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Russell Brand Is Now Branded A Communist.


I was amazed to hear a “Paper Reviewer” on Sky News today, criticising Russell Brand, after his meeting with Ed Miliband. Brand, we were told, was proposing a form of Communism, despite having earned millions of pounds and was living in a manner which was way out of the reach of the Common Man and why was he not giving his wealth to the poor?

Well she may well have been unaware of the fact, that Ed Miliband, is a member of the Communist Fabian Society, he was educated by the Communist Tavistock Institute and he is the son of a Stalinist Communist, whom was intent on helping Stalin to spread his filth and misery all across Europe.

So I can assure the good lady that whatever Russell Brand was proposing, it was not what Miliband and Communism was or is proposing.
What Brand is trying to bring to the attention of the masses is, that it does not count for bugger all, whether you vote or not in a rigged system. During the past hundred years, the same two groups of “Career Politicians,” whatever that is, have been in control, despite the reduction in the voting age and the allowing of women to vote, nothing has changed and the British people still find themselves in deep dooh dooh, while the richest thieves have stolen even more of the wealth than they have ever managed to steal in past times.

Whoever it was, who managed to convince the working man, that Socialism or Communism was designed for the benefit of the working man, deserves a Nobel Prize for bullshit. The object of both systems was to steal all of the planets natural resources, out of the control of the working man, in order to privatise them into the hands of the rich, at bargain prices.

This has been achieved and the UK along with most of Europe has been asset stripped and is now naked, with nothing left to sell, in order to repay an illegal debt, which is being held by the “Mob.”

We’ve all seen the Gangster Movies and we know all about the “Bent Cop.” What is less well-known is the reality of the “Bent Queen” or the “Bent President,” who have been chosen by the Mob to carry out their dirty work.

Sadly, the only thing which the Mob understands is greed and their greed has finally killed the “Goose that lays the golden egg.” Through usury, they have managed to create a debt, which is so enormous that it can never be repaid. The debt is in fact an illusion, which is being used to steal every remaining cent out of the pockets of the working man. This debt should be written off today and nobody would suffer if it was. Not even the people who are holding this debt.

What Russell Brand is proposing is the creation of a debt free currency, issued by the Treasury, which is what should have been the system forever. The “Bent” monarchs in past times did a deal with the bankers allowing them to issue the Currency, passing half of the interest gained into the pockets of the ruling family. Never forget that it is Her Majesty who has the control of Income Tax, which is the covert method of stealing your hard-earned wages.

When Income Tax does not produce quite enough to satisfy the greed of Her Majesty and her bankers, they steal the money, which you have earned to pay for the necessary things of life, Health Care, Education and other things, of far more importance than the clipping of the hedges of Buckingham Palace.

Following this nonsense there was a discussion about why young people do not vote. One young girl admitted that she found it all way beyond her level of comprehension, which was a fundamental statement, bearing in mind that those whom were holding the debate, had already made it perfectly clear that they had absolutely no idea whatsoever about how things actually work. This girl was still within the system of education and she admitted to this level of ignorance about the workings of government, this can only be deliberate.




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