A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Hubble-Bubble-Toil-And-Trouble From Scotland

The two main Parties in the up-coming election in the UK are claiming that it would be dangerous for the Nation should the people not elect a Party with an overall majority.  Well dangerous for whom?

Both of these two groups of War Criminals, would be obliged to demand the right to slaughter a few million more innocent “foreigners” from a broader range of political opinion, before being allowed to kill for the hidden controllers, would that not be a better system?

Conservative and Labour both work from the same list, as with Student Loans and Referenda and whatever else suits their standing orders. So the only way to stop them, in view of the fact that vast numbers of the British fail to believe  or to understand that they are being ruled by The Synagogue of Satan, is to elect a larger range of opinion, thus making it just a little bit more difficult to blackmail them all into submission.

And whatever happens, do not be fooled by what is coming out of Scotland, Sturgeon is not getting all of this publicity for nothing, I remind you that she has not mentioned one word about an in-out referendum on Europe for Scotland, should they gain their freedom. So she is seeking freedom from what?

After all, despite claiming to have a lack of representation in Parliament, the Scottish have provided the last three Prime Ministers in the UK while there is hardly an English accent to be heard in the Scottish House.

Never forget that Scotland is the UK home of Freemasonry and the last resting place of the Knights Templar in Europe.


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