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Here I Am, Still Desperately Looking For Clues.

I have been experiencing endless problems with my Interweb connection for a couple of weeks and I have been finding it quite difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff, in this ongoing tale of the Germanwings disaster.

At the moment, as far as I can see, the recording which was found on the first Black Box, which is of course orange, contained no sign of a conversation between the pilot and the co-pilot, when one or the other of them left the cabin to use the toilet.

This would imply that it is only a guess, that anybody did in fact leave the cabin to have a piss.  It would appear that without a word being spoken between the two men, or any other indication that either one of them had in fact left the cabin, we can only assume that the sounds of breathing which was audible on the recording, could well have been either or both of the men  who could have quite easily dozed off or were already dead in their seats.

If there was no other conversation recorded, between the two men, why has it been assumed that one of them had left the cabin, when a recent event with a Malaysian aircraft, was said to have involved the possible deaths of the pilots and the auto-pilot flying the plane until it ran out of fuel.

It was immediately assumed that the sound of banging on the cabin door was the pilot, when in fact it could well have been a passenger who had noticed that the plane was heading for disaster.

The co-pilot, we are told, did a search online to find out how to commit suicide, are we expected to believe that one of the methods suggested was to fly at five hundred miles an hour into the side of a mountain?

I have tried to avoid writing too much about this event because it has become too easy for  those whom automatically believe, no matter with what they are presented, to accuse those of us who do question the reports of these events, as no more than Conspiracy Theorists.

So I wonder if anybody out there could explain to me what it is that I am failing to pick up on in this tale.  To me it is an obvious attempt to point us away from the truth, so what are they trying, with such gusto,  to conceal? Maybe a serious problem with the aircraft itself.

Oh and by the way, who was the captain and what was his state of mind and do we know whether he had his own psychological problems.



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  1. According to the second black box, the plane was put in to accelerated speed manually on descent on several occasions, what seems to me most important is the copilot had been involved with some weeks off with a nervous or mental situation some years before also the copilot before being ditched by his girl friend saying to her his name would become known throughout the world, my point or two points are, if the situation is as I suggest, the airline is culpable in neglect, two, the desire to make it in today’s in particular making it, is nauseating, on the media such as TV constantly you hear how some one is a genius or incredible, its this crap we have to endure that makes life sickening.


    April 3, 2015 at 23:21

    • As far as I can make out, there was no recording of anybody saying, one to the other, whether it was the capt. to the co-pilot or the other way round, that they were going to take a leak. So how do they know it was the pilot. Even if someone had said something like that, would they have said “Pilot to Co-Pilot I am going for a leak OK? Over” I doubt it.

      Why have we heard nothing about the pilots life? How do they know that both of them were not dead or unconscious? It’s all speculation and it should not be spread around as if it was fact, unless they know something which they are not telling us about.

      There was system installed on this type of aircraft which allowed control of the plane to be taken out of the hands of the pilot and it could not be over-ridden, so how did the co-pilot manage to manipulate the controls if they had been seized because the crew had not responded to calls about their flight conditions and as to why they had gone into a descent?

      There is more to this tale than we are being told.


      April 5, 2015 at 12:52

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