A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Cynics View Of British Extra-Judicial Murder.

My own personal belief system has been stretched well into the realms way beyond that of the much maligned believers in the truth of the Flat Earth, by the idea that the British could track down and kill characters of fiction, in the middle of an Arabian desert and having done so, receive confirmation that they had indeed got their men.

This is after having failing to spot hundreds of Daech fighters, travelling in their SUV’s, across these same open spaces, on their way to slaughter a few more Christians, despite having access to satellite surveillance and the sort of “on the ground intelligence,” which checked out the vehicle in which their targets were travelling, to verify that they had indeed killed the right terrorists.

David Cameron has unleashed a pitiless round of chatter from those whom either support or abhor his murderous attack against two British Citizens, against whom we only have his word, that they were indeed fighting with ISIS and not with the LEGAL forces of Bashar al Assad, against the Western financed terrorists. That is if they were in fact in Syria at all.

We must never forget that four young British Muslim lads were slaughtered on 7-7 to justify the extra-judicial murder of 50 plus other British citizens, the British have no problem sacrificing their own in order to advance their  corruption.

The British have now taken the right to arrest and hold people without charge, murder them and then claim that they were killed in a “surgical” drone strike, in whatever country they happen to be engaged in an illegal war.

The very same establishment which is arming and training terrorists, to carry out a proxy war against the legitimate regime in Syria, have been faced with a possible extra-judicial killing in Northern Ireland and what are we presented with, why torrents of claims about the savagery of the IRA  but never a mention of the Shankill Butchers, or indeed the cold-blooded killing of Pat Finucan, whom was riddled with bullets by a gang of British killers, during Sunday dinner, in front of his wife and children.




Nor indeed of the British “Shoot to Kill” policy against the Irish Freedom Fighters, fighting to expel a brutal occupying force from Ireland, where millions were slaughtered and starved to death by the British.

It should never be forgotten, in light of what is taking place across Europe, that the British divided and controlled Ireland, claiming that there was a majority who preferred to remain British, having packed Ulster with immigrants and refusing “real” Irish the chance to vote in any Yes/No/In/Out referendum.

I have long been of the belief that Blair only allowed the Good Friday Agreement in Ulster, to clear the decks in preparation for the coming 911 inspired War on Terror and he and his “Runners” did not want the waters to be muddied by any IRA bombs, confusing the British about the origins of events such as 7-7, which without any evidence whatsoever, was within minutes, blamed on four Muslim boys.

So having warned the British people to expect atrocities from home-coming Jihadists, the Brits must be wetting themselves in fear of an upsurge, in the ranks of those whom are fighting to get rid of the Brutal, Evil, British Dictators, from their homeland.



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