A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!

While the pretend Kenyan, Barack Obama was basking in the glow of a hysterical, over the top greeting in Kenya, a real Kenyan born hero, Chris Froome, was being dowsed with piss and other forms of abuse, thanks to the power of the mainstream media to propagate a malicious comment, made by an ex cyclist, whom was himself guilty of cheating, having been proven guilty.

War criminal and serial liar, Obama, on the other hand, is still in office despite having, through Executive Action, forced through legislation which has allowed the murder of thousands.  One can only assume that to be considered to have cheated in the Tour de France to be far more serious than wholesale murder.

Meanwhile, back in the UK,  one of the alleged “Usual Suspects,” Jeremy Corbyn,  has suffered a similar fate to that of Froome, having found himself leading the pack, in the race to become leader of the Labour Party.

As if to facilitate his election, the Labour Party generously changed the “election” rules by allowing anyone who chose to pay a paltry sum, could become a Member and with it came the right to vote in this leadership election.

There have been cries of foul play from the likes of War Criminal Tony Blair, claiming that to vote for a candidate whom appears to be offering “Socialist” policies, to be a “ludicrous diversion” or something like  that, claiming that the only way to win an election is to continue the same centrist policies as those of the Tories.

There have been claims that Left-Wingers have been, in their thousands,  coughing up the three quid and claiming their right to vote and of course, the story goes , all of these vote will go to Corbyn.

Well who exactly is this character Corbyn and from where does he come?


Well most of those whom would be Labour Leader, are members of the Fabian Society, which has the logo of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This is to disguise the fact that it is a Communist organisation. The philosophy of the Fabian Society is based on the same, misinterpreted, Communism of Marx and Engels.

The idea that Marxism, was ever intended to be in support of the working man and to hand the means of production into the hands of those whom produced, is basically rubbish. Communism was no more than a means of control, by forcing the working man into a form of slavery, which they, euphemistically, referred to as Socialism. Hard line Communism was installed by the bullet,  Socialism, on the other hand, was Communism by stealth.

Jeremy Corbyn,  whom has been playing the role of a Left-Winger, was a close friend of Ralph Miliband, a hard-line Communist and follower of the policies of Joseph Stalin, the most evil man in history, having slaughtered at last 65,000,000 Christians in  Russia, after the coup d’etat

Corbyn spent many happy hours in the company of the Miliband boys when they were youngsters, while he discussed politics,   apparently sharing the views of their father Ralph.

Corbyn now refuses to confirm or deny, whether he still holds his Communist views.  However, should he be elected he will  soon find himself in  good company with the Front Bench of the Tory Party, which is packed with Communitarian’s, which is yet another form of Communist, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

I assume that when the Jew Cameron, declared war on and destroyed Libya, without bothering to seek the permission of Parliament, Corbyn was amongst the sixteen Socialist whom voted against the attacks, when it was already too late to do anything about them, that said one can only wonder what his position will be,  when Cameron, having in the middle of the campaign to gain permission to install the murderous “No Fly Zone” against Syria, suddenly had a better idea,  IS, ISIL, ISIS or  Daech or more aptly, Our Boys in Syria, could in fact deliver an excuse to carpet bomb the entire Middle East, so let us put the attack on hold for a while.

Well the while has passed and there will soon be another vote or will Cameron once again, like the Lord Almighty, simply declare the UK into yet another illegal war while Parliament is in recession?

While discussing these Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, we may as well go the whole hog and discuss the position of Russia and Russia Today TV, where Corbyn , along with that other old scallywag, George Galloway, spends much of his time these days.

Galloway has himself changed his stripes in recent times, from being an animal afraid to go down the rabbit hole of the banking system, claiming, unasked, that he did not even know if Rockefeller was a Jew, has now become the “Leader” of those whom would like to gaol the bankers. I wonder what brought on this transformation?

Galloway is proposing a liaison between himself and co-host Max Keiser, whether it be on Press TV or Russia Today, these characters are everywhere these days, to sort out the corruption in City Hall after he is elected as Mayor of London.

Anyway, back to the ex USSR, a  State which has very quickly adopted the disguise of Capitalism.  In the process they displayed the true nature of Communism and Socialism for all to see, it is unfortunately extremely hard to spot what it is.

Back in the day,  a man, whom has recently had a toothpaste named after him, Armand Hammer, was the go-between, for the Federal Reserve and the Russian Politburo, when the likes of Khrushchev and Bulganin were welcome guests of honour in Downing Street, no doubt to cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s of the coming  Cold War and as to how the profits were to be distributed,

Hammer was supposedly the only man whom had the trust of the Bolshevik’s in Moscow, it was however never made clear as to why this should be. We can only guess that it was because he was in fact yet another Devil in Disguise.

Hammers purpose was to keep an eye on Wall Street’s and the City of London’s investments in Russia and to stock the warehouse full of goodies for the Party Members, while the people lived in Socialist style squalor, waiting for the years to pass until, as Lenin prophesied, the USSR could blend seamlessly into the Capitalist World,  after which the Bankers could take control of their property, while pretending to buy it.

So you see Jeremy Corbyn is actually a perfect fit for the current scenario, he has all the right connections and the right form of crafty support, like that of War Criminal Tony Blair in a Parliament which was carefully selected to fulfil an as yet unclear purpose.

Most clear thinking folk believe that the last UK election was a total farce, including the sudden rise to power of the SNP,  which has already told its own electorate,  that whatever the result of an in-out referendum on membership of the EU,  in which they will take part, they are staying in the Prison of Europe whether they like it or not and any new referendum on independence will confirm their sentence.

I hope this does not depress my band of readers too much, however these connections cannot all be accidental.  When you add to this mix the fact that Harold Wilson and many members of his government spent rather a lot of time in the company of the Bolsheviks in Russia, it can only reinforce the idea that there was no Cold War and to suggest that another one is coming is simply a lie to excuse something sinister

Well I am proud to say that this is my 1,000th post and I hope to continue to bore you in the years to come, God willing.




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