A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Hilary Clinton Celebrates Murder.

Last time around, the US voter chose a Black man, whose barbarity took the US to new depths of depravity. Larry Sinclair claimed to be Obama’s Lover. Joan Rivers supported Larry’s claims.


This time around the US is being offered the wife of Bill Clinton, she is not only the wife of a ghoul, she is a raving lunatic in her own right.



I was quite fond of Gadaffi,  whatever his faults may have been, was most certainly responsible for the deaths of far fewer folk, than either of the Clinton’s and the man whom was voted into office because of his colour.

Hilary Clinton, like Obama is alleged to be a bi-sexual, so I suppose a bi-sexual woman is a fair exchange for a bi-sexual man in the White House.

Bi-sexuality would appear to be par for the course for whomsoever holds the job as the “Most Powerful Man In The World,” these days, as Dubya was also just a shade fond of the “Real Thing” himself.


Almost forgot about old man Bush. Like father like son I suppose.


2 responses

  1. Gadaffi, may well have signed his own death warrant when he desired to integrate Africa, Britain America France Israel, and all those who form part of the Allied colonist front would find him a enemy as desiring good for the Planet would be against the interests of the Western Alliance who’s agenda is one of evil, other than the front which is the front of propaganda of what? the front of being the Good Guys?
    Britain is a main power house of evil, as you know the place I was born in London, now is a cesspool of the most undesirables from all over the world who are the monied criminals who have sky rocketed house prices of London, the base of the Rothschilds, are all feeling comfortable at home with the corrupt and the tradition of corruption.


    April 14, 2015 at 23:16

    • What they did to Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein and are doing now to Assad and Yemen,is beyond evil. We the people are as responsible for what’s going as the politicians we are voting them into office. In the UK they are buying votes with offers of thousands of pounds to the richer folk to buy their high-end top of the range Council Houses, while poorer people are obliged to live with rent support in privately owned homes, which they will never be able to buy.
      It’s as you say, the UK is fully loaded with the dregs of the earth. Paris is no different and the US is going down the drain, while they tell us that things are picking up.
      Apparently ISIS has a couple of groups set up on the Mexican border, ready to go into the US to start chopping heads off, while the US Govt ignores them deliberately. That is what they have in store for us.


      April 15, 2015 at 18:01

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