A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

While Junker Calls For More Immigrants:This Is What They Don’t Want You To See.


The acceptance of immigrants is not kindness, this is a controlled destruction of Europe. Look at them, they are young , violent and a threat.  The crisis in Syria was contrived by British Zionists.  These are the same folk who gave us two world wars, for their own gain and they are now generating a Third World “Civil” War and this time we will not be the heroes.

Perhaps if the people of Europe stopped checking their Smart-phones for Instagrams for a few minutes a day they might wake up for long enough to see what is happening around them?

Those, like Hollande, Merkel, Junker, whom are calling for a more humantarian attitude, are hypocrites, they are not humanitarian in any sense of the word.  They have,  in recent times ,  conspired with the USA, to slaughter at least seven million Muslims, without compunction, to deliberately generate the situation in which we now find ourselves.

Kindness would be to stop paying the filth, whom are strutting around the Middle East, creating chaos. Do you you honestly believe that our politicians do not fully understand that simple fact?  They have stolen your elections and they have imposed a long standing agenda across Europe and instead of putting up a fight, you are all lying down, waiting to die.



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