A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Bullingdon Boy Bully Boys Call For More Bombs.

David Cameron, the Bullingdon Club “Posh Boy,” who is himself enmeshed in a financial fraud, which involves some of the biggest banks in the world, not content with destroying Libya, illegally, without the go-ahead from Parliament, and having just admitted to the murder of two British citizens in a drone strike, is intent on driving ever more Syrians from their homes in his obsessive desire to do Israel’s work, by murdering Assad, as he did Gadaffi, how ever many innocent lives it may cost.

He must be the only sadist on the planet who does not see the connection between what he did to Libya and what he desires to do to Syria and the millions of refugees and others, streaming into the richer of the countries of Europe at the moment.

Between them, the Labour Party and the Conservatives, are responsible for the deaths of millions of people and the dislocation of millions more and yet they show not the slightest trace of shame for their diabolical acts.

Cameron and his Bullingdon Club chum George Osborne, are still claiming Assad to be brutal and evil, I kid you not. Two mass murderers calling another man, whom is guilty of very little, whatever the controlled press would suggest, evil?  If this was not all so horrific it might be possible to find something humorous in such crass crap, but these people are murdering on a mass scale, while Queenie celebrates her longevity, without a word of criticism of all this.



Is this what the British are all about? Will the day never come when they tire of slaughter? Do the folk of the UK not understand what is being done in their name?  Have they no pity for the victims of their savagery?

Who do the British people think are paying Daech/ISIS to drive folk out of Libya, Iraq and Syria, using tactics which compare with the worst of the Bolsheviks in Russia?  Where are the refugees finding the cash to pay for the boat trip to Europe?  Wake up Europe this is an attack on YOU and sadly your own governments are carrying it out.

What they should be doing is getting the f**k out of the Middle East. Leave the people alone.  They do not need the British, who f****d the Middle East up in 1918, to suit the desires of people whom call themselves Jews and they have not given the people a moment’s peace ever since, to tell them who should be voted into government, never mind a bunch of puppets in waiting, whom are unknown in Middle East and whom live in the UK.

The British are what is popularly referred to as a malignant and degenerate vestige of the distant past.  They grimly cling on  to the trappings of the past, things like their very un-royal Royal family, as if it were a worthwhile addition to the strange idea of  “Britishness,” which is in fact, outside of the weird perspective of the British themselves, stands for little more than arrogance and cruelty.  Few people in the Middle East and Africa would disagree with these sentiments, nor indeed would many of the Scottish or Irish.

So go for it people of Britain, out with your tweets, facebook and instagram, armed with such devices you can change the world, so they tell me.


2 responses

  1. The important thing to remember eno is the slaughter of the innocent is insignificant compared to the Queen being on the throne for the longest time a Royal having achieved such a feat? in British history.


    September 10, 2015 at 00:37

    • Do you you think she will need the aid of the Footman of the Stool after such a great effort?


      September 10, 2015 at 06:38

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