A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

All The Stooges Are Lining Up!

The Clinton’s as a family, have been involved in more corruption and implicated in more murders than Al Capone, yet despite this history of gangsterism, Bill Clinton was twice elected as President of the USA and his wife has announced her intention to stand for election as the first female President, while the average US voters are wetting themselves in anticipation of her election.

Sadly, should it not be Clinton whom is elected it is likely to be a Bush family member, a group equally guilty of every crime in the book along with the Clinton’s and some other crimes that dare not speak their name.



Meanwhile back in the UKSR, the British, whom have never heard the old adage, “That to repeat the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, is a sure sign of insanity,” are once again hovering around, with a tiny possibility of change, still undecided about how they are going to vote in tomorrows election, with both of the main Parties, being led by War Criminals.

Even the erstwhile revolutionary Russell Brand, has reverted to type, urging the youngsters to vote for the Fabian Communist Party, as distinct from the Bolshevik Communist Party, as a last minute negation of  calls for a change in the system.  Apart that is for his support for the Greens in Brighton, the group which was funded by Jimmy Goldsmith, a true Bolshevik Jew himself and which is presenting a call to accept the tenets of the New Communist Manifesto;  as are both main Parties,  a document which is now referred to as Agenda 21.

So sadly, it would appear that the new generation of aware youngsters, with their Tablet in one hand and Smart-phone in the other, with Facebook and Twitter awaiting a quip,  are now rudderless and lost in the confusion of life, without Citizen Brand and his chum Max Keiser, to tell them what to do.

Well allow me to reassure you all.  Go forth to your local polling station, with the mantra of all of the News Channels ringing in your ears, and imagine an image of Big Brother on a TV screen reminding you,  “that to vote for anyone other than the Fabian Communist or the Bolshevik Communist is to WASTE your vote, as the winner will be SELECTED out of these two men.” He may also announce, with whom you will be at war after the election.

The two men are of course Miliband and Cameron, should one of these two not be elected, it will not be considered to have been because that is the result which people wanted, which would keep total power out of the hands of maniacs but to have been an unintended error, which will engender calls for another election, which will make sure that the right Party wins.



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