A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Look Away Dixieland.

There are two groups of people, with a long and strange connection to one another, whom are continually holding out their hands and demanding financial  reparations in payment of alleged historical crimes,  which they claim were carried out against them. They would be Jews and Blacks.

These nonsensical claims have now led on to the current attacks against the White people in the Southern States of the US. The principal target of the current attack is the  proud Banner of the Southern States, which was flown during the War of Succession, against the aggression of the Federal Government of the US, which was of course already under the control of Bankers.

The excuse for this stupidity, is the “alleged” shooting of nine Black people in a Church, by a young White boy, whom apparently carried out yet another of those bloodless attacks, for which the entire White population of the South, along with their proud history is being presented as the culprits.

Now who exactly are these Blacks who are continually crying out against “White privilege” and “White Racism?” Well bizarrely they were rounded up and sold to Jew Slave Traders, by their own people in the West of Africa and brought to the USA on Jew slave boats, with Jew Captain and crew and sold, mainly to Jew families in the US.

They were then used, as are the current financial refugees from Mexico, as cheap labour. When the Jew owners threw them off the plantations and left them to their own devices, the Blacks then expected the “dirt poor” Whites to take on the responsibility of their welfare. Does that not sound familiar? Seventy five per-cent of all immigrants into Denmark in the past ten years have never worked.

The German people found themselves in exactly the same position with the Jews, after it was claimed, without supporting evidence that the entire population of Germany  was responsible for the alleged murder of Jews in Death Camps.

Still in lock-step with one another, the crimes of Blacks, like the crimes of Jews are never reported, let alone criticised, by the mainstream media, giving the distinct impression that they are both above the laws which apply to the rest of us.

Jews can kill Palestinians à la volonté, while Blacks can commit hideous crimes against Whites, using slavery and White privilege as a reasonable excuse. Muslims, of course, may be freely attacked by one and all, without fear of sanction.

The first lie in this inexcusable attack against the South and its Flag, is the fact that those whom claim to have been fighting against slavery, were doing no such thing, they were fighting a war for the Bankers, in exactly the same manner as was the war against Germany and Hitler, which would be fought, not too many decades in the future, which would also be shrouded in lies and mystery and deceit, to suit the same Banking families.




While all of the immigrants into the US – including the Irish, who were the first of the slave gangs used in the New World, a fact which has been lost in the mists of time – despite many hardships managed to pull themselves up and create a life for themselves, the Blacks in the US and the Jews in Palestine, still rely, in a parasitic manner, on hand-outs, mainly from the Whites, whom they hate but whom have throughout the centuries paid for all the others, despite being obliged to accept culpability for all the wrongs in the world.  The Goy are the real slaves in this Twilight Zone world and always have been.







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