A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Alexis Tsipras Takes Greece Into The Vortex.

Now that the decision to default has been taken and there appears to be no shortage of support from those whom have come to understand the machinations of the power elite, we can only hope that the Greek Government does not turn out to be no more than a bunch of alternative puppets, prepared to comply with the dictates from above.

Agents of Goldman – Sachs, quite deliberately steered Greece into accepting entry into the Euro-zone knowing full well, from long experience, that such a course would lead inevitably to disaster but which would allow them to snatch anything of value, which was not nailed down, from the Sovereign wealth of the Greek State.

The next step, which can be taken, by Greece,  without fear, is to re-issue their own currency, with no interest attached, hand back to Brussels, every Euro which remains in circulation, thus cutting off the need to pay interest on the Euro, to the European Central Bank, which actually owns the Euro and demands that every centime of Income Tax and more, be paid into their coffers, as payment of interest, for the use of their Euro,  in this ludicrous criminal system, which actually legally robs us all.

These are the steps taken by tiny Iceland, which was duped by criminal bankers into the same position as is Greece. Iceland simply refused to pay the illegally manufactured “debt” and what do you know, nothing happened, except that the bankers are now in prison, in Iceland, for fraud and the Icelandic economy is on the up and up.

Should the Greek people vote for a continuation of their “Debt Slavery,” they will be condemning themselves to a future, where they will never be able to grow their economy at a fast enough rate, to repay a debt which will be growing at an enormous rate, in a system which defies logic and which necessitates ever-increasing rates of manufacture, which earns enough, “real money” to satisfy the demands of those whom make use of false money to enrich themselves at our expense.  The days of such a crooked system must surely be numbered.

The Greek people should not be frightened into accepting a continuation of the current system.  The “Politics of Fear” are warning that the World economy will crash if Greece gets itself out of the Euro-Zone and into fresh air, nothing could be further from the truth, nothing will happen.  The current austerity measures are nothing more than a sly system to continue bailing out the bankers, every penny of aid which the International Monetary Fund passes to the Greeks, will be paid directly into the ” Black Hole” of debt of the Deutsche Bank, leaving the people of Greece to pick up the tab,  by paying the IMF for money handed over to their colleagues.

There are rumbles of discontent all across Europe, though never reported by the mainstream media,  calling for the voice of the people to be heard.  Ukip in the UK is not the only anti-EU Party calling for an exit from the Bolshevik controlled,  Communist Politburo in Brussels, however the pessimist in me has no faith in the reported results of Referenda,  Scotland and Ireland have recently been betrayed through their use.

We are arriving at the point of a lifetime, which may never be repeated, where it is possible to break the strangle-hold of the banking system once and for all.  Greece has defaulted and we are all still here. The refusal to pay an illegal debt will hurt only the wealth of criminals, whom should have been long ago have sent to prison.

I was delighted when Alexis Tsipras finally jumped head first into the vortex. He has taken the enemies of freedom by the scruff of the neck, and like a hero of legend, he must see it through to the end of his odyssey.

If he can pull this off, the people of Europe will honour him forever.  He has arrived, unexpectedly, like a Trojan Horse in our midst. We must now hold our breath and keep the faith.






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