A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The New World Order’s Fifth Column.

I have always thought of myself as being capable of accepting the ways of others, just so long as those ways did not affect my own sensitivities.  I now however, increasingly find myself out of sync with the views of the majority of my peers.

When I was much younger, at a time when I was involved with sorting out my own philosophy of life and how it should be lead, there were a lot of “Hippies” hanging out, smoking dope, preaching peace and love, dressed in carefully selected togs from Charity Shops and generally presenting themselves as the future of mankind.

For my part I was working my way through various forms of esoteric texts, in an effort to reach some sort of equilibrium in my life, however I never managed to reach the level, apparently attained by these “Hippies.”

There was one big difference however, when I made my move to get out of the “Rat Race,” I did not choose the route of those whom claimed to be destroying the system by sitting on their arse, claiming the dole,  I got out of it and I have stayed out.

I can now consider myself to be a success of sorts, unlike the vast majority of what I had previously believed to be a group of people, intent on creating a better world, that is the “Hippies.”

After all, what was the Woodstock generation all about? In the words of the great Doctor Who, “Where from did they come and what?”  You might well ask, like most fashions, it had its season, served its purpose and then simply vanished, leaving behind a bunch of Junkies, damaged by  “Bad Acid,” condemned to a life of “Flash-backs” and alcoholism.  There ws some good music, but even the origins of that is coming under the spotlight these days.

The remnants, down here in France, are sometimes referred to as “Baba,” a name derived from a film about a group of adventurous dreamers, which was popular a while back.  The Baba have now become a group, whom see themselves as being”different,” mainly because they go to Thailand or Bali in winter, to buy stuff to sell on the markets in summer.

These are the folk whom are now ready to accept all of the brainwashing, with which we are currently being deluged, by what is now being referred to as the Empire.

It goes without saying,  that they will be in support of all of the  full frontal attacks on the White European. They adore Gay Pride Parades but abhor White Pride as being racist.

They will be in full support of the Gay whom ordered a cake decorated with Gay sentiments, in a bakery run by a practising Christian family, who would have been in a state of sin had they carried out his request, who was prepared to go to the law, to deny the Christian family their Human Rights. Well done you total prat.

As far as I am concerned, this is the act of an aggressive, mean minded, egotistical piece of crap,   Any decent person would have said  OK and gone to another Bakers, in the same manner as I might,  had I strayed into a Halal butchers and asked for a leg of pork. Once upon a time the religious persuasion of people was respected, though apparently not by the Gay mob and certainly not Christianity.

They are now pushing for the right to a Church wedding.  One might well ask do they normally go to church?  Do they understand the teachings of the Church? Do they think that they can force Christian people to change their attitude to sodomy?  Is it not enough that we all accept their right to do as they please, do we now have to celebrate their sexual behaviour?  And why do they not accept other people’s preferences?  That way we can all just get on with life.

So I have personally, in some way, gone full circle. The folk whom I once thought of as a breath of fresh air,  whom sought a new, more simple lifestyle,  have degenerated into a bunch of boring old farts, without the capacity to discriminate between the rights of one person over the rights of another, let alone understand that nobody has any rights, which allow the denial of others to think and believe as they choose.

The Solicitor whom justified the prosecution of the baker, used the excuse that should a Gay baker refuse to decorate a cake with a heterosexual message,  he too could be prosecuted in the same manner, as if the prosecution was a normal and decent thing to do.

It is ideas like Gay Pride and Gay Marriage and other sexual attitudes which were dreamt up by the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School, which have already destroyed the family. Very soon it will be exclusively Gays who will bother to get married at all.

The Hippy Generation and Free Love,  was in fact just another production of the CIA along with Feminism.  In the Think Tanks of London and Frankfurt it had been found that those whom were involved in many sexual relationships, were less likely to remain in any permanent involvement.

That attitude,  along with Social Security handouts saw to the end of the family and the marginalising of the Male. Most children are now brought up by the State,  while their single mother goes out to work. For modern children, home life is a lonely affair, which often involves a huge number of Uncles.

Those whom should be aware of the direction we are being forced to take, are the very ones whom have no problem with that direction and to try to discuss it, invites laughter and derision, despite the fact that many of the feared eventualities have already arrived,  un-noticed.

European Governments, using Climate Change as the excuse, destroyed European Industry, in order to reduce CO2 emissions, paying companies, with our money, to reinstall in China or India, where there was no restriction on CO2 emissions and European Trade Unions stood by watching this farce take place.

Europe is now a net importer of just about everything. There are very few production lines left in the EU.  When TTIP is signed it will be the death knell of Europe.  We are already being swamped with immigrants, having been urged to reduce our population, in order to achieve, it would seem, the status of Third World State.

What we are being offered is a life where we will be unable to afford a “bubble priced” house. The average man, unable to afford to buy or rent a home in London,  will soon be evicted and forced to a provincial City, where he will be offered a lodging with enough space for a single man.  Single mothers may get a second bedroom.

The future demands that there be no such thing as Private Property.  Property is theft and all that bullshit. Agenda 21 has all of this plainly written for all to read.  We are headed for a world where we will be allowed the strict minimum. We will be a new Soviet Union and very few people appear to be bothered.

Your  elected leaders will continue to allow massive immigration, which will reduce Europe to a Continent of cheap labour, with the rich living in splendour while the rest of us will be obliged to live in Super Cities, which will be little more than a life of squalor.  We are on our way back to serfdom.

The British have just rejected the possibility of change, by voting for a group of thugs, by  whom  they have already been robbed and by whom they will very soon be re-robbed.

The aim of all this is to spread wealth equally across the planet. Your wealth that is, not the trillions of dollars held by the top people, they will retain their wealth because they are more deserving of it than are the rest of us.  This will lead to universal poverty, that is inevitable and that is why the Police have been transformed into futuristic thugs, to deal with any revolt of the serfs.

Now is the time to stop worrying about Wills and Harry and George and Charlotte and all that bull and to start  worrying about yourself and your children. You are up against the crew which gave us the coup d’Etat in Russia and having done so set about the slaughter of sixty-five million Christians.  They were not content with a straightforward slaughter, they were more interested in torture and then slaughter.

You will most likely be unaware of what happened behind the Iron Curtain, after Stalin was given control of Eastern Europe, it was not pretty and do not think it will not happen to the rest of Europe when the time comes.

Cameron in the UK, is offering the British an in/out referendum on Europe, without reference to the Treaty of Lisbon, the signing of which has stripped the UK of any power to make anything more than cosmetic changes to the British situation in the European Union.

He is at the same time continuing secret talks about TTIP, with multi-national companies, which have been transformed, as has the Conservative Party, into a Corporation, meaning that in Law, a Corporation can be considered as a person.

This is a criminal method of making sure that members of the Elite, cannot be singled out as being responsible for whatever crime which resulted from the activities of a Corporation, which can be charged with an offence, but cannot be sent to gaol. This is crazy, a human being is a person and a human being always gives the orders.

Europe has just been raped by the Bankers with the complicity of every elected Government in the European Union. Not one senior politician has stood up and spoken out against the massive fraud and theft, which has led to “austerity measures” which is code for the naked theft of the monies of the people, which have been paid directly to the Banking Families.

Greece is in the process of being forced to accept yet another loan, which will be handed straight back to from where it came, to pay “Interest” on an existing debt.  This is ludicrous, a debt cannot be repaid with a loan, that will simply create yet another debt, which will prove impossible to repay.  There is never enough money in existence to repay a debt which carries compound interest.

The UK was forced to sell The Royal Mail, which was making good profits,  which will soon have delivered in excess of the price which was paid by a multi-national company, so what was gained by the sale and how will the UK replace the loss of the profits generated by the Royal Mail?

Oik Osborne, bragged to the British People, that the money gained from the sale of the Royal Mail, would be used to reduce the “deficit.” What arrant nonsense, just as there is not enough money in existence to repay compound interest, selling off the family wealth can only be done once, so what does Oik propose to do after the “2015” economic crash, when there is nothing left to sell?

When the secret talks about the signing of the TTIP Treaty, with the Corporation People,  which will sign away any remaining controls over the fashion in which we choose to live our lives,  have been concluded, big business will be allowed to dictate to us all.

Everything will be under the thumb of Profit and Loss, any profit will go to the 1% while any loss of profits will be calculated by Corporations and the Bill will be passed to the Serfs.

This control will extend across the board. Should the UK refuse to allow Fracking, the British Government will “allow” itself to be penalised and the British people will be expected to pay any loss of profits incurred by the Fracking Corporations.

The same rules will apply to junk food like that containing Monsanto poison and any other Corporation rubbish which will be allowed to be dumped in Europe.

It does not take too much brainpower to deduce from this, that it will make the EU obsolete and  membership meaningless,  as the same rules will apply across the planet.  Therefore Cameron is laughing up his sleeve at the British people, knowing full well that the UK is doomed and the British will very soon be no more than a vague memory like the Neanderthals.







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