A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

British Top Drawer Paedophiles.

As the days go by it is becoming ever more apparent that the true filth of the land, has been used as the mouthpiece of the hidden hand, which took the UK by the balls, in the 17th Century.

What is more, the antics of these perverts were well-known and concealed by their compatriots and probable cohorts in the Houses of Parliament.

As with the expenses scandal which “Rocked the House” a while back, the true depth of depravity of this bunch of unprincipled, overpaid and under worked parasites, will never be known.

All of the British political Parties were and most probably are still involved in this grotesque and savage campaign of thrill seeking at the expense of the most vulnerable, lonely and unloved children, most of whom never knew the love and support of a family, living instead in creepy children’s homes, at the mercy of degenerate agents of the rich and powerful, serving as bait, to trap and blackmail those few honest men,  whom refused to conform to orders from above.

Many of these infants simply disappeared, leaving no trace of their short lives behind, apart from the incriminating photographs, taken by concealed members of the Intelligence Services, as a means of destroying those perverts who refused to co-operate.

All of the necessary evidence against these ghouls, has been known for years, allowing the guilty to die without prosecution.  There must have been collusion between the Police and MI5 and of course those Members who are little more than “plants” selected to guarantee that the right direction is followed by the rest of the Party membership.

The events of recent years have demonstrated that there is in fact no separation of power between the Judiciary and the Government in the UK. Overhanging this outrage, is the treatment of Hollie Greig and her family, who stood up to the forces which had the power to ignore their own criminality.  They are all involved in this shabby affair, the Police, Judiciary and those elected to serve the well-being of the People. Such is the state of Democracy in the UK.


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  1. Good point eno, not often do have such outright honesty on the internet, your commentary invites many thoughts? such as the disappearance Madeleine McCann, this crime appears to me as if it has not been just carried out by a individual? more so a institutional crime likely to be politicians could have use d shipping to get her out from the crime scene and could be the MI5 or 6 involved with a British pedophile ring, a cover up and the trail seems to have gone cold? another figure who comes to mind is Hoover whom was involved with prosecution of those connected with sex crimes who himself was a closet gay and could have been involved with a number of perversions, you will know of MI5 who infiltrated a political activist group and impregnated a women or women, the police thought this amusing I understand, the police here I would say a distinction between those who are all part of police system of the higher part of the British police system, what is disturbing is how involved they are in crime, these people would have no problem in the murder of Princess Dianne, they would be involved with with setting up people to do crime such as psychopaths and their recruitment to do the dirty work, it may take some decades or even centuries to emerge from this institute the police, for the public to even comprehend the police are just all part of the evil working for the the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, they are now sanitized unlike the Mafia but its all the same gig its just how the propaganda works.
    To return to the article it would be of significance that they are party to high up politicians and others in the system knowing they are connected to pedophilia and they are so disconnected having been processed by the system.


    July 25, 2015 at 10:42

    • I understand that Leon Brittan was interviewed by the police after a naked young lad came screaming out of his Dolphin Square apartment into their arms, but nothing was done about it. Thatcher, (an alleged “Dominatrix” whatever they do with Jimmy Savile at Christmastime,) eventually sent Brittan off to the cesspool in Brussels, to get him out of harms way. The cops have got the dirt on all of these reptiles but the Mob rules us all these days.


      July 25, 2015 at 16:50

      • I never met Laing myself, but a group of my chums from East Grinstead assured me that he was a total fraud, who wrote rubbish most of the time to cash in on his bit of fame in the sixties and seventies. None of these people told the truth they deceived us all. It makes no difference how much truth you tell, most folk still firmly believe that “The Government would never do that.” and refuse to face up to reality The current unaccepted reality being that the UK is done for, there is no going back now, the truth cannot save them now. Even the “real” population figures are hidden from the people.


        August 10, 2015 at 07:27

        • Thanks eno, here in Daylesford you must not talk politics or the hidden agenda, I know it seems strange to say of a night I churn this puzzle endlessly in my mind, the turmoil of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, and so on, how is it that Israel can be so clean as to not be attacked by Isis? have the subversive forces the CIA and that lot able to instigate war and civil strife amongst these nations? I know the Americans having by default? given arms to Isis, the orchestration is incredible, when America invaded Iraq and usurped Saddam Hussein, who may have been on the side of Sunni’s who were a minority this created animosity as the Shia’s were the majority and this would have unleashed conflict, but surely the animosity between these two groups should not have been greater than the enemy of the Imperialist powers? whom are the greater enemy.


          August 20, 2015 at 04:17

          • Hello there, I’m of the opinion that ISIS is working 100% for the West and Israel. All the injured ISIS fighters are being treated in Israeli hospitals and they are being trained in Israeli friendly Jordan. If the Jews felt for one minute that they were in any way threatened by ISIS they would have done something by now.
            When Lenin set about terrorising the Christian Russians into submission, he told his Commissars to kill a few hundred people in the most horrific manner possible and this would frighten the rest into a docile submission to his plans out of fear. That was how the Jews behaved in Russia, does it sound familiar to what is going on now? Does that give you a little idea as to who is in control of the ISIS slaughter? Never forget they did the same thing to the Germans not so long ag. Have you watched Hellstorm yet?


            August 20, 2015 at 15:49

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