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Like Hitler, Kennedy Lived On In Paradise?

There are some historical events, the truth of which we are never going to know, one of those mysteries is the grand-daddy of all conspiracies, the ritual slaughter of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in Dallas 22-11-1963.

John Kennedy was the son of Joseph Kennedy, the man who was US Ambassador to the UK, in the years leading up to WW2, despite being a well-known criminal.  He was associated with a Mafia Boss, Aristotle Onassis, a powerful man in his own right, who promised Joe Kennedy, that one day he would allow one of  Joe’s boys to become President of the US.      See the Gemstone Files  http://wp.me/PTtbd-1w0

The assassination of Kennedy was supposedly carried out by Lee Harvey Oswald, a strange character, who although being an alleged  operative of  the CIA and FBI,  was singled out as the main suspect, within minutes of Kennedy’s killing, despite the fact that at the time Dallas was crawling with operatives of one sort or another, so why they should have picked on Oswald was never explained  in any detail. Pretty much the same scenario as Boston.

That is not all.  Having killed Kennedy, Oswald then decided to go to the cinema.   On his way he was stopped by a policeman, JD Tippit, who was  not just any old policeman but a policeman who  occasionally ate breakfast with the man who would later shoot Oswald, Jack Ruby.  On top of that he was jokingly called JFK, by his chums in the Dallas Police Department because of his strong resemblance to the President.

officer tippit

He was a good-looking man and there is a striking likeness to Kennedy

John Kennedy

And we even have a composite.


A Composite

Current theory suggests that Tippit was ordered to search out Oswald in the vicinity of the Cinema, so that he,  himself,  could be shot down in cold blood by two men; who were seen by several witnesses on the busy street in Dallas, to fabricate an excuse to arrest Oswald, in the absence of any convincing evidence that he had actually killed Kennedy.

So the official story would have us believe that Oswald, not only killed Kennedy, he also killed Kennedy’s double, all on the same day. Not bad.

So tell me who do you believe to be in this photograph?




Well one of them is Kennedy, at least one of them is supposed to be Kennedy.

Now just suppose for a moment that you had never heard of the Kennedy assassination, what would you make of this piece of film,  should you not have been exposed to all of the bullshit surrounding the event?

Sorry about the quality, it did not upload well. Never mind, what I see is Jacqui placing her hand behind JFK’s head and a stream of pink mist, shooting  forward, suggesting that whatever the shot was, had come from the exact position of her hand.  What’s more the stream of mist appears to be shooting up and not down, as it would have, had the missile come from outside of the Presidential car.

Jacqui then leapt onto the trunk of the car and held her hand out to a Secret Service operative who had run after the car, apparently for no better reason than to retrieve something from Jacqui.

As far as I know, from the moment that the car raced off  and vanished through the under-pass, we have no way of knowing if we ever saw the real Kennedy again.

I now believe that Officer Tippit was murdered in order to substitute his body for that of Kennedy.  Which would suggest that there was something else going on in Dealy Plaza that day. So all of the years which have been spent looking for the “real” killers of Kennedy were a total waste of time.

The real event was kicked off by a bystander, who sprayed Kennedy with something which made him choke a little, giving Jacqui the excuse to hold him close,(this was reported by a bystander,) to supposedly see what was wrong, when in fact she either used an aerosol of some description, or indeed fired the fatal shot from a handgun, which there is evidence was hidden in the upholstery of the seat behind her.

Whatever the truth may be, I have come to believe that JFK was himself involved in the deal. At the time he was a sick man and he allowed himself to be “taken out” in order to clear the way for the “Taking of the USA.” Onassis, Joe Kennedy’s pal, then pretended to marry Jacqui, providing her with an excuse to spend her time in the sunshine of a Greek Island, along with JFK, for the time he had left to live.

I believe a lot of people will find my hypothesis to be no more incredible than is the tale of the “Lone Gunman”






2 responses

  1. Les

    What I would like to know about Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK, is why did he waive the diplomatic immunity of Tyler Kent in 1940. If he was allowed to publicise the secret warmongering of Roosevelt and Churchill then it might have torpedoed the formers 1940 presidential bid and he might have even been impeached –


    April 23, 2015 at 21:25

    • Thanks for that Les, I’ve never come across that before. It demonstrates quite clearly that they were out to get Germany at all cost. Joe Kennedy has been presented as a sort of Robin Hood figure, but he was a crook and he must have known who was controlling events in the US. What was never made clear in documents like the Gemstone Files, when they talked about the Mafia, we used to think they were meant Italians but Kennedy would have known full well that they were all Jews and part of the International Jewry who were eager to retake Germany, so he probably just kept his mouth shut. What Kent seems to miss is the fact that it was all pert of the plan to hand Eastern Europe over to the Jews in Russia. Stalin was in on the deal from the word go, that could well be why they locked Kent up in case he let this out of the bag. Ike and Churchill were exactly the same ilk as Stalin, Roosevelt left thousands of sailors in the line of fire to provide the excuse to go to war. they didn’t give a shit about anything or anybody.


      April 24, 2015 at 20:48

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