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The Liberation Of Which Sin Is Next On The List For Ireland?

Most of the Biblical No, No’s were put in place for very good reasons. Incest begat madness, nymphomania begat sexually transmitted diseases and in the hot Middle East, eating pork could lead to death, which is why neither Arab or Jew will eat it, despite fridges having made this abstention unnecessary.

Sodomy, another ancient practice, which is named after Sodom, which along with Gomorrah, was destroyed by a bolt of something or other, out of the blue, has recently been linked with HIV and Aids, an invisible illness which has generated millions of dollars in profits for  Big Pharma but which may well prove to be untreatable because of the reduced efficacy of antibiotics.

Ireland, a country which has long suffered from the acts of what were once referred to as Religious Perverts, that is,  adult Priests and Monks of Christian beliefs, whom made a habit of inappropriate sexual behaviour with young boys, has accepted and sanctified into law, Gay Marriage.

The hidden side of the behaviour of these men whom once sought shelter in Monasteries,   is, should they be referred to as homosexuals or paedophiles?  Many of them lived an enclosed life in Monasteries or Priories, which would infer that should they have conducted sexual activities with other religious men, they were in fact homosexuals, so one might ask what is the difference between the two things, homosexuality and paedophilia or are they interchangeable?

Sitting Members, in the UK Parliament, have been involved with paedophile groups, which were intent on reducing the age of consent of children, in order to make it legal to perform sexual acts with very young kids, which is exactly what has been tolerated by the Police in the UK for many years.

This behaviour was not only tolerated by the Police in the UK but also by a Judiciary which slapped a one-hundred year secrecy order on to the results of the inquiry into the Dunblane Massacre.  http://wp.me/pTtbd-LP   and refused an inquiry into the behaviour of this same Judiciary and Top Cops, with the vulnerable child,  Hollie Greig,  which may well have included some of those mentioned in the Dunblane report.

So the same question would apply to these Upper Class Perverts, are they homosexuals or paedophiles?  More importantly, is Gay Marriage no more than yet another step towards the legalisation of paedophilia?

So the youngsters of Ireland, whom took to the streets of Dublin last night, celebrating the alteration made to the Irish Constitution, which accepted the right to a marriage between Gays, would do well to remember that the last time the Constitution was changed in Ireland, it was DESPITE a NO vote in a referendum, a change which permitted the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon and of course, like Greece, the Irish were lured into the Euro-zone, despite being ineligible and look where that lead them.

So when a vote such as this one, which was taken up across the planet at the same time – a sure sign that it is part of an agenda – is passed so easily,  it is advisable to be aware of the next step to depravity, which is on its way, as it was in Germany, under the Weimar Government, where the streets of Berlin were full of prostitutes and homosexuals and the clubs were mostly Strip-Joints, a heaven for perverts.

The National Socialists drove out the Porno Kings and replaced them with a respectable and moral form of society.  The Irish appear intent on going in the other direction.  Things are never what they seem to be on the surface.  After a societies morality is destroyed it is all downhill.

I am a well-known bigot in the sense that I always look for the down-side in anything that involves an enormous amount of publicity in its favour, while the opposition has been virtually gagged by the pressure of the “really nice people,” and fear of being labelled as a Racist, Fascist or Nazi.

I have no problem whatsoever with the rights of people, to do their sex in private,  whatever their sexual habits may be. However should a group of White Heterosexuals, parade down the street, half naked, proclaiming themselves as, not being Gay, and proud to be Hetro, there would be an uproar.

I am not too sure what a sexual preference has to do with the Law,  however those whom support such things appear prepared to accept whatever “Liberal” proposition is placed in front of them, because of a lack of understanding that they are in the vanguard of the destruction of the Christian World.

As for Marriage, well it is in rapid decline and will very soon be totally controlled by Gays,  ( at which point I was going to say, normal) while heterosexual couples simply live together, which shelters them from those messy divorces and any children can retain their mothers name, saving future confusion.

So hands up all of those whom would out-vote God’s decision to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, after the “Liberal Lot” had failed to find one moral man in either town.

An intellectual once put it to me that although he would support to the bitter end, homosexuals right to the freedom to exercise their desires in whatever manner they so choose, nobody would ever be capable of forcing him to accept that it was normal.

It now being proposed that sex education in schools should include lessons on homosexuality, for children as young as five years old.   My children are grown up so I will not be touched by this idea, however I would have opposed it with gusto, had it been proposed for them.

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  1. I live in a tourist town, the side-walks are littered with outside tables and chairs for the breakfasts that are photographed for the edification of mouthwatering friends and relatives, to see how scrumptious they are living it up here on their holidays. however as you see, the bacon, of these breakfasts of theirs becomes an anomaly as there are truck loads of pigs that pass through our town, besides the stench of fear the squealing of these pigs are distinctive and can be heard some distance away from these trucks, our tourist centre do not tell the inquiring tourist they can listen to this pigs chorus, the significance is that the pigs know they are to be slaughtered, how they know is of interest to me, they are very intelligent beings as any one having this animal as a pet knows, I began on the road of being a vegetarian when 8 years old I did not have a position of moral adversity this came later, but when I was eleven years old there was nothing like bacon, soon after this time I got to know what was going on and became a vegetarian before my teens, much to my fathers distaste whom was so offended he could become violent at the Sunday roast table.


    May 26, 2015 at 00:57

    • What animals are put through to feed us is disgusting. But don’t talk to me about pigs at the minute, I’ve been having visits from a troop of wild pigs every nigh for weeks. They’ve eaten all my vegetable garden and kicked over and broken anything that was movable, some of it was too heavy to put back in place on my own. They are enormous and strong and an effing nuisance.


      May 26, 2015 at 20:45

      • Wild pigs are a problem here in Australia, if they kept in control by shooters the pigs have a life for some time living in freedom for some time and if the shooter is good at what he does at least the death of the pig is relatively instantaneous? the other consideration about pigs is many humans are far worst than what pigs are about.
        I am sorry to hear about your garden, the fencing is to expensive to keep pigs out?


        May 26, 2015 at 23:02

        • In France the hunters have a fund to help pay for fences if the Sangliers are being a nuisance, I have never asked for it but I will now.


          May 27, 2015 at 06:00

          • Eno, say the sangiers got into your garden? taking into account that maybe not in your life time or maybe? their becomes a world collapse of economies and the only food around was in fact wild pigs rabbits and so on then we would have little choice other than to eat wild life, here in Australia their is a lot of wild life and this could well be the planets fate in particular as a result of the Rothschilds and the 1% rich, to constantly require more money in usury?
            Only a month or two ago Australia was going to be the food bowl of Asia, this was the big plan for exports, now China and others are buying our land and farms, also the Australians have awakened that this continent is going to water dry in fact its supposed to be the driest continent in the world, Australia is projecting to have some 40 million people in the future, Australia has pretty much sold out to investors abroad and their not much to go for for the people, considering Abbott wants foreign investment and the local people of Australia are just a statistic, who may well be eating kangaroo, camels and sangiers what ever? sort of becoming what the Aboriginals were when we came here 200 years ago, also the population here are not that bright, a disaster waiting to happen?


            May 27, 2015 at 06:45

            • When TSHTF I think you will find that people will not be too particular about what they eat, they’ll eat you if they can find nothing else. Killing Sanglier’s will not be quite that easy, they take a lot of hunting as for rabbits, I have not seen a rabbit around where I live for years, at one time they were everywhere. A friend of mine lost 45 of his bee colonies over-night. They were all dead, poisoned by Monsanto.
              Things are falling apart around us and all they worry about is FIFA or the Royal baby.


              May 30, 2015 at 20:25

            • Good point eno, here where I live there is much wild life within a kilometre there are dozens of kangaroos and they are now culling koalas by the thousands, but this may all be part of what they have not got around to yet the destruction of wild life. We may soon resort to the Asian style of eating dogs, cats and rodents. What I did find interesting was ABC “Big Ideas” Joseph Stigletz, on how the working class or the lower income class have stagnated and production has gone up big time, what this says is the conspiracy of the Western Allies have got a global government on creating riches for the rich 1% and the mid lower class are targeted to become sub human fodder. I live by myself but when I listen to those around if I go out for say a breakfast, they seem as if they are already a sort of sub species, it would be hard to work for the lower income group and fight for better conditions when you see how culturally dumb they seem, of course this may all be because of the condition into they have been modified?


              May 31, 2015 at 04:39

            • We’ve been trained not to speak out about what we see on the streets these days, it’s not politically correct to do so. But in all honesty, when I see some of the frightenly fat people out there, incapable of getting in and out of a car, it makes me shudder.
              When the crisis does hit us, like the soothsayer down there in Oz Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, assured us it would start this week-end, when California was supposed to slip into the ocean ( It does not appear to have done so yet) who is going to be able to help these totally helpless fat people?
              There are figures suggesting that they will be 70% of the population of some countries within a few years, apparently these folk are not capable of figuring out what is making them fat and we are not allowed to tell them. Not that it would do any good.
              This would suggest that the 90% who are going to be culled by the Illuminati, have chosen to forestall the aims of the Elite, by eating themselves to death.


              May 31, 2015 at 06:41

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