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Richard and Linda Thompson: Withered And Died?

Whatever became of real Electric Folk Music?


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  1. Richard seems to have been a big star for some near on half a century? having been honored by many awards, and seems to be a celebrity, I must say I having been lost in the 60s with the usual bands as Who, Pink Floyd, and so on I thought they were a major turning point in British society from the 50s and austerity to Britain becoming a police state and financial syndicate and militarism a sort of depraved society of festering corruption on a corporate state and a political doctrine of control of the mind of this society that became endemic, the bands of a raised consciousness became all part of top of the pops and market forces most likely the bands had lost control as a result of organizations such as Rockefeller, The Tavistock and MI5 and the CIA, and also the Eton Old Boys Mafia, and its emergence into politics, The House of Lords and The Golden Mile? I am not suggesting Blackpool’s golden mile but the City of London financial oppression system and the colonization stock exchange for oppression and sustained and promotion of The Third World? as a exploited unit of human energy and also the the destruction of reasonable wages at home creating a sub class.


    July 7, 2015 at 01:44

    • Hello Don, hope you’re well. If they have their way they’ll ave us all back on bikes soon. Richard and Linda converted to Islam, so I doubt if they were in the Tavistock net. Have you taken a look at all this Beatle business, the Paul and Faul idea. There’s a site,thebeatlesneverexisted.com/ I’m not sure if that will work I’m not too good with links. It’s a good read. There seems to be a lot of doubt about John Lennon as well.


      July 7, 2015 at 17:29

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