A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Black Crime Statistics.


The US statistics are backed up by UK and other countries numbers of Black crime, whether it be against White people or against other Blacks.

South Africa, the land of apartheid and other White inspired problems, now under Communist control, has transformed itself into a particularly brutal, racist state, where the figure  of rapes is off the charts and the most dangerous job is that of a White farmer.  The era of White rule is now looked on as a lost Golden Age.

The Blacks in South Africa are not of a unique origin, they streamed into South Africa from all over Africa and when they achieved majority, they, like all parasites, destroyed their host.  They are now complaining about others doing the same thing to them.  I believe that to be called hypocrisy.

This is the model for the take-over of Europe through the medium of immigration. In reality, Europe is already lost to Whites, London is already fifty per cent immigrant, very soon, like the Boers, you will be under attack.

I have only one point of difference with Paul Joseph Watson, he talks of the White Liberal Media, there is no such thing, the media is wholly owned by Jew interests  and according to the likes of Barbara Spectre and Nicolas Sarkozy, Jews are no longer White, a stance which is suggested by their declared aim of destroying White people. Are they intending to commit suicide perhaps?


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