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The Strange, Outlandish Ideas Of My Father.

When I was a child, my father was always there. I was never quite sure where there was but that’s another story.

Like the burning bush, which confronted Moses, he occasionally appeared out of nowhere and for no particular reason, which I can recall, planted certain ideas into my young mind,  which have influenced my perception of life ever since.

His perception of Winston Churchill, as the most hateful example of the English, turns out to have been supported by the opinion of Franklin D Roosevelt, for whom Churchill was little more than a perverted “Drunken Bum.” It was only later in life that I came to understand the extent of Churchill’s perversions.

Anyway, like most fathers of his generation, should he have been around on a Sunday morning, he would make sure that I observed the Sabbath.

In view of this, I am not quite sure what he would make of the announcement, by the leaders of the main political parties in the UK, Cameron and Miliband, that they do not believe in God. In Cameron’s case, he explained that he was not the church-going religious type.

However it should be noted that they are both Jews, which could mean that they are Luciferian, which would suggest a belief in Lucifer as being the Sun God, while Christians hold the belief that Christ is the son of God.

I have no doubt that my father, whom was the son of no particular deity, would have been curious to know whether the beliefs of these two men, one or the other of whom will be the next Prime Minister of the UK, held other beliefs, which may be in line with those of the Bolshevik Communists, who were of course mainly Jews, beliefs which included the extermination of Christians.

My father also had strict views concerning both the Tory and Labour Parties.  For him the Tories operated the economy with a pool of  unemployed, which kept wage rises in check and Socialism was no more than a front for the Barons of Industry, and was used to fool the working man into the belief that they had gained some advantage from a strike, organised by a Union, which of course supported Socialism, but which were in reality controlled by  the “Bosses,”  who had allowed them to earn just enough extra pay to feed themselves with food bought in the  “Bosses” shops, with just enough left over to pay the rent on the “Bosses” hovels in which they lived in the fear of losing their job in the “Bosses” factory and their house with it.


Of one thing I am sure, my father would never have considered voting for a Party which was controlled by anyone, from a group, which in past times had seen to the slaughter of well over one hundred million Christians, he would smell just a whiff of danger in that idea. But then he was a strange character.








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  1. Your father is such a contrast to my father, my Father at all costs had to cover up his family roots, this portrayal of respectability must have began my search for the the truth, truth is such a subjective word that one resists even using this word, it was all about the family appearance of being the perfect family as a front, behind the scenes however any thing but, the bamboo cane was readily used at Silver Street Modern School, at home the bamboo cane not only used on a regular basis but a razor leather strap was the second most used implement, as he was involved with managerial status and the rationing of food in WW2, was instigated, whilst his family being evacuated to safe areas that proved otherwise, I suggest the supply of basic commodities such as sugar would be useful in securing what the troops fighting abroad would have left behind.
    Churchill was loved by all those I knew, he being a Jew, would have one thing in mind, it matters not how many of those from the working class and the lower middle class were sacrificed, his aim would be to save himself.
    What a contrast by today’s standard of fatherly behavior, where i live the fathers cannot dote on their off spring enough, it is to me almost nauseating, I would say in the time I know my Father if you could say know? he would have hated me day and night, its something you never get over as you do not know why? I have met another guy who had a Father who was a cruel bastard, he also has extreme damage.
    The second family I was in, is the family surrounding R D Laing, they were following the highest conscious states as Laing also being a adept, turned out to be no more than criminals, as for Laing, it is uncertain as what part he played in The Tavistock Institute of Human relations, as to Him being a figure head of this institute that was no more that all part of a conglomerate of the Freudian ideology, the Rockefeller’s finance and the CIA, and MI5/6, I can only say I was innocent in as far as when I knew this Institute.
    It becomes surprising that Buddhistic doctrine also became suspect, as for Christianity, it has become such a corrupt and corrupting tool that we hardly am able to go into this set up without a length investigation.
    What we do know today is the whole reality of what we are to understand as to what is meant by Western culture, is and can only be a depraved and corrupt and corrupting culture, it would be hard for the writer to think of anything of redemption, at present the Edinburgh Tattoo is on the need for humans to dress up and escape from what they have built surrounding them, as for whats his name Harry, the royal, also here laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier, do you need more of this pantomime to titillate your senses?
    Yes The Hadron collider, this is for the boys toys, it all to do with you thinking as one lead scientist says that in a billion years the Sun will devour us, we know all that stuff, to get in to a rocket and fly away? are you fucking joking?


    April 6, 2015 at 02:06

    • I didn’t know Lang but I knew a man who did, as they say, he was a well known purveyor of rubbish, he made up most of his output to satisfy his personal needs and those of his publishers. I had only a peripheral contact with Tavistock, I was more involved with the East Grinstead Steiner folk, who in previous times had worked alongside Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophists. They were no more than tools of the Zionists and Blavatsky herself was no more than a front for those with a Tavistock connection, who were working behind the scenes.

      They set in motion our obsession with Eastern Religions, Zen and Taoism etc with of course with the inclusion of Buddhism, which was more or less atheistic, with the intention of destroying Christianity, which has now been achieved.

      The tentacles of Tavistock run through everything, every time you check someone out you are likely to find a Tavistock connection, they control just about every educational facility in London. They drew up the educational system which has so successfully dumbed down British kids.

      The Jewish leader of the Socialists Ed Miliband and his brother Dave, were educated by them and they were partners of the Fabian Society, which itself is no more than a front for the Bolshevik Jews, whose announced aim is to take control of the world, which was publicised, though never openly, by the Socialists Workers Party and the International Socialists.

      All of this is of course ignored by the mainstream media.


      April 6, 2015 at 07:47

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