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War Criminal Tony Blair Talks Up The European Dictatorship.

Tony Blair, today made it clear, that the British People should on no account be allowed an “in-out” referendum on Europe, because it was possible that their decision would not coincide with his own.

He went on to suggest that David Cameron was also a whole-hearted supporter of the European Union and was content with allowing  the control of the United Kingdom to fall into the hands of a Non-Governmental Organisation.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg are both on board with the destruction of Great Britain.  Be sure, that is  the aim of the unelected Politburo in Brussels. All of these men were selected and put in power to carry out this agenda.  The leaders of the old Warsaw Block were already chosen for their role, that of forcing their unsuspecting  peoples, into “Free Europe,”   long before the Soviet Union quietly dismantled itself and set about merging with the “Capitalists.”

Several European States voted against the Treaty of Lisbon, which was the final nail in the coffin of European Sovereignty, however their elected leaders went ahead and signed the Treaty anyway. That is how “Democracy” works in the “Free World.”

Blair and others like him, are forever talking about how essential Europe is for UK industry and that to leave would create mass unemployment, by suggesting that the UK would no longer be allowed to trade with EU members.

In reality European industry has already been destroyed and replaced with slave made products from the East, which can apparently flood into Europe unhindered, through the medium of Free Trade Agreements, which have been signed by EU member States. So why is it being suggested that the UK would be barred from such deals with EU States?

There are even now, secret talks being held by the EU and the US, which are designed to find a means of handing control of European Economies into the hands of the multi-national corporations by signing the TTIP document, which will force we Europeans to accept, amongst other things, the defiling of our lands with GMO poison, or pay blackmail to those corporations, with the aim of destroying traditional farming methods, to suit their greedy desires.

So instead of warning us of the disaster which would result, should the UK leave the EU, perhaps these British Communists might explain in simple terms, the main achievements of the EU, in recent years.

Are they suggesting that it was part of the over-all European plan, to destroy the economies of most member States. To create mass unemployment. To reduce millions of Europeans to begging for hand-outs from food banks. While at the same time flooding the EU with millions of immigrants, when there were not enough homes or jobs for the citizens of the EU themselves?

The European Union is a basket case and in anybodies terms it has been a total disaster. The best idea was the original idea, that of a Common Market, which allowed every State to handle its own affairs and the value of its currency.

We have now been led down the road to what was always the “real” destination of the EU that of a Bolshevik Communist, centrally controlled slave state.  Many people regard that sort of language as no more than hyperbole, sadly they may live to regret not having paid more attention to such warnings.

In the UK hundreds of thousands of folk, with well paid jobs are in need of housing benefit in order to pay exorbitant rents, having given up on the dream of ever owning their own home.

To suspicious characters like me, that is all part of the drive to make us all dependent on the State. Agenda 21, the new Communist Manifesto, is forecasting a time when the ownership of private property will be illegal. Property is theft and all that rubbish. When that day dawns, we will be obliged to work for them, as all private enterprise will be illegal, they must own everything, that is the ultimate destination of unbridled greed.

On this mornings news, I heard a report about school teachers taking food to school, to feed children whose parents could not afford to give them a breakfast. I can recall no such thing in my lifetime, do we have the EU to thank for this state of affairs?

In the middle of an obscene plague of gluttony, called obesity, we have others suffering from malnutrition through poverty, while the top ten percent of the ultra greedy earn more than the total wealth of the remaining ninety per-cent.

This in a land where because of EU regulations, all of the necessities of life have been handed over to those whom are telling us, that property is theft and our politicians are telling us that this is good.

We are forever being warned to learn from history, or we will be condemned to forever repeat the same mistakes, so take heed of a voice from the past.


 Thanks to Jeff Rense for this quote.






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