A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Priming The Muskets For The Coming Civil War?

I have bumped into so many people this week, who are sure that the Captain of the Germanwings aircraft, which crashed in the French Alps, did tell the co-pilot to take control of the plane, while he took a leak, that I have come to believe it myself.

Yet, as far as I can figure out nobody apart from “investigators” have heard the actual tape itself, the rest of us must rely on what they tell us, as we are not allowed to hear for ourselves. Being contrary, that means to me, after they have doctored the recording to suit their leaked pre-view.

Meanwhile, over there in the Colonies, the most blatant case of innocent patsies,  getting no justice, was going through the motions in a Boston Court-house, where the living brother of the two selected dupes, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who had, with his brother Tamerlan, despite the evidence of  the 7-7 drill  in the UK and a dozen or more “pretend” atrocities, generated by the FBI, plus the evidence of drills wherever there was an “inside job” in the offing, accepted a part in the Boston Drill planned for the morning of the Boston Marathon. The drill was announced on local radio and by police on the scene with bull-horns.

The evidence, which the CIA had collected or manufactured, did not allow for the beard which Tamerlan was sporting at the Marathon and on his death bed, nor for the evidence provided by spectators at the event which contradicted the official story, as had been done on 7-7.

None of this mattered as the surviving brothers Solicitor declared him guilty as charged, on all 30 counts,  thus avoiding the need of proof or of evidence against him nor indeed  in his favour.  Such is the justice of the leaders of the “Free World.” Part of the list of freedoms of which the terrorists are jealous, I suppose.

The military machine, which locked down Boston during the search for the boy, after he had managed to slip through their fingers, quickly murdered his already arrested brother and accused  Dzhokhar of his death and then set out to murder him, all patsies must die they must never be allowed to speak out in Court, We can only hope that Dzhokhar has been promised a way out of the US after the trial, in return for his cooperation.

In civilised company, it is considered to be a complete stupidity, to express the slightest of doubts about the truth of the Boston bombing, as everyone saw the reports on TV, which is good enough, if Reuters believes the proposed rubbish, who are we to question it?

The same rule of thumb applies to the “politics of fear” should you be told that Fascism is bad, who on earth needs to know the meaning of the word?

I am a Fascist apparently, because a couple of day ago, a colleague was reciting to me a conversation he had held with  a chappie who averred that although he was not actually a racist or indeed a Fascist, in the upcoming election, he was inclined to vote for Marine Le Pen because immigration was out of control and too many Muslims were still intending to come.

My colleague explained how,  though “they all claim that they are not  racist but they vote for Le Pen.” I asked him to explain the problem with Le Pen. He fixed me with a frosty stare and stated that everybody knew the problem with Le Pen, she was a racist and a Fascist.

I asked him who would be getting his vote, he replied, probably the Socialist, or maybe Sarkozy if he enters the list of candidates. I asked him to explain why he felt that his choice of one or the other of those two men was a more humane choice than that of Le Pen, as President.

He did not understand the question so I set about pointing out the ridiculous nature of his stance, by asking him why, as a supporter of the Muslim immigrants into France, did he find it more acceptable to vote for a couple of War Criminals, who between them had helped in the slaughter of a couple million Muslims, while Le Pen has not been in favour of any of  the illegal wars and would like to take France out of the NATO murder machine.

I could see from the look on his face that I was rapidly turning into a piece of shit right there in front of him.  He asked me in a disdainful manner if I supported the Front, I said no, I support the UPR, he had no idea what that was but I sensed that he felt it was just another group against immigration.  He muttered something about Fascism, so I took my leave.

This is the level of  the beliefs which have been planted into the minds of  well meaning people, who are convinced that to deviate from the accepted norms, however  damaging the norms may be to the well-being of their own families is strange and is a phenomenon which thirty years ago would have been laughable.

The idea that there are acceptable points of view, which are every bit as valid as are those of the opposite opinion, has been lost in the mists. To suggest for example that the idea of  “same sex marriage” is a nonsense, has become an invitation for a smack on the nose.

My resolution for  2015 was to take some of these problems head-on, mainly because it rapidly became clear that while it was quite difficult to present a different account of WW2 to some folk, it had apparently been a simple matter to convince them that adopted children would be safe in the hands of “gays” while in the main, most children are abused in their own home.

A lot of these “gay” folk are now called paedophiles because one of their “gay” needs appears to involve young children, as did the Jeffrey the friend of the Royal Prince.

To suggest that people are digging their own graves by allowing unlimited and uncontrolled immigration into their Homeland, an act which will most surely lead to bloodshed in the future, is laughed at;despite what we have witnessed in Palestine, when the Jews decided to drive out the indigenous people by whom Palestine was inhabited. The same may be said of the Red Indian, the Australian Aborigine and of course take a look at South Africa, which was a land without people when the Afrikaans turned up



Be sure, the chairman is a Jew. The ANC has been fully controlled by Jews since its birth,  The same Bolshevik group now controls the US and the rest of the White European World.

He will not even accept that all of the Racial Crime in SA, is Black on White  crime just as it is in the UK and USA. This is yet another of those things which cannot be discussed in polite company. It is also what is being prepared for us.

When the woman suggested that it was an incitement to hatred, when the President of South Africa, was heard singing a song, at a huge event, about “killing the Boer” the Jew was not perturbed, how would he feel if the same people called for “killing of the Jews?”





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