A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are About To Enter The Endgame.

During the past few years, one of my main aims has been to stand up for the rights of the Palestinian people.

In 1947-8, gangs of well armed Polish terrorists, invaded Palestine, driving hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into refugee camps in the surrounding countries.

These innocent victims of aggression are still there, attempts are still being made to destroy the remnants of these people.  Their homes are being bulldozed, their little children killed, while the world leaders, those idiots whom refer to themselves as “Our Global Leaders,” stand idly by.

Exactly the same tactics, as those used by the Polish Jews in Palestine, are being employed in Syria, to create the same hysterical panic, which is designed to force people to flee in fear.

It should be noted that there is no offer from Israel to allow refugees shelter in Israel and of course the Jewish controlled media makes no mention whatsoever about this,  just as they ignore the question of the Palestinian refugees right to return to their homes, in what is now called Israel.

The Muslims whom are now streaming into Europe, are no different from those who escaped the slaughter in Palestine by fleeing into Syria and Lebanon in 1948 whom have never been allowed to return.

The refugees coming to Europe are not being offered shelter from the storm, waiting for the chance to  return home, the attitude of our elected leaders and those whom present the “news” is that they should be “assimilated.”

A spokesman for the Red Cross, which is now under Jew leadership,  on Sky News, suggested that Europe could afford to accept millions of these refugees with no problem.  He made no mention of possible assistance from Israel, are there no sympathetic people in the homeland of the long-suffering Jews?

Those whom refuse to face up to the fact that what is going on in the Middle East is a clearance, designed to destroy the unity of the Muslim Peoples and to prepare them for the partition of their lands into controllable pieces, some of which will be stolen by Israel in their greedy aim of creating yet another false state of “Greater” Israel, are simply storing up future problems for themselves.

Europe will very soon find itself standing on the edge of the precipice, as have the White people in South Africa, where there is a White Genocide in full swing. Be sure the “real” numbers of Whites in White Europe, is never given to the people.

You need only open your eyes to the hordes of those walking in the streets of Europe to realise that we are already a minority in our own countries, while Israel is determined to remain exclusively a Jew State, despite the aims of the creature in the above clip, to destroy the White Peoples.

This is the reality of life in modern day Sweden.

David Cameron, a Jew, along with François Hollande, a Jew, are declaring that the answer to the problem in Syria is to get rid of Bashar al Assad, having already, apparently, failed to get rid of Daech/IS, in both Iraq and Syria.  Which means that they have no intention of solving the problem, in fact it illustrates their “real”intention which has always been to reduce Syria to the same conditions as they achieved in Libya, from where refugees are still pouring out.

Daech will remain in Syria and Iraq, deliberately forcing all of the Shia and Christians to leave, making a stronghold for the Sunni’s, whom were created by the Jews as opposition to the Shia, in order to divide and weaken Islam.

Europe is doomed.  Events are now unstoppable. When people can, through the use of simple psychology, be made to accept the sight of White Phosphorus burning its way through the bodies of screaming children, without forcing their politicians to take strong action against the demons, whom employ such weapons, can be made to accept the culmination of this War Crime by opening their doors to the victims of these atrocities rather than take action against the perpetrators, there is no hope left, Europeans must prepare for their demise.





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