A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The End Of Days For The Labour Party.

The Labour Party, having served its purpose, is now being blended with its friends the Conservatives, where in reality, it has always been.  In the “New” Europe, there is no need of a group which pretends to have the interests of the working  man at heart,  that sort of nonsense is now under the umbrella of the Bolshevik Politburo in Brussels.

Any compliant group of clerks in the UK, will be more than capable of installing a list of decrees from head office, into local law.

Scotland has now become a “one-party State.”   In the UK the Lib-Dems, have been destroyed. Ukip has been presented as being no more than racists and will probably lose support.

The Greens are already controlled, with a future job do, which will involve the imposition of the New Communist Manifesto, Agenda 21.   So all the British need is a couple of groups of compliant dummies, pretending to have some sort of power, which they have in fact never had, they have always been controlled from behind the scenes and every thing will carry on as usual.

The British have just struggled through the longest, most boring, election campaign in history. At the end of which, they were told that all of the Pollsters had got it wrong and only the exit polls were right, which means, I presume, that everybody told lies to the pollsters, except the unknown group, which religiously told the truth, having just voted, preparing the British for the “preferred” result, which just happened to be the result which matched the exit polls.

David Cameron, whom had a look of “We’ll never get away with this one,” plastered all over is face, can now claim to have a mandate to continue the bleeding of the British people, whom despite having been warned that he and his Eton Fag,  George Osborne, are going to take a further twelve billion pounds out of their pockets, have apparently re-elected him anyway.

Cameron has already prepared a place for a few more of his school chums, like the Johnson boys, there appears to be a huge shortage of Christians amongst the British at the moment.

Despite the clamour for a referendum on membership of the EU, all three of the main Parties, have maintained a religious observance  of the claims of the massive benefits which depend on membership, implying that to leave the Union would be catastrophic.

This is a nonsense. Remember that membership of the Soviet Union bestowed its members with nothing but misery. Eastern European Members, like us,  were also given no choice, they were quite simply given to the Bolsheviks, at the conference of Yalta, by a group of Bolsheviks, which included Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.

Cameron, knowing full well that neither he, nor the other Prime Ministers of members States, have any control over the dictates of the European Commission, will go through a “pretence” of bargaining with the Commission, winning some inconsequential benefits for the UK, which will be presented as “earth-shattering” and as an amazing feat of diplomatic wrangling on his part, which will then be used as the “Game Changer,” when the result of he in-out referendum is rigged.

In Scotland, where they have recently voted for yet another leader with a fishy name, the people have already been informed, that should they participate in any future referendum, which by “accident” may result in an “out” vote, there will be an immediate call for independence, to prevent the Scottish people from making any choice other than the desired choice of their Dictator.

Back in the UKSR, Son of Kinnock, came out of the shadows, to tell us that as a “Democrat” he was in favour of passing the control of the UK into the hands of the unelected,  undemocratic and undesirable Union in Europe.

A Union which is the dream of the Communist Bolsheviks fulfilled.  They are a cabal,  whom through its control of the mainstream media,  have for years been feeding us rubbish about the remnants of the National Socialists being the real founders of the EU, which was paid for using all of the wealth which was seized by Hitler, which should it be true, would be a far more acceptable leadership than  the Communist  demons, whom currently have us by the throat.

During the recent election, George Galloway, a man whom is well-known for his support of the people of Gaza, lost his seat in Parliament, to a young woman, whom had claimed to have been forced into a marriage, when she was a child of fifteen.

During an interview with this person on Sky News, she turned out to be of Oriental origin and she was doing her campaigning surrounded by a posse of Muslims.  The men gave the impression of being solidly dedicated to Islam.

Does this dedication include the installation of Sharia Law into the UK?  If so is this an acceptable introduction of religion into UK politics?  Or is it merely the first step in the direction of The Muslim Independence Party in the UK?

Is it not time for the Christian People to respond to this gross misuse of the current system, which allows minorities to whinge and whine about their lack of representation, which will eventually lead to voting for your own race, whether it be good for the majority or not, while any preference for a White Christian will be condemned as racist.

The Christian Governor of Quebec in Canada, recently suggested to Muslims, who had sought a life in Canada, simply because it was a better life than they could expect in a Muslim country, to accept the way of life of the people whom had established this better way life in the first place and that should they prefer a Muslim lifestyle, they were free to find it in any one of the fifty or so Muslim States on the Planet.

I believe he also offered to pay for the trip. This offer was in response to Muslim pressure to stop offering pork chops in school canteens.

Either way, without a strong and alert government, unlike any one of the three bunches of Globalists, whom are currently on offer to the British, this includes The Scot Nats, the UK will soon be turned into a fractious and bitter racist state, which is exactly what is desired by Brussels. What else is the reason for suggesting that however many Muslim refugees cross the Mediterranean, a place must be found for them in Europe.

Ask yourselves the simple question, What is the difference between the Socialists and the Conservatives?  They both voted for War. They both want to steal, ever-increasing amounts of your taxes to pay the bankers. Both are advocates of Privatisation. Both are involved in secret talks about TTIP. As long ago as 1939 they both colluded in the aggressive war against Germany. They both want to stay in the EU, whatever the people want.  This is despite the fact that half of Europe has gone bankrupt thanks to the EU.

Britain was the hardest hit by the 2008 crash, despite not even being a member of the Euro-Zone. So who in their right minds would want to stay with this bunch of traitors who are at this minute voting in favour of Genetically Modified foodstuffs for Europe, which is part of the TTIP Treaty.

I think, in view of all of the above, that the UK has had a one party system of government for the past one hundred years, disguised as a choice merely to present the colour of Democracy.

Part of the Treaty of Lisbon, outlaws any Political Party which stands in opposition to the Union of Europe and will be banned. The only acceptable Party title will be obliged include words which suggest a support for the idea of a Union, such European Social Democratic Party, for example.

When Cameron, with the support of all of the main Parties in Parliament; whatever the Tory Euro-sceptics may say,  tells the British that he is satisfied with the concessions which he has gained in Europe and then goes on to oversee a rigged referendum, he will receive a landslide support in Parliament, such is the gulf between the people and their controllers.

The British will then find to their surprise that there are a lot of other hidden clauses in the Treaty of Lisbon and they will understand more fully, the reasons behind the advance of Scottish Nationalism and the appearance of Immigrant Nationalism in areas of the UK which are already at immigrant saturation point. This opinion of mine is already on the list of phobias, of course.





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