A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Truth Of Life: We Are All Living A Lie.

Europe has just been dragged through a long and tedious round of celebrations, organised by the winners of past European wars.  The winners, have set themselves up as “the good guys” who saved the world from the threat of those men of evil, over there in Germany and Japan.

Well I have no wish to destroy your illusions and self-satisfaction and those golden dreams of your past exploits but you have been standing, shoulder to shoulder alongside the real purveyors of evil, who are continuing the blood-letting and slaughter  in a vile Battle of Evermore, to which in past times, members of your own families have been sent to be slaughtered, as a blood sacrifice,  in pursuit of the aims of this cabal, which is prepared to lay the entire world to waste, to suit their madness, without a trace of  Hitler anywhere to be seen.


Those whom you blindly elected as your ‘controllers,’ are fully aware of the lies by which you are controlled, as was,  Adolf Hitler, whom like you, blindly placed his faith in the British and their famous integrity, only to be betrayed and his people destroyed in an obscene, ritualistic, abomination, carried out by the combined forces, alongside whom you recently celebrated.

The long forgotten victims of all of these contrived wars and coup d’etat are the 65 million Christians murdered in Russia, the staggering number of Germans murdered in WW2, the Armenian genocide carried out by the Sabaean Young Turks, the millions of Muslims whom are still being slaughtered and their lands stolen, while the dupes, whom are themselves on the way to the abattoir, commemorate their “achievements.”

Your rulers, whom know better, expect you all to believe that at exactly the same moment in time, there were two homicidal maniacs, intent on taking control of all and everything, one of whom announced this intention in a well-known manifesto, the other made no mention whatsoever of such an intent and yet the announced intention is ignored, while the other is continually spoken of as fact, yet never proven.

Stalin and the Communists were the true threat and Russia is quite possibly even now, the proposed killing machine, waiting to annihilate the rest of Europe. It would be foolish to be lulled into a false sense of security, the fate of Hitler and Germany should never be forgotten.






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