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The Tories Are Getting Into The Agenda 21 Super-City States At Full Speed Ahead.

George Osborne, today announced his intention, to once more go against the wishes of the British people, whom have already voted against the idea of a Super-City with an elected Mayor in charge, by offering numerous “glittering prizes” for those whom accept the idea.

No investment will be made anywhere in the North-West without the acceptance of the idea of an elected Mayor. This should give the voters of the region pause for thought. A Mayor can be controlled and relied on, during any discussion of their City’s affairs, to do as they are told, which will include passing half of the City’s affairs into the grip of the Department of Sustainable Development a Non Governmental Organisation.

The idea of the Super-City is a world-wide phenomenon, which is a sure sign of a Central Control and not the idea of George Osborne, he is merely the bearer of the word of the un-elected United Nations and the secretly written dictates in the new Communist Manifesto Agenda 21, which wishes to force us all out of the countryside and into these Super Cities.

Most of the local Councils in the selected Cities will have already been undermined and infiltrated by the European Unions stealth group Common Purpose,  yet another NGO, Non-Governmental Organisation,  unknown by the general public,   which is intent on destroying Local Democracy.

The result of the recent election in the UK, saw to the virtual destruction of both the Socialist Party, the Liberal Democrats and restricted the third largest party by number of votes,  Ukip,  to a mere one seat, which has had the effect of turning the Conservatives into the only Party, with enough support in England and Wales, to win a future General Election, the SNP having taken control of most of the Socialists Seats in Scotland.

This situation will not be acceptable to the British and will lead inevitably to discontent, so in order to circumvent this inconvenience, all control of the regions will be passed to the Mayoral areas, with the Mayors reporting to Central Office which will be in Brussels, rendering the UK Parliament to the dustbin of history.  London will be just one more mayoral Region and the United Kingdom will to all intents and purposes cease to exist.

Everything which I present can be found written in the Treaty of Lisbon or Agenda 21.  All of the main British Politicians have been on board with these traitorous acts. The British people have been lied to since the day they signed on to a liaison with the Common Market, which was a title designed to lull the British into the illusion that they were joining a group on independent States and not a Federal State of Europe, under the control of Bolshevik Communists.

I’m not at all sure that the charming lady in this video is completely right, but she has certainly hit on a major possibility, because I find it hard to believe that this was a fair and honest result, it was all just a little too convenient for the Tories, who are intent on finishing off the job of robbing the poor to pay the rich.


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