A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Parade Of The No Dealers.

While the English Political Parties,  which have held virtually total control of Scotland, ever since the Union was forced on to the Scottish people,  risk the possibility of a Scottish wipe-out, in the coming election.

The famous Mother of Democracy or whatever other grandiose title the English try to confer onto themselves, is already seeking ways to nullify any power which the Scottish National Party may gain and are threatening to boycott them in Parliament.

The inference in  all of the clap-trap in last nights final Party leaders charade; with only those questions  which were carefully vetted by the BBC and accepted by the three participants,  allowed to make it into the ears of the British Electorate, suggested that despite the decision of the voter, whatever that decision may be, they were not prepared to do what the people had decided. What sort of nonsense is this?

The severely mentally handicapped leader of the Socialists, was warning that should he not win an overall majority, he would not be prepared to work with the SNP, so the only other option available to the British people would be a Conservative led coalition with whichever Party would support them, a coalition which could well be short of an overall majority, without the aid of the SNP.

Cameron prattles about creating jobs, which he has not and will not and cannot do, he has only one aim in mind and that aim is to steal the loose change which is left the pockets of the British to hand over to his banking friends, while Miliband offers exactly the same menu in a different order, pretending it to be different.

My regular readers will be well aware of my opinion of the Fabian Socialist Party, which was prepared, with the aid of the Banker controlled Conservative Party, to carry out an illegal War Crime against Iraq and not content with that atrocity, they then proceeded to hang Saddam Hussein out of hand.  All of this despite a massive show of disapproval from millions of British people.

The Conservative Bankers Party, in their turn reduced Libya to rubble and chaos, while their chum the French President ordered the execution of Gadaffi without so much as a Kangaroo Court, simply a metal bar in his bum and a bullet in the head.

This bestiality was carried on in Syria, with the aid of SAS trained and British armed mercenaries, whom change their name to suit the atrocities at hand.  They are now referred to as ISIL.

Not one of those, whom were responsible for this wholesale slaughter should ever be re-elected.


What is being done to the birds in this clip is no different from what the Coalition does to innocent women and children, in their own Abattoirs in the Middle East. British voters make all of this killing possible by voting for these murderers over and over again.

Why not think before you vote and not worry too much about who is elected, they cannot be any worse than what has been elected since the beginning of the 20th Century a Century which was involved in perpetual warfare and a grotesque culling of millions of young European men.  Be sure nothing was gained from any of these wars, apart from the genocide of White European Youth.




2 responses

  1. On Australian ABC, TV, I found this documentary one of the most interesting programs ever, 90 minutes, the title is “The Super-rich and us” I am sure you know of the legal loop hole of Non-Dom, tax clause that having been made in the late seventeenth century Britain, the program mentioned Margaret Thatcher, was mentioned as all part of a instigator of the rich in particular foreigners with money from wherever but a lot of money came from Russian sources, here we see Britain what seems to me as being party to criminal proceeds, noted are taxation officials encouraging the use of non payment of taxes and encouraging avoidance.
    As the rich having the slogan of the trickle down ideology? which is not the case, the rich hold the money within the confines of the rich and considering in the first world the governments are slashing all social services and are assisting the rich to become richer! this is not in a small way but big money going to the rich, I mention this ABC program, because no mention of this program is being discussed here in Australia, I find it staggering that in my view the only conclusion one can think is the governments of the first world are all in the same collective of ideas, and worst they have no intention of goodwill for the overall welfare of the supposedly the people they represent nor do they have any intention of our planet being a better place to live in on the contrary we see mass destruction by vested interests and the governments are colluding with this destruction of the varied cultures infrastructures from warfare leaving the rich to make money from war and the taxpayer to pay for wars having no interests in the destruction of people around the world and it having a adverse effect in the morale of people throughout.
    I suggest the present establishment are at at base level a criminal institutional organization, I would say the rich are a sick group of people who suffer from similar consequences as drug addiction, the money becomes addictive, the politicians are paid fronts who receive money from the 1% to misrepresent the people, the present politicians are party to foreign interests, I believe what ever views people have on Hitler he had the interests of who he represented, that is the German people.


    May 2, 2015 at 00:14

    • Hello Don, I found the film on youtube, but the first part would not download properly, I watched the second part and as you say it was disgusting. Worst of all they have no sense of shame whatsoever. They’re cutting their own throats though because they are going to be simple to spot when the shit hits the fan. Once they lose political support, which should be soon, they will be made to suffer.
      The next step in the UK will be to do what they are doing in the US,kick off a Race War.


      May 3, 2015 at 09:27

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