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What Did You Do In The War Daddy?

Seventy Years on, while the people of Japan commemorate one of the “acceptable” most horrific War Crimes in the history of mankind, those whom carried out this atrocity, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, have experienced hardly a day since, when they have not been spilling the blood of the innocent.

The same Coalition of filth, to this day, is continuing the blood-letting in the Middle East, this time blaming their very own “Straw Man” ISIL, for the slaughter and as the excuse to raze yet another  State, Syria,  to the ground.


As with the Germans, the Jewspapers of the day, presented the Japanese Military as the epitome of evil,  in order to conceal the true barbarity of the US troops by whom they were defeated.

The uncaring citizens of the US believe that the atrocity at Me Lai in Vietnam to have been an aberration, a one-off out of character event, which could be understood, due to the stress, under which the young GI’s had found themselves.  Well think again America, it is not for nothing that you have a world-wide reputation for cruelty and indiscriminate slaughter. In Japan the GI’s took no prisoners.

The reality in Japan and amongst the troops whom fought against the British and US, was an attitude of “save the last bullet for yourself” rather than fall into the hands of GI Joe or Tommy Atkins.  It must be borne in mind that both the US and UK  were under the control of the Bolsheviks and had been for decades and Bolshevik policy is to kill the maximum number possible.

It would be fair to say that all of the major War Crimes, in Europe and the Far East, during WW2,  were carried out by the Allies, the Coalition of Evil,  which is always present, ensuring that if enough Countries are implicated in crimes they will never have to face up to them.

When war ended it had already been decided that only the Germans and Japanese could be charged with Crimes Against Humanity, the Allies excused themselves of all wrongdoing.

While we hear a lot of crap about North Korea and Kim Il Un, we hear nothing about the genocidal slaughter which wiped out millions of Koreans during the illegal war in that country, many of the innocent victims were simply lined up and machine-gunned to death, in bloodbath after bloodbath, by American troops.

The Allies having themselves just murdered by hanging, hundreds of German Military men, guilty of no crime whatsoever, simply to shut them up –  in case they should  choose at a future date to speak out against claims of German atrocities – continued the same arbitrary executions against  Koreans  and after them the Vietnamese and others.

 Saddam Hussein died by hanging and Muammar Gadaffi by impaling him with an iron bar and a bullet in the head from the gun of a French Agent, while their current bother boys, ISIL  choose decapitation or crucifixion as their preferred systems of death without trial.

Thirty per-cent of  Americans believe that the atom bombs dropped on Japan to have been worth it.  There are many folk around who believe that when the US provokes a third world war and a few of those bombs start to drop on New York and San Francisco, they will have deserved it.  They show no shame whatsoever for their War Crimes, in fact many of them appear to wallow in them.

Throughout the day on Sky News and Russia Today, there has been mention of the atrocity against Japan, who were in fact doing their level best to surrender, when the bombs dropped.   Nobody  however pointed out the most salient fact of all, that the  atom bombs were intended for Germany.

The British deliberately delayed the taking of Berlin, which extended the War but allowed Stalin to spoil the party by taking Berlin too soon, facilitating the surrender of Germany before the atom bombs were ready.

This explains the reason behind the on-off decision to allow the surrender of Japan and the cold-blooded destruction of two cities, neither of which had any Military facilities worth the effort of destroying.   This was simply a test run to make sure that the bombs worked,  both the big one and the little one.

The intended target for the bomb had been Dresden, another City of Culture, which they casually and callously fire-bombed to cinders anyway,  along with an estimated 500,000 innocent towns people and refugees,  just as the war was ending.  Yes indeed you folk were a generation of which to be proud. The Brylcreem Boys were surely aware of what they were doing, just as they most certainly did when they recently bombed Libya.





2 responses

  1. Les

    Harry Truman ordered the A bombs to be dropped on Japan. He was just another dirtbag politician –


    August 10, 2015 at 17:58

  2. Good analysis, my Father was exempted in the war as special duties as manager of a Coop shop, its my belief that when he was in London, for a bit of sugar or butter he could get unbelievable rewards from the opposite sex, whilst the family were evacuated the mice do play? strange to say when I was conscripted he said the army would make a man of me, he did me a favor in so far as it started me thinking what is the truth? Arthur Balaskas the right hand strong man of RD Laing, I said to him ‘well its all about truth is it not?’ his reply was, ‘do not preach,’ last conversation we had, strange to think in time I was defrauded of all my assets by him and his cohorts, funny where truth can lead you?


    August 10, 2015 at 00:36

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