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The Savage And Brutal Mincing Of Our Minds Through Education.

The most inane and overused phrase in the English language, used by British critics, of the current debacle, which stretches across the European Union and the Middle East, must surely be the plaintiff question, “Have they learned nothing from any of these cocks-up?”

Before we even discuss the list of War Crimes of which the British are guilty, which they have apparently failed to notice, from the attacks against Serbia in the 1990’s, to the current round of mass murders, which they have carried out or have paid others to execute for them, let us take a look at things in the UK.

One of the candidates for Ukip, in the coming election, expressed the notion that school-children, have been “brain-washed” into believing that the European Union, was established for the benefit of its members and that it was a force for good in the world.

The eyes of the Sky News hack lit up. “Brainwashing?”   Why that sounds like a “Conspiracy Theory.”  He then set about forcing the Ukip man to admit on camera that he had indeed used the term “Brainwashed.”  To his credit, the Ukip man stuck to his guns.

In doing so the Sky man exposed his own “brainwashed” condition, a condition which is much in evidence, throughout the mainstream media in the UK.  The reality being that we have all been “Brainwashed,” from the very first day we spent in the educational system.

All across the European Union, governments have been obliged to incorporate EU literature, extolling the virtues of the EU, into their system of education.

The result of this form of insidious approach has been, down through the generations,  the installation of a huge quantity of conflicting information into the belief system of us all,  in fact what we think we know, is in most cases false, as in lies.  This can be demonstrated in numerous ways, most of which will lead to a bloody nose, if presented in front of the wrong company.

I presented a good example of how this works in a recent post, in which I explained how I could not figure out how it had been decided that it was the Pilot, of the Germanwings aircraft whom  was in need of a piss, while the co-pilot flew the aircraft  into the side of a mountain.

My uncertainty is now irrelevant, as the majority of reports are now presenting this supposition as fact, to the point where we know nothing of the frailties of the Pilot but every conceivable reason why the co-pilot was the perpetrator.  Why?  Does it Matter? Does it make a difference to the enormous loss suffered by the families?

Is there some point, of which I remain unaware, necessitating the culpability of the co-pilot, without real evidence in support of this supposition? I think there is always something else in these sort of situations.

Such is the manner in which we are being “brainwashed” by the media. It is soon to be  made illegal to question the fable of 911, which is one step beyond the mere brainwashing. which has failed to convince most intelligent people of the truthfulness of the 911 tale.

I make a point in my posts or comments, on the post of others, to question the veracity of their stance. On most occasions this attitude will provoke a good and reasonable response, explaining where I may be wrong or indeed present a piece of relevant evidence of which I was unaware.

However there are certain subjects which cannot be questioned. All of them being well-known and most of them are in support of past acts, which if exposed for the lies which they are, could have serious consequences for the liars and those whom defended them.

So in Europe, we appear to have drifted away from the point where teachers simply passed on the lies with which they themselves had been indoctrinated, to a point where government has taken total control of education, out of the hands of the County Councils in the UK and into the hands of central government, as has been done in all EU member States.

They have used this central control to standardise the system, to the point wherein the schools and colleges of Europe are churning out standardised blockheads.  This is to mask what they have done to European Industry, namely export it overseas where they can take advantage of slave labour and do away with the need of Apprentices in the EU, simply because there are no apprenticeships available.

Throughout the coverage of the up-coming election in the UK, most of the debate has involved austerity and deficits. There has not been one question which asked about how the deficit was accumulated, never mind to whom it was being paid.

There has been no curiosity about who or whom prints the currency in the UK, because we were educated to think that the governments did this themselves. Total brainwashing? of course it is.  I will guarantee that the Ukip man himself does not understand the crookery and lies involved in this deception. Never mind how many billions of Pounds are being quietly passed needlessly into the vaults of private bankers.

Perhaps it would be a good thing if the question was posed tonight, to these posers, who if they so chose, could sort out all of the problems with the National Health Service at a stroke, with just a little of the money which our governments are “laundering” into the hands of Mafia Bankers.


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