A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Wake Up Europe. You Are Under Siege.

Daech, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, are working for YOU, the Peoples of Europe.  They could be stopped in days, if their funds were cut off. European governments have instead chosen to allow the massacres in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine and Libya to continue to suit Zionist aims.

There is now trouble in Lebanon and we are expected to believe that the folks in Lebanon are so stupid, that with the evidence of what is likely to be done to their own country, should they give the Zionists the slightest excuse to destroy them, as happened to their neighbours in Syria, that at the worst possible moment they are seeking to bring down their government. Wake up you ass-holes before you find yourselves running for your lives as are the rest of the Middle Eastern people.  The Zionist demons show no mercy.

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