A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Time For The English Spring. Demand Democracy Now!

There was not a government in Europe, which did not fully support the Arab Spring.   Nor did they deplore the murder of Gadaffi in Libya,  a Nation which operated under a system of Direct Democracy.

The overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt was hailed by one and all; of particular interest to the British was the excuse it generated to attack other troublesome Arab States.

They also hailed as magnificent,  the US financed and controlled uprising in Kiev, which saw to the overthrow of a Democratically elected government.  So they will no doubt be proud to hand over the reins of power to the British People after the British Spring,  sweeps them all out of power, in the upcoming election.

It will be perceived as a form of generosity, should Putin and Lavrov hand out biscuits and beer to demonstrators in Parliament Square and they will make no complaint when foreign snipers kill a few cops, that’s how it is in peaceful demonstrations.

So let’s see of what the British people are made.  The Irish fought for freedom for three hundred years.  The Scottish will get their freedom in the end.  The Russians have done it. Hungary and Czechoslovakia fought in the 50’s and 60’s and finally succeeded, in fact most oppressed people have thrown off the yoke of slavery and the chains of the Jewish/British Empire, apart that is from the most enslaved people of all, the English, they, of course, continue to believe themselves to be free.

This is of course all just for a laugh.  Should the English people take to the streets in the manner of the thugs in Maidan Square in Kiev, a demonstration which was praised by Obama and others for its peaceful nature, despite the images of burning cops and thugs belting others with hammers, they would very soon discover exactly how much freedom their elected Warders would allow them to express.

Sadly the majority of people do not want to face up to reality, they prefer to believe that whatever might happen to others, will never happen to them.

My Dad insisted that nobody would give you your freedom, it has to be fought for and if you haven’t got the guts to fight for it, go back to sleep and wait for the knock on the door after midnight.


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