron is suggesting.

The obvious conclusion which can be drawn from this sinister idea of Cameron’s is, that very soon any criticism of a governmental lie will be punishable by law.  This will be happening simply because the people now have an independent voice of their own.

On my blog, for example, I take another look at the “version,”  of some of the “historical” events, with which I was brainwashed, while still a child. It now appears however,  that to question the validity of this “version,” will very soon be illegal. Who the F**k is David Cameron to force me to accept this crap? If I am no more than a “Nut,” what does he have to fear?  Perhaps the truth.

Cameron is the man whom passed full control of the British economy into the hands of Goldman Sachs, a criminal bank which now controls the Bank of England and the economies of several countries throughout the EU.  No doubt to suggest that this is so, will soon be illegal, before I even suggest that Goldman Sachs is owned by Rothschild.

“The Bank” is now operating a form of money printing which is referred to as “Quantitative Easing.”  The European Central Bank is now doing the same thing, as is the Federal Reserve, so what is the point of this?  Well very soon I will not be allowed to express an opinion, I will be obliged to accept the lies of the Government.

What we are being told by our “Leaders,” is that they are stimulating the economy, by giving this “Quantitative Easing” to the Private Banks which will in turn make loans to small business-men, which will increase employment. This is not at all what is actually happening on the ground, where very few loans are being made, in reality “The Bank” is pumping up a bubble on the Stock Exchanges, which will very soon burst.


Most, if not all of the printed money, has been used to manipulate the value of shares on the Stock Markets, which we have been encouraged to believe means that business is booming, sadly this is just another deception.  The value of shares is boosted and sold at the best price possible and bought back when the value drops to the lowest price possible, which changes nothing whatsoever for industry but makes millions for rich marketeers.

Alongside this financial bubble, Cameron is creating a housing bubble by “helping” those who cannot afford to buy a home to do so, with the aid of a government “present” towards the deposit. The result of this policy has already inflated the cost of a home in London beyond the means of all but the very rich.

When the value of Stocks and Shares collapse, which they will do very soon, those youngsters whom were stupid enough to buy a house at the top of the market, will quickly find themselves “under-water” or “upside-down” take your pick, it means they will be in “dire straits” and maybe homeless.

The best way to make sure that Quantitative Easing served the purpose for which it was designed, would be to give the money to the people, who would spend it back into the economy and not siphon even more value out of the economy, as do the speculators, which is sent to tax havens overseas, and defeats the so-called aims of printing the money in the first place.

Be sure, the likes of Cameron and his “Straight-Man” Miliband know this full well.  They are however working in lock-step to present the British people with a solution to all of their problems, which will involve the acceptance of a Europe-Wide economic system, controlled by a hidden group of men, whose religion or allegiances will be kept secret by order and from which there will be no escape.

What happens in Europe will very soon be a world-wide event,  it has been decided that now, is the time.  Politicians are all on board for this and they have been actively working towards it for generations.

Today on Sky News, Balls will be debating Osborne in a sham about how to run the British economy.  In 2008 where was the Tory Party when Gordon Brown announced that he was going to bail-out the Bankers?  Where was the Tory Party during the build-up to the problem?  Their silence says it all.  As does the silence of the Socialists when the Conservatives claim that the collapse of the economy, which was a world-wide  event, was because of the mismanagement of the economy by the  Socialists.

Cameron has just announced that in effect, any political view which deviates from the mainstream, will be illegal. Where are the cries from the opposition benches?  There are none, these are the people who tolerated the utter, barbaric destruction of Libya, with a mere dozen or so voices of dissent.

Europe is well down the road to serfdom, under an unelected regime, which will install a Bolshevik system similar to that which the Bolshevik Soviet Union put in place in East Germany and other Eastern European Countries.

The people of the ex Soviet Bloc,  have now found themselves back in the cage of the Bolsheviks, having been told by their “Leaders,” that the EU would be a safeguard against such an outcome.

Most people can relax as they are never likely to have a thought in their heads which will put them at risk of censure, however, my band of followers will no doubt have to wish me goodbye and good luck very soon.

However it would appear that even the most innocent of questions can not be asked of a politician these days. George Galloway, who is an MP, with his own political party, which he calls Respect, whom is  often a guest on the BBC programme “Question Time,” was furious with David Dimbleby, for allowing a question to be asked of him,  to which he had not agreed. He was even more annoyed when the question was not edited out, of the recorded programme.

The question which was asked of Galloway, was on the subject of an increase in anti-Jew  sentiments in the UK, the questioner added a short addition to the question asking Galloway if he thought that his differences with Israeli behaviour may have contributed to this upturn in emotions against the Jews. I can see no problem whatsoever with that, so why should George?

Well it is a good indication of where we are headed. The Muslim communities across the world are not being radicalised by Clerics like Abu Hamza, they are being radicalised by the slaughter of Muslims in Gaza, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and other places and to suggest that it has nothing to do with British or Israeli aggression against Muslims is a straightforward lie.  But I suppose that is just one more conspiracy theory.






3 responses

  1. 0jr

    u must be a special kind of stupid they are not standing by they are the ones destroying


    March 23, 2015 at 14:47

    • Well one of must be stupid. But you see I don’t believe that they are doing it. They can do nothing. They are no more than grinning idiots doing what they are told to do. I thought that was clear but I’ll go through it again to make sure I did not lose the thread of what I was trying to say. Thanks for the comment


      March 23, 2015 at 16:12

    • Well Ojr, I went through it all again, just for you and I think you’ll find that we are in total agreement, so maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say. If so sorry about that.


      March 23, 2015 at 16:31

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